Technology Helps Asphalt Contractors Rethink How They Work

Asphalt Contractor | June 02, 2020

The basic components of asphalt paving have not changed much in the past few decades, and still involves the use of durable, specialized machines. But with the emergence of technology to improve productivity and quality of results, it is transforming operations, creating greater efficiencies and having a real-time effect on each stage of the operational chain.

Technology is also helping to shape the future of the paving industry, from telematics, process monitoring systems, 3D paving control technology to thermal mapping and intelligent compaction - all contributing to getting the work done faster, smarter and safer.

Eliminating paver stops is dependent on the ability to balance laydown with delivery, and it is key to smooth, consistent paving and keeping jobs on track. Previously, this involved planning, using a paper ticket system with little communication between the plant and jobsite, as a result, visibility and estimated delivery time were a guessing game.


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Southland Industries Completes Merger and Brand Consolidation of Portland-Based Subsidiaries

Southland | January 04, 2022

Southland Industries announced the completion of a brand consolidation with its Portland, OR based subsidiaries TCM Corp. and Envise Northwest.This completes the first phase of Southland’s plan to consolidate all brands to Southland Industries by January 2023. As one of the nation’s largest MEP building systems firms, this unification aligns with Southland’s strategy to provide fully integrated building lifecycle solutions under one brand. This unification will also enhance Southland’s ability to leverage its combined expertise and capabilities across their various regional businesses in order to provide superior value and greater services to their clients and partners. “This unification is an exciting time for our customers and employees,This consolidation of brands better represents the way we actually do work today. An increasing amount of our work is with clients that operate in multiple geographic regions, so this should remove any potential confusion for them and make it easier for them to engage us and access our vast companywide resources and capabilities.” -Ted Lynch, Ph.D., CEO of Southland Industries. For our people, the integration will help drive enhanced collaboration across our organization,” said Lynch. “And, as we continue to expand our geographic reach and capabilities, our employees will have additional career growth opportunities. Dan Heichelbech will continue to lead Southland as the Northwest Division Leader serving clients in Oregon, Washington, and surrounding markets. “We are excited for the growth and opportunities this new chapter will bring,” said Heichelbech. “We also look forward to providing our customers with the exceptional service they have become accustomedto, in addition to the strengthened capabilities this merger will provide. About Southland Founded in 1949, Southland Industries is one of the nation's largest MEP building systems experts that provides innovative yet practical solutions through a holistic approach to building performance. Advocating a design-build-maintain model, Southland specializes in the engineering, construction, and service of mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, process piping, and automation and controls systems as well as comprehensive energy services needs. Through innovation and collaboration, Southland paves the way as an industry leader in sustainability and energy efficiency by improving the way buildings are designed, built, and maintained. For information, please visit

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Euclid Launches Three New Admixtures at World of Concrete

Euclid | February 17, 2022

Euclid Chemical, a leading manufacturer of concrete and masonry construction products, announced the launch of three new concrete admixtures at this year's World of Concrete—the concrete industry's largest event for building professionals. The following high-performance admixtures were developed to respond to the rapidly evolving needs of construction and concrete professionals: EUCOSHIELD™ An integral finishing admixture, EUCOSHIELD is a ready-to-use liquid admixture designed to be used as an integral finishing aid that prevents rapid moisture loss from the concrete surface by binding the internal water in the pore structure. It is especially effective when concreting operations must be performed in direct sun, wind, high temperatures or low relative humidity. EUCOSHIELD can also be used to reduce excessive bleeding and segregation of concrete or mortar. Containing no added chlorides or chemicals known to promote the corrosion of steel, EUCOSHIELD is compatible with most other admixtures commonly used in concrete, including air entraining admixtures, polycarboxylate-based HRWR admixtures (superplasticizers), conventional water reducers and retarders. EUCON ECO-STRENGTH™ A strength-enhancing admixture, EUCON Eco-Strength improves both early- and late-age strength development in concrete. Based on a highly engineered admixture technology that facilitates cement hydration, EUCON Eco-Strength enhances strength development and allows for sustainable construction practices to be achieved through possible total cementitious content reduction. Maintaining compressive strength development equivalent to that of a reference mix containing more cementitious is important in all construction projects requiring CO2 emissions and total embodied energy reduction. EUCON Eco-Strength is particularly effective where heat is present while curing, allowing earlier stripping of forms or restoring the serviceability of concrete repairs. EUCON® AM-10L A liquid integral crystalline waterproofing admixture, Eucon AM-10L is formulated to interact with concrete capillary pore structures to provide a system that greatly reduces the permeability of concrete through the formation of tiny crystals that block the pores. It can also seal microscopic cracks and work in tandem with other products like sealers to create a structural waterproofing system. EUCON AM-10L can be used in both above- and below-grade applications. About Euclid Chemical Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Euclid Chemical has served the global building market for more than a century as a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty products and technical support services for the concrete and masonry construction industry. Euclid Chemical's expansive product line includes admixtures, fiber reinforcement, concrete repair products, flooring materials, decorative concrete systems and more. Learn more at

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ECOX Spruce Construction Secures License to Launch Green Infrastructure Operations

