Procore and Shepherd Partner on Casualty Pro to Offer Underwriting Benefits for Top Procore Users

Procore | May 25, 2022

Procore Technologies Inc. a leading global provider of construction management software, announced a new partnership with Shepherd, a startup insurtech based in San Francisco, to begin offering an integrated insurance product that provides improved insurance terms and lower premiums to qualified Procore customers.

"Procore’s platform, integrations, data and analytics enable our customers to run safer and more profitable businesses, However, contractors are not typically rewarded by insurance markets for making these risk-reducing investments. And, insurance is one of the biggest costs that our customers are trying to manage. Our partnership with Shepherd offers our customers the insurance coverage they deserve."

Tooey Courtemanche, Founder, President and CEO of Procore

Shepherd’s mission is to create a safe and sustainable construction industry by providing innovative insurance products to general and specialty contractors which incentivizes the use of technology on job sites. As a Procore portfolio company and App Marketplace partner, Shepherd is offering qualified Procore customers underwriting credits in order to lower premiums, endorsing the idea that technology reduces risk in construction. This program is called Casualty Pro, and starts with Excess Liability, Shepherd’s current product offering. The company plans to expand this program alongside bringing new casualty products to market.

A sample analysis of Procore contractors found that the experience modification rates (EMR), which are a standardized metric used in determining worker’s compensation premiums, for the top quartile of general contractors on the platform outperformed those of their peers by 21 percent on average. The same study also saw positive correlation and an average EMR decrease from the time when a contractor adopted Procore to their 2022 results.

Similarly, Procore’s recent 2022 Customer Return On Investment (ROI) report, users reported significant benefits in the following areas: safety, quality, efficiency and risk.

  • Safer Jobsites: 79 percent of customer respondents that use Quality and Safety tools agree Procore has improved their company’s safety programs.
  • Improved Efficiency: Customer respondents reported saving an average of 15 days on the overall schedule on a typical project.
  • 80 percent of customer respondents agree they have more protection in a litigation scenario with the data they are tracking/capturing with Procore

"At Shepherd we're determined to align the contractor - insurance carrier relationship in new ways. We believe strongly in the power of Procore's platform and the positive impact Procore tools have on jobsite safety, risk management, and loss control. Innovative insurance products, such as Casualty Pro, allow us to underwrite using more inputs and provide opportunities to credit contractors who've adopted the best construction technologies." - Justin Levine, co-founder, chief executive officer of Shepherd Underwriting.

"We're introducing Procore usage as a new category in Shepherd's underwriting process because we believe in the positive benefits of the platform on day-to-day risk management and loss control on job sites. We hope this partnership benefits clients who have already taken the important step of implementing technology solutions across their project portfolios," said Steve Buonpane, co-founder, chief insurance officer at Shepherd.

The Casualty Pro program is optional for Procore customers and does not guarantee lower premiums. All submissions are subject to underwriting review prior to formal quotations.

About Shepherd
Shepherd is a tech-enabled managing general underwriter providing casualty insurance for middle market commercial construction. Their mission is to make construction safe and sustainable through innovative insurance products. To learn more about Shepherd, visit their website at

About Procore
Procore is a leading global provider of construction management software. Over one million projects and more than $1 trillion USD in construction volume have run on Procore's platform. Procore’s platform connects key project stakeholders to solutions Procore has built specifically for the construction industry—for the owner, the general contractor, and the specialty contractor. Procore's App Marketplace has a multitude of partner solutions that integrate seamlessly with Procore’s platform, giving construction professionals the freedom to connect with what works best for them. Headquartered in Carpinteria, California, Procore has offices in the United States, Canada and around the globe.


Mechatronics is an exciting new discipline that combines robotics and mechanics. Taught jointly by the Schools of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computing, this programme will equip you with the specialist knowledge and wide range of skills to pursue a career in this dynamic field.

