Vita Inclinata Announces Distribution Partnership with Trident Construction

Trident Construction | August 27, 2021

Vita Inclinata (Vita), developer and producer of helicopter and crane load stabilization and precision hardware, today announced Trident Construction (Trident) will be an exclusive reseller of the Vita Load Navigator — included in the Vita Lifting System family. Trident will represent New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Like the Vita Load Pilot, the Vita Load Navigator attaches under the crane and uses the Load Stability System technology to provide heavy duty control and precision to place loads up to 40 tons on construction sites. Even in adverse weather conditions — like high winds from Manhattan's wind tunnels — the system automatically adjusts to keep the load stable and in a precise orientation. The technology operates to keep workers safe while simultaneously increasing efficiency on job sites; it's a safer alternative to using taglines.

"When it comes to crane safety, there are no second chances. Those are the things that keep me up at night," said Trident CEO, Patrick Murphy. Trident, a high-rise and super-structure contractor in the city, owns and operates their own fleet of cranes; thus, sees a huge opportunity for the Vita Load Navigator to keep the project safer and increase efficiency on the job. "Having an automatic system on there that will hold that setting even if winds are acting on it, and a pendant that lets you change the orientation of the load quickly, it doesn't exist right now. It's a piece of rope [tagline] hanging off a load."

"This relationship with Trident is exciting for Vita, and to me on a personal level. Patrick and I share a connection as Naval Aviators, where safety and precision are mission requirements. That connection brought us together for a technology demonstration on one of Trident's high rise construction projects in Manhattan. Seeing the innovation and precision that Vita's products bring to high risk construction sites launched this relationship. We can't wait to get Vita's Load Systems onsite and make a difference with Trident," said Chief Commercial Officer, Shelby Mounts.

About Trident Construction
Trident General Contracting, founded in December 2017 is an Open-Shop Concrete Foundation and Concrete Super-Structure contractor based in Bronx, New York. Trident was formed through the purchase of Advanced Contracting Solutions' assets, contracts, and operates with many of the professionals that gave ACS a stellar reputation. With more than 50 years of combined industry experience and a team of professionals with over $600 million in completed construction work, Trident strives to be on-time and on-budget, high-quality performance.Trident uses leading-edge construction technology combined with good old-fashioned hard work to realize clients' goals and expectations.

About Vita Inclinata
A friend's death during a rescue operation—with a helicopter close but unable to stabilize due to weather and terrain—was the genesis of Vita Inclinata. Founded in 2015 as a way to solve a real problem, Vita today controls chaotic swinging and spin, and adds safety and precision for rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft and cranes. With the mission of "Bring them home, every time," Vita's technology changes the narrative while saving lives, time and money across industries, including search and rescue, military, firefighting, public safety, construction, wind energy, and oil and gas. The company is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, with offices in Washington, DC and Huntsville, Alabama.


The need for affordable housing is on the rise. Nationwide, more than 10 million renter households are severely cost burdened – that is, they spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing. Through our Expanding the Supply of Affordable Homes research initiative, the Enterprise Policy Development and Research team has identified the use of design and construction innovations as a particularly promising approach to help expand the supply, contain the cost and improve the quality of affordable housing development.

