New Study from Dodge Construction Network Reveals Digital Transformation Led By Construction Owners

Dodge Construction Network | February 18, 2022

Dodge Construction Network
Dodge Construction Network, in partnership with Trimble, released a Dodge SmartMarket Brief based on a comprehensive study of owners, architects, engineers and contractors. The study and resulting report evaluate the use and benefits of digital workflows in the construction industry. This report is the first in a series based on the study findings and entitled Connected Construction: The Owners' Perspective.Owners are highly influential in the design and construction industry and are often essential to driving change. This report reveals the degree to which owners have already embraced digital workflows for multiple design and construction processes and suggests that owners’ influence will drive greater use of these tools across the industry.

An owner's design and construction process requires data to be shared across the project lifecycle with internal stakeholders, numerous external project teams, and supply chain participants. Traditionally, this multi-party data sharing has been inefficient, with individual parties either using their own software systems or relying on manual rekeying of data into spreadsheets and other document-based formats. This makes it difficult for stakeholders to access reliable information about the status of a given project and even more difficult to improve project performance across portfolios through analysis of accurate and complete historical data. Digital workflows enable far better communication and performance tracking.

“The study shows that owners are already strong adopters of digital methods within their own organizations, In turn, they recognize the need for increased transparency and faster information delivery by their construction partners, such as contractors, engineers and architects. With the expectation of increased activity driven by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, digital workflows and connected teams will be crucial in meeting ambitious project goals.”

-Greg Blackman, vice president of Trimble’s Program and Project Management Division.

This report is based on owners' responses about the degree to which they and the companies they work with are using technology for specific tasks and workflows that allows them to improve multi-party data exchange. Key findings include:

Owners are more deeply engaged with digital workflows than other project team members — Over half (54%) of owners have either integrated software solutions or are using a single, connected construction management solution. Designers and contractors significantly lag in this area, meaning owners are more likely to be able to conduct digital workflows effectively.

Owners realize the need to improve the flow of communication and data between themselves and other project team members — 59% of owners report frequent breakdowns in communication between themselves and other project team members. Less than half (45%) report that they are satisfied with their connectivity with those external companies.

Owners' experience of benefits from digital workflows will help drive further engagement — 66% of owners using digital workflows report that they frequently result in better-informed decision-making on their projects. Fortunately, this is also the top potential benefit that small to midsize owners report would be likely to drive them to increase their use of digital workflows.

Ability to conduct root-cause analysis improves owners' decision-making — The findings reveal why owners using digital workflows are able to make better informed decisions: they are far more likely to be able to trace the root causes of delays and errors on their projects back to specific activities than those that do not use digital workflows.

Over two-thirds of owners contractually require contractors to use some digital documentation and practices — This finding demonstrates the value that owners place on having digital data on their projects.

Owners can draw from their greater experience with digitizing their internal workflows to help them digitize their external ones — 60% of owners report that they have digital workflows for at least half of their project data between departments within their organization. However, only 28% report a similar level of digital data exchange with external companies. This experience with internal digital workflows has already helped drive their appreciation of value of them and can provide valuable experience for helping them transform traditional processes into digital workflows in the future.

"Owners have the greatest influence on the project team, If they decide that digital workflows will improve their projects, the rest of the industry will embrace them as well. This study clearly reveals that owners are already deeply into their own digital transformation, and therefore, we expect to see wider use soon of these valuable tools."

-Steve Jones, Senior Director of Industry Insights at Dodge Construction Network

The SmartMarket Brief that contains the full findings of the owners' responses to the study can be downloaded for free at

Dodge Construction Network and Trimble expect to publish more reports developed from the findings of the study. These will also be made available on this site.

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About Trimble:
Trimble is an industrial technology company transforming the way the world works by delivering solutions that enable our customers to thrive. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics connect the digital and physical worlds to improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency, and sustainability. From purpose-built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble is transforming industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial, and transportation. For more information about Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB), visit:


Industrial engineering focuses on improving processes. Industrial engineers analyze and optimize systems such as waiting in line at a theme park, boarding an airplane, helping people at a bank, answering calls at a call center, as well as manufacturing processes such as making airplane parts, car parts, household appliances, food, soda, bottled water, and so on.