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Dover Completes Acquisition of Malema Engineering Corporation

Dover | July 06, 2022

Dover (NYSE: DOV) announced today that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of Malema Engineering Corporation ("Malema"), which will become part of the PSG business unit within Dover's Pumps & Process Solutions segment. About Dover: Dover is a diversified global manufacturer and solutions provider with annual revenue of approximately $8 billion. We deliver innovative equipment and components, consumable supplies, aftermarket parts, software and digital solutions, and support services through five operating segments: Engineered Products, Clean Energy & Fueling, Imaging & Identification, Pumps & Process Solutions and Climate & Sustainability Technologies. Dover combines global scale with operational agility to lead the markets we serve. Recognized for our entrepreneurial approach for over 65 years, our team of over 25,000 employees takes an ownership mindset, collaborating with customers to redefine what's possible. Headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois, Dover trades on the New York Stock Exchange under "DOV."

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AkitaBox and McKinstry Announce Partnership to Deliver Facility Condition Assessment Software Offering

McKinstry | May 20, 2022

AkitaBox and McKinstry announce their partnership on delivering facility condition assessments (FCAs). AkitaBox FCA software will give architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) firms and building owners/operators a tool for conducting data collection, reporting, and other aspects of a complete FCA. "A partnership with McKinstry, a leader in designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining high performance buildings, is exciting for AkitaBox, Their invaluable testing and feedback will help us ensure our software will truly improve every aspect of FCAs." AkitaBox co-founder Josh Lowe "We believe that we can help transform something that's been overlooked and is in desperate need of change," Lowe adds. "We look forward to moving the industry towards a better FCA, one asset at a time." The collaboration began in mid-2021, when McKinstry first learned AkitaBox was developing FCA software. At the time, the company was looking for ways to augment their existing FCA offering to boost delivery of their building consulting services. "McKinstry is partnering with AkitaBox to enhance our facility condition assessment and asset data collection, analysis, and reporting," says Casey Morris, national facility assessment leader for McKinstry. "AkitaBox brings a set of capabilities that complement our existing tools and methodologies while advancing our ability to achieve greater efficiency and improve deliverables for our clients." "This partnership will expand our capabilities in the marketplace," continues Morris. "It's going to give us an opportunity to be more competitive while still offering the actionable data and custom solutions for which McKinstry is known." AkitaBox FCA software fully digitizes a facility's floor plans and maps the location of each asset to the plan, creating a digital twin. Assessment data is collected and incorporated directly into the digital twin. This data can continue to be updated after the FCA is complete for an always current view of facility condition. About AkitaBox AkitaBox delivers an unrivaled data-driven software to assess and optimize the operation and condition of facilities, from the boiler room to the boardroom. Their cloud-based software provides real-time facilities data in a visual and easy-to-use, customizable format - helping teams simplify their operations, reduce risk, and solve even the most complex facility challenges. The AkitaBox Pulse suite of software solutions includes Facility Condition Assessment, Capital Management, Asset Management, Work Order Management, Preventive Maintenance, Occupant Experience, and Inspections. Visit About McKinstry McKinstry is a full-service, design-build-operate-and-maintain firm specializing in consulting, construction, energy, and facility services. The firm's innovative, integrated delivery methodology provides clients with a single point of accountability that drives waste and redundancy out of the design/build process. With over 2,000 professional staff and trades people throughout the United States and operations in more than 20 states, McKinstry advocates collaborative, sustainable solutions designed to ensure occupant comfort, improve systems efficiency, reduce facility operational costs, and optimize profitability "For The Life of Your Building."

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Jazeera Paints Held All in One Seminar, Inviting Engineers and Designers