Other News

The Engineered Stone Group Announces Agreement to Acquire Resiblock

The Engineered Stone Group | October 18, 2022

The Engineered Stone Group (the "ES Group" or the "Company"), announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of Resiblock S.L., Baniana Bath S.L, and Bold The Solid Company S.L., (together "Resiblock"), a leading Spanish manufacturer of engineered stone and solid surface shower trays and washbasins. The acquisition further establishes the ES Group's position in the engineered stone bathroom products space, a growing segment within the broader bathroom products market. The transaction is expected to close at the end of this month and financial terms were not disclosed. The ES Group is a global leader in the production of engineered stone bathroom products. The Company provides a broad offering of brands and high-quality products, coupled with a commitment to outstanding customer service and the scale to invest in continued product innovation. In addition to Resiblock, the ES Group is comprised of Marmite, Acquabella, F&D Group, Mcbath, Nuovvo, Fiora, MTI Baths and Aquatica. The ES Group is led by CEO Brian McCluskie and was established by The Cranemere Group, a holding company focused on building high-quality businesses for the long term. Resiblock has established a track record of manufacturing high-quality engineered stone and solid surface shower trays and washbasins. Resiblock supplies a diverse base of customers in Southern Europe with particular focus on Spain. Resiblock will maintain its headquarters in Cordoba, Spain, as a member of the ES Group and will maintain its existing manufacturing locations and workforce, while continuing to serve its valued customers as it does today. We continue to see strong demand for engineered stone products in the bathroom as it replaces materials such as acrylic and porcelain. Resiblock's manufacturing capabilities, complementary geographical focus and reputation for value make them a compelling addition to the Engineered Stone Group, said Mr. McCluskie. "We are thrilled to join the Engineered Stone Group, We look forward to partnering with Brian and the team at the ES Group to further invest in product innovation and capacity expansion and to offer a broader portfolio of products and enhanced service levels to our valued customers." -Juan Vacas, Founder and CEO of Resiblock. We continue to see a significant opportunity to lead the material conversion to engineered stone over the long term. Resiblock is an important addition to our Company and enhances the ES Group's position as a leader in this segment, said Christopher Mahan, Chairman of the Engineered Stone Group. About The Engineered Stone Group: The Engineered Stone Group is a European holding company established by The Cranemere Group to be the global leader in engineered stone products. The ES Group is comprised of Marmite, Acquabella, F&D Group, Mcbath, Nuovvo, Fiora, MTI Baths, Aquatica, and now, upon completion, Resiblock. About Resiblock: Resiblock is a leading provider of engineered stone and solid surface shower trays and washbasins in Southern Europe with particular focus in Spain. Based in Cordoba, Spain, Resiblock offers products at outstanding value, quality, and speed. About The Cranemere Group: The Cranemere Group is a holding company focused on partnering with founders and management teams to build industry-leading businesses in essential industries. As a pioneer in professionally managed long-term capital, The Cranemere Group provides experience, expertise and global networks to support the growth of its companies and to create value for all its stakeholders. The Cranemere Group is headquartered in London and has offices in New York and Washington, D.C.

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Nexamp Provides Non-Wires Alternative Solution for National Grid Substation in New York

National Grid | September 20, 2022

Nexamp, together with National Grid, is addressing increased energy demand at the Coffeen substation in Watertown, New York with the construction of a new solar + storage facility that will eliminate the need for additional transmission lines or substation upgrades through a Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) approach. NWA projects are designed to reduce cost and complexity by using distributed energy resources such as solar + storage rather than relying on more traditional generation and infrastructure enhancements. The Watertown Renewables project features more than 20,000 solar panels generating 8.4 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy and 10 Tesla Megapack systems providing 31 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy storage. Together, the solar and storage components of Watertown Renewables are engineered to give National Grid the ability to call on the system for up to 5.7 MW / 29 MWh up to 25 times per year either from the panels or the batteries. "This project is significant because it represents a number of important firsts, It is our first NWA project and is the result of a lot of hard work and collaboration between Nexamp and National Grid. With solar + storage technology advancing so quickly, NWA projects represent new opportunities to innovate the way we solve demand issues on the grid. As we work on additional NWA solutions in other locations, we anticipate many exciting milestones ahead." -Chris Clark, Chief Development Officer, Nexamp. Watertown Renewables is part of Nexamp's extensive portfolio of distributed solar and storage assets and will also serve area residents through the company's popular Community Solar program, providing energy costs savings to subscribers while delivering a new source of renewable energy to the local grid. This project is capable of offsetting the energy needs of more than 1,000 local residents who get their electricity from National Grid. "National Grid is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the amount of renewable energy on the grid while improving reliability and affordability for customers, Our recently released Clean Energy Vision plan outlines a pathway to achieve a fossil-free future to our energy systems that incorporates renewable sources of energy and storage solutions such as this non-wires alternative in Watertown. Nexamp's expertise in developing and operating energy storage solutions that benefit utilities and communities made them a natural fit for this project." -Brian Gemmell, National Grid's Chief Operating Officer for Electric in New York. Nexamp has dozens of other solar + storage projects already in operation across the Northeast and around the country. As a provider that offers an integrated approach from design/build to owner/operator, Nexamp is a long-term partner to the communities in which it operates. The Watertown Renewables project is expected to be completed early next year. About Nexamp: Nexamp is leading the transformation to the new energy economy with proven solar and storage solutions that make clean energy more accessible for our customers and partners. Our comprehensive solar and energy storage capabilities—including project development and acquisition, design, construction, and operations—enable clean energy savings and benefits for more customers. Nexamp's industry-leading community solar platform makes solar an option for anyone, offering guaranteed savings on annual electricity costs. With more than 1 GW of renewable energy generating assets currently in operation or under construction, we are building a decarbonized energy future. Visit us at About National Grid: National Grid ( NYSE: NGG) is an electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery company serving more than 20 million people through our networks in New York and Massachusetts. National Grid is transforming our electricity and natural gas networks with smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions to meet the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Telegraph Partners With Watco To Streamline Rail Logistics