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FARO's HoloBuilder™ Construction Progress Management Solution Gains Widespread Adoption

FARO | June 24, 2022

FARO® Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: FARO), a global leader in 4D digital reality solutions, today formally recognized the #Enterprise agreement by GOLDBECK to deploy FARO's HoloBuilder Construction Progress Management solution enterprise-wide as indicative of the healthy market adoption of HoloBuilder following the company's acquisition by FARO in June of 2021, which enabled the industry's first end-to-end #DigitalReality solution. Utilizing 360° photo capture technology, HoloBuilder enables a quick, easy, and efficient way to manage project progress and capture large amounts of visual information that becomes instantly accessible from anywhere. Integrations with best-in-class 360° cameras and third-party software tools make the #ConstructionTechnology easy to adopt and implement across global construction teams. GOLDBECK made the decision to roll out HoloBuilder organization-wide (i.e., Enterprise agreement) after utilizing the platform on major construction projects. With HoloBuilder, GOLDBECK's more than 10,000 employees benefit from digital solutions not only in the office but on the jobsite. Site managers use the platform to track and document construction work with precision, linking 360° photos of the site to the digital building plans, sorting them by location and time, and storing them securely in the cloud. "We are thrilled that GOLDBECK made our enterprise solution available to their entire organization, As we celebrate the anniversary of joining forces with FARO, we've made remarkable progress toward empowering construction professionals with the solutions they need to increase project efficiency. GOLDBECK is a textbook example of a global firm realizing the full potential and competitive advantage of using both high-accuracy 3D laser scanning through FARO as well as real-time 2D 360° photo capture and remote collaboration with HoloBuilder." -said Brian Kelly, Vice President of HoloBuilder at FARO "Digitalization utilizing HoloBuilder makes it much easier to document and manage construction progress whereby our site managers and everyone involved in planning can collect, evaluate, and work with the data better." -Sina Schliestedt, Teamlead BIM at GOLDBECK. In the year since the FARO acquisition, HoloBuilder has continued to enhance its offerings, releasing significant new features including Premium Analytics, HoloBuilder API, and SnapShots. The extensive functionality of Premium Analytics empowers technology and operations leadership to benchmark projects, users, and usage on an enterprise level. The flexible API allows users to remove data silos by connecting HoloBuilder to internal tools to unleash the full potential of virtual jobsites. Shareable SnapShots allow users to select and share specific photos of a project with select stakeholders. The combination of these powerful new tools continues to drive strong industry demand for HoloBuilder. About FARO FARO serves the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), O&M (Operations & Maintenance), 3D Metrology, and Public Safety Analytics markets. For over 40 years, FARO has been a pioneer in #RealityCapture, bridging the digital and physical worlds through data-driven reliable accuracy, precision, and immediacy, providing industry-leading technology solutions that enable customers to measure their world and use that data to make smarter decisions faster.

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Unanet, the leading provider of project-based ERP and CRM for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, announced today that Tamarack Grove Engineering, a leading structural engineering and design firm with more than 2,500 projects each year throughout North America, has selected Unanet CRM AEC. Tamarack Grove expects Unanet CRM to enable widespread collaboration across project teams that will grow the business by potentially doubling their current customers and prospects. Tamarack Grove Engineering is a Boise-based structural engineering and design firm that specializes in manufacturing, commercial, and facilities markets including fast food restaurants and grocery chains. It also specializes in natural disaster evaluation, restoration, and maintenance for facilities. As a Unanet ERP AE customer for approximately three years, Tamarack Grove found that as they continued to rapidly grow, they needed a CRM solution to effectively manage existing and new client relationships, and provide visibility into the company's project pipeline to help shape strategic direction and understand the resources needed for potential projects. "Unanet ERP had positively transformed our productivity and profitability over the last three years. When we realized that we outgrew our rudimentary CRM system and needed a robust CRM solution, we immediately looked at Unanet, Unanet has already provided huge value to us on the ERP side, and the CRM had received positive reviews from other AEC firms. Now our ERP and CRM tools will be integrated in one, easy-to-access solution and we have a platform that we are all familiar with." Duncan Robertson, director of business development and marketing at Tamarack Grove Engineering Tamarack is implementing its CRM quickly, which is another advantage Unanet offers over competitive products. Once implemented, Unanet will give Tamarack a variety of benefits it needs to succeed in growing its business including the ability to: Simplify and coordinate new leads and existing client data entry and management through Microsoft Outlook Easily scan in the company's vast, incoming new contacts and leads through the business card scanner feature Manage customer relationships and information around projects to effectively direct teams, partners, and resources More than 1,850 architecture, engineering and construction companies like Tamarack Grove Engineering select Unanet ERP and CRM because they have the right mix of functionality and accessibility, while also offering the ability to scale and grow seamlessly. About Unanet Unanet is a leading provider of project-based ERP and CRM solutions purpose-built for Government Contractors, architecture, engineering, construction, and professional services. More than 3,400 project-driven organizations depend on Unanet to turn their information into actionable insights, drive better decision-making, and accelerate business growth. All backed by a people-centered team invested in the success of your projects, people, and financials. For more information, visit About Tamarack Grove Engineering Tamarack Grove Engineering is a Boise-based, leading structural engineering and design firm with more than 2,500 projects throughout North America. The company specializes in manufacturing, commercial, and facilities markets. For more information, visit Founded in 2003, the company's mission is to serve clients by providing responsive, safe and trusted solutions with the highest quality, most dependable engineering and design services while providing an environment for its team members to grow.