Jazeera Paints | June 13, 2022

Jazeera Paints, the leading manufacturer of paints, colors, and construction solutions, held on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, in Hilton Riyadh, its All in One seminar. The seminar highlighted the company's 42-year journey to the groundbreaking achievement it holds today in the industry. All in One is a slogan for the solutions Jazeera Paints, as a company, provides to its valued clients. Products ranging from architectural, decorative, industrial, and marine products to protective paint, wood paint, and fire-resistant paint products, among other unique products. The product range has been carefully designed to meet the needs and expectations of customers when it comes to preference for base paints, pastes, insulation, external textures, and interior paints. Guests arrived around 6:30 p.m. and were greeted by Jazeera Paints' managers. Government representatives from various Saudi ministries, such as Ministry of Health and Ministry of Sport, delegates from prominent Saudi banks, and renowned Saudi engineers and interior designers were among the attendees. The seminar was well-received by the audience, witnessing the variety of Jazeera Paints' products and the extent to which a local brand can adhere to the highest international standards. The evening's star was Rust Effect, which invited engineers and interior designers to marvel at its breathtaking beauty and uniqueness among the company's other products. The seminar came to an end with a discussion of the Rust Effect, its characteristics, and various applications. Mr. Abdullah Al-Romaih, CEO of Jazeera Paints, expressed his joy and pride in what the company has accomplished thus far in the paints, colors, and construction solutions industry, exceeding all expectations. The seminar honors the company's and employees' efforts to provide the best and finest products for our valued customers. Jazeera Paints set out to provide high-quality products that meet international standards to the Saudi, GCC, and MENA markets. About Jazeera Paints Founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1979, Jazeera Paints is a pioneering paint manufacturer in the Gulf Cooperation Council and Middle East and North Africa region, with an established reputation for manufacturing and exporting high-quality and eco-friendly paints. Since the founding of the company, its production capacity has grown to 400,000 tons annually, and Jazeera Paints is now displayed in more than 650 active showrooms!

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OpenSpace Partners with Shepherd to Offer Reduced Insurance Premiums for Qualified Construction Customers

OpenSpace | June 23, 2022

OpenSpace, the global leader in 360° jobsite capture and AI-powered analytics, announced a new partnership with Shepherd, a commercial insurance provider for the construction industry. OpenSpace customers will have access to the Casualty Pro excess liability insurance offering, which provides qualified contractors with underwriting credits and improved coverage on their Shepherd insurance policies, based on their OpenSpace usage. OpenSpace's easy-to-use Capture product completely documents the site, helping to resolve disputes and speed claims processing. OpenSpace customers also typically have a lower risk profile as a result of their ability to catch potential safety issues and costly mistakes before they happen. "We view the application of jobsite capture as one of the most exciting frontiers in construction risk management, and OpenSpace is the clear category leader," said Shepherd's CEO and co-founder Justin Levine. "Our partnership allows customers to benefit from their OpenSpace usage by introducing data from the platform as a new category in our underwriting approach. Our fundamental belief is that contractors who leverage technology to be safer deserve to be rewarded by their insurance providers." With OpenSpace Capture, builders attach an off-the-shelf, consumer 360° camera to their hardhat and walk the site as they normally would. Once the video from the walk is uploaded to the cloud, OpenSpace's computer vision technology stitches images together and pins all the images to the floor plan, creating a trusted visual record of site status. Powered by the company's Vision Engine, the site image map is typically ready to view in about 15 minutes after upload. Better site documentation leads to stronger collaboration among stakeholders, reduces the need for project managers to travel to site, provides a historical record of progress—and now—can reduce insurance premiums. Over the past few years, we have been thrilled to see how the data OpenSpace helps capture and organize is being used in surprising new ways that impact our customers' business. We're excited to see how that data can help simplify and improve insurance coverage for builders. The industry needs better, smarter, and more cost-effective ways to manage risk and we're proud to partner with Shepherd to make that change a reality." Jeevan Kalanithi,OpenSpace CEO and co-founder About OpenSpace Founded in 2017, OpenSpace is an AI technology company on a mission to bring new levels of transparency and efficiency to construction and real estate. With our platform, builders automatically capture a complete visual record of the jobsite, providing visual data that increases coordination, drives accountability, and simplifies dispute resolution. To date, our customers have used OpenSpace to capture more than eight billion square feet of imagery from active construction projects across thousands of sites in over seventy-six countries.   About Shepherd Founded in 2021, Shepherd is a tech-enabled managing general underwriter providing casualty insurance for middle market commercial construction. Their mission is to make construction safe and sustainable through innovative insurance products.

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Mechatronics is an exciting new discipline that combines robotics and mechanics. Taught jointly by the Schools of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computing, this programme will equip you with the specialist knowledge and wide range of skills to pursue a career in this dynamic field.