Using OpenSpace AI to capture site progress and validate designs

January 24, 2023

How we use OpenSpace to capture 3D site photos and compare them side by side to BIM models to validate designs.

"For people who have a lot on their plate like Directors or for Design Managers, it's quite straightforward to pull up a side-by-side view of the model and make sure what’s been installed is actually the approved design", Kevin Hogan, Senior Design Manager.

This ease of access to information is not only valuable for our Design teams, but also for our clients. With this technology, we're able to take them along the journey with us, and also give them access to this information afterwards so they can revisit any part of the build process and use it as a tool while they maintain their asset for decades to come.


TechSci Research

TechSci Research is a research based management consulting firm providing decision making solutions to its customers worldwide, spanning a range of industries.


HardHat: Connecting every phase of construction in one solution

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Get Construction Planning Software That Surpasses Your Dated Digital Whiteboard

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Easy-to-Use Software for General Construction Planning, Lean, LPS®, Pull Planning and More. Digital Whiteboards Developed for the Industry With Analytics and Reporting. Automate Handoffs Between Owners, GCs and Trades....

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OneClick BIM service Introduction

video | January 28, 2023

OneClick BIM is a well established company in India and Dubai which focuses on providing high quality BIM and CAD services to clients in the field of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction through innovative consulting and solutions. The company provides the clients with one stop solution of Design, Engineering, and Construction. We have the capability to carry out almost all trades of Architecture, Structure, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Project Management, Fabrication and Construction under one umbrella. Thereby giving our customers edge of single point hassle free solutions and advantage over other outsourcing companies....

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Experience the Future of Construction Technology with Immersion Data Solutions 3D Building Scanning

video | January 23, 2023

Introducing Immersion Data Solutions 3D Building Scanning, the ultimate solution for optimizing your construction projects. As part of our scan-to-BIM solutions, our 3D building scanning services allow you to fully bring your virtual environments to life by placing yourself within any one of your locations from anywhere in the world. Experience the power of our 3DVR tour, which uses terrestrial scanning to create a "dollhouse" walkthrough of your property. This allows you to view spaces remotely, take measurements, and share insights with key decision-makers all via the IDS platform. Our 3D point cloud and 3D mesh model services create precise, data-dr...

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