Eco Innovation Group | May 12, 2022

Eco Innovation Group, Inc. an innovative company developing green energy solutions, announces that ECOX Spruce Construction, Eco Innovation Group's California-based green construction subsidiary, has been issued an official General Contractor's License by the State of California (License no. 1091210). According to the California Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board (CSLB) page, businesses and individuals who construct or alter any building, highway, road, parking facility, railroad, excavation, or other structure in California must be licensed to perform work. The license was issued on Friday, May 6, 2022. As previously communicated, ECOX Spruce Construction plans to focus primarily on Green Infrastructure projects. "Obtaining a GC License is the initial step for our ECOX Spruce Construction subsidiary formed early this year, and it will allow us to expand operations in the rapidly growing Green Infrastructure space, Our focus on ecologically sustainable infrastructure is core to the ECOX business. Large chains such as Starbucks, for example, are actively building out locations in California to be resource positive, using solar infrastructure, additional efficiencies, and reclaimed wood construction. A growing number of major organizations are moving in the same direction." Julia Otey-Raudes, CEO of Eco Innovation Group The Company expects the trend toward ecologically sustainable construction to accelerate as fossil fuel prices soar and the ESG movement continues to put pressure from a financial direction on companies to transition to more sustainable infrastructure models. The RE100 is a group of more than 360 companies worth more than $2.75 trillion in revenues that have pledged to fully transition to renewable energy. Starbucks is one of many participants in the group that has already achieved this milestone, along with Microsoft, Clif Bar & Company, and SAP. Otey-Raudes continued, "We believe the trend toward green construction is only in its very early innings and has the potential to become one of the most powerful growth opportunities over coming years for the application of new capital and resources. Now that we have our GC License in California, we can aggressively attack this market opportunity with the objective of becoming one of its true leaders in the decade ahead." ECOX Spruce Construction, Inc., was founded as a California corporation in January 2022. It is ECOX's second green construction subsidiary, following the 2021 establishment of the Company's Canadian construction company, Spruce Engineering and Construction of Alberta. About Eco Innovation Group Eco Innovation Group was founded by Inventors and Business Professionals to help nurture and catalyze the most innovative and impactful products and services, and to deliver those innovations to the world, improving the quality of life in our communities and the world around us, while delivering value to our shareholders. At ECOX, we are dedicated to developing and commercializing successful products. But we will never lose sight of the fact that we exist, first and foremost, to help people and improve life on the planet we all share. We take our Social Responsibility Contract seriously in all our endeavors. It is not only what we do. It is who we are.

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Truelook releases new innovative jobsite surveillance technology

TrueLook | May 10, 2022

TrueLook, a market leader in construction camera technology trusted worldwide for construction visibility and security, has released an innovative Jobsite Surveillance feature designed to reduce theft at construction sites and minimize the risk for loss of time, money, and equipment. This type of technology is expected to be a complete game-changer when it comes to jobsite monitoring. "This technology is a natural next step for our company and a much needed resource for customers wanting improved security for their large job sites," said Roger Yarrow. "We are pleased and proud to be able to offer a product which solves problems for a wide range of construction companies across the country. We believe that this turnkey new offering will prove invaluable on jobsites, adding an extra layer of security when a job site manager can't be there 24/7." Over the past several years, there has been a rising climate of crime leading to a major influx of requests from customers looking for increased monitoring features (such as human verification and trained professional monitoring). With construction theft increasingly plaguing the industry, TrueLook decided to take their technology to a new level. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, construction projects were halted and crews were forced to take a leave for the recommended quarantine period provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), leaving job sites empty and making them a target for construction material theft. The National Equipment Register estimates that the cost to the insurance and construction industry each year, due to theft alone, could be upwards of $1 billion. The demand for surveillance on these sites is no longer a luxury - it has become a necessity. TrueLook is responding to that increased demand, which has remained prevalent. TrueLook's Jobsite Surveillance protects job sites by identifying perpetrators in real time, verifying threats, and contacting law enforcement to stop criminals in the act. The new feature works by following these steps: Utilizing TrueLook's Intelligent Motion Alerts, customers can select the areas and hours they want visibility on their jobsite. Typically, these hours are when no one should be on your job site. Customers can also choose to include or exclude certain areas of a job site. If activity is detected in the designated zones during monitored hours, a video-clip of the event will be sent to a trained monitoring representative. The representative will review the clip and determine if the threat is real. If the threat is verified, the representative will contact the customer to verify a legitimate security threat is occurring. The customer can then choose to request emergency services or dismiss the alert. If emergency services are requested, the representative will alert the nearest responders with a description and live video feed of the threat in progress. "The safety and security of job sites are of utmost importance to our customers, Our Jobsite Surveillance functionality provides complete, trusted protection, and ensures projects can be completed without unnecessary interruptions due to vandalism and theft. We are excited to be able to offer our customers that added level of comfort" Jaclyn Kramer, CMO ABOUT TRUELOOK: TrueLook is the only construction camera company to include live jobsite viewing, project time-lapsing, and HD security recording with every camera. TrueLook has pioneered new construction camera technologies for over 20 years, beginning with the world's first Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera in 1995. Their cameras capture over 50,000 construction time-lapse photos every day across the U.S. and Canada and have delivered more than two billion images to 100 million users.

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