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First Residential Building to Be Built Entirely From HOFFMANN Carbon-free and 0% Clinker Concrete

MAULINI | May 11, 2022

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies an industrial player committed to decarbonizing the construction sector that designs and distributes innovative clinker-free cement, announces the construction of an R+6 (six-storey) building made entirely of Hoffmann decarbonated concrete in Geneva, Switzerland with the Maulini Construction Group. One year after signing its first international contract with the Swiss construction group Maulini, concrete castings made with Hoffmann's H-UKR cement, are accelerating and are currently being used for the complete construction of a six-storey building (foundations, columns, beams, floors and walls) in Geneva. This is the first multi-family building in Europe to be 100% built with carbon-free and clinker-free concrete. "The completion of this large-scale, fully carbon-free construction site in Switzerland demonstrates both the competitiveness and quality of Hoffmann concrete and, more generally, that it is already possible to massively decarbonise the construction sector with our technologies.” Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies Nicolas Maulini, Chairman of the Maulini Group, states: "We are proud of the partnership we are developing with Hoffmann; it allows us to offer our clients and to use Hoffmann cement on our construction sites right now. On site, Hoffmann's carbon-free concrete performs perfectly and allows us to build this six-storey building with unprecedented environmental performance in full compliance with our schedule and specifications. We will carry on with large-scale projects of this type in order to meet the growing demand of all our partners for carbon-free construction.” ABOUT HOFFMANN GREEN CEMENT TECHNOLOGIES Founded in 2014 and based in Bournezeau Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies designs, produces and distributes innovative extremely low-carbon cements – with a carbon footprint 6 times lower than traditional cement – that present, at equivalent dosage and with no alteration to the concrete manufacturing process, superior performances than traditional cement. With one 4.0 industrial sites already operational and two new sites on the way, the Group has industrialized a genuine technological breakthrough based on alterations to cement’s composition and the creation of a clean, heating-free and clinker-free manufacturing process making it a leading and unique player on a cement market that has not undergone any significant changes in the last 200 years. Within the context of the climate emergency, Hoffmann Green Cement is thus actively participating in the energy transition by working to create eco-responsible buildings and by encouraging the circular economy and the preservation of natural resources. Thanks to its unrivaled technological know-how that is constantly improving, driven by effective and cutting-edge teams, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies addresses all construction sector markets, both in France and abroad. ABOUT MAULINI Maulini is a century-old family business with 250 employees, which has been one of the main players in Geneva and the Lake Geneva region in construction, renovation, civil engineering and general contracting since 1910. Driven by strong values, the 4th generation is leading the company with the aim of making it evolve with the times and projecting it into a sector that must reinvent itself in order to minimise its environmental impact.

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Industrial engineering focuses on improving processes. Industrial engineers analyze and optimize systems such as waiting in line at a theme park, boarding an airplane, helping people at a bank, answering calls at a call center, as well as manufacturing processes such as making airplane parts, car parts, household appliances, food, soda, bottled water, and so on.