Telegraph | September 27, 2022

Telegraph, a Chicago-based startup building next-generation software for the freight rail industry, and Watco, a highly diversified transportation company, recently announced their new collaboration. The combination of Watco's decades of rail logistics experience and Telegraph software is helping shippers solve their toughest logistics challenges, especially rail transportation. The enhanced technology provides customers visibility of their railcars beyond Watco facilities or tracks. "We recognized a distinct need for software designed for the rail-centric supply chain, The industry presents unique challenges that this collaboration allows us to address. Together, we're making rail a more compelling option for shippers." -Shachar Astor co-founder Telegraph. Telegraph helps railroads, shippers, logistics providers, and railcar lessors work more efficiently via a singular platform. The company uplevels the consumer experience, making it easier for businesses to incorporate rail into their procurement and execution processes. "Telegraph's tool helps us be more effective and efficient so we can focus on solving common rail issues for our customers. It is quick, it is easy, it is powerful, We help our customers keep their freight moving and provide cost-saving opportunities such as rate negotiations and demurrage risk mitigation." -Michelle Bowling Vice President of Logistics Sales Watco. Telegraph provides exceptional predictability and visibility for carload and intermodal shipments. Leveraging EDI, API, and telematics integrations, the platform delivers best-in-class forecastability and pipeline management. To date, the company has saved customers thousands of hours in manual work and millions of dollars in accessorial charges. It's a pleasure to build alongside the team at Watco. Both organizations share an operational grit and customer focus that has unlocked immense value. We're excited about our shared pursuit of making it easier for everyone to incorporate rail into their supply chain, added Telegraph CEO Harris Ligon. About Telegraph: Telegraph provides a cloud-based operating system for railroads, shippers, logistics service providers, and railcar leasing companies. With an innovative platform that provides price transparency, shipment visibility, and proactive business intelligence, Telegraph empowers customers and makes shipping by rail easier and more effective. About Watco: Watco is a leading transportation service and logistics company that provides transportation, material handling and warehousing, logistics, railcar repair, and design and development for customers throughout North America and Australia.

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First Robot Inducted Into Builders Association

SQ4D | December 09, 2022

SQ4D's revolutionary 3D printer Max ARCS (they/them) has been formally inducted into the Long Island Builders Institute. This marks a first of its kind for a construction 3D printing company to be peer-recognized as a builder. As a leader in the Construction Technology space, SQ4D has developed its patent-pending ARCS (Autonomous Robotic Construction System) technology to robotically build a structure's footings, slab, foundation walls, interior walls, exterior walls, and roof. All of this is printed on-site and accounts for over 50% of the total construction. SQ4D aims to revolutionize the antiquated field of construction by utilizing a combination of automation, additive manufacturing, and sustainable building methods to produce cost-efficient structures, all while improving worker safety. This official induction demonstrates the rapidly growing acceptance and adoption of new technologies, specifically 3D printing, within the well-established construction industry; a space long devoid of technological advancement. Formed in 1941, the Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI) is an association of building industry professionals; LIBI is a local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the New York State Builders Association (NYSBA). The organizations represent over 140,000 members, including builders, developers, general contractors, remodelers, and now… a robot named Max. Long-time LIBI member Charles Weinraub is one of Long Island's most active developers. Weinraub has already built one home with his own Max ARCS printer, and has since changed his entire business model for 2023 to build exclusively using 3D printing technology. The construction industry hasn't been disrupted in 100 years, Weinraub says, SQ4D's revolutionary technology enables me to deliver a far better product in less time at a lower cost. Already included in his upcoming plans are a number of 3D printed projects, such as a 25-lot subdivision as well as a 26-unit senior rental community, both scheduled to break ground in 2023. "It's time to drop the hammer and let the 3D printers do their work as we push the construction industry forward." -Kristen Henry, Chief Technology Officer SQ4D. SQ4D is a construction technology company from Patchogue, NY, that produces 3D printers for building residential homes and commercial buildings.

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The need for affordable housing is on the rise. Nationwide, more than 10 million renter households are severely cost burdened – that is, they spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing. Through our Expanding the Supply of Affordable Homes research initiative, the Enterprise Policy Development and Research team has identified the use of design and construction innovations as a particularly promising approach to help expand the supply, contain the cost and improve the quality of affordable housing development.