Mail Manager tool helping architects and engineers manage project emails

PBC Today | August 12, 2020

In a little over a decade, Mail Manager has evolved from an Outlook add-in to a fully-fledged, industry-wide email management tool for helping architects and engineers to take control of their project emails. Over 10 years ago, Arup had a problem. Email represented their biggest communication solution on projects, but it was exposing the business to an unnecessary level of risk, while also draining the productivity of project teams. So Arup thought: “What if we could find any email on any project without wasting time filing?” Arup looked at solutions available, but everything was a sledgehammer to crack a nut (more than what we needed). Mail Manager was initially developed as an Outlook add-in for their own architects and engineers to take control of their email. As and when staff left Arup, they wanted to take Mail Manager with them so Arup identified email management as critical for the whole industry. Mail Manager is now used by business of all sizes across project-based industries.


Check out our pretty infographic showing fast facts about civil engineering. Hopefully this will add to your inspiration and get you motivated for your civil engineering studies and career! For even more inspiration, check out the world’s top universities for civil engineering, as featured in the latest edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject. Sort the interactive ranking to discover top civil engineering departments in your chosen country.

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Nubeva Announces Expanded Focus On Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry

Nubeva Technologies | May 17, 2022

Nubeva Technologies a pioneer of next-generation solutions for ransomware, announces expanded efforts to help Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms better protect themselves from ransomware attacks. Based on industry-specific feedback and strong early adoption, the company is increasing its focus on the AEC as there is a clear need and fit for Nubeva's new breakthrough solution across the entire industry. With input from 100's of AEC firms, Nubeva's industry brief, Understanding Ransomware in the AEC, discusses the specific circumstances and challenges facing thousands of these companies in the United States alone. These organizations play a vital role in building and maintaining critical infrastructure, making them prime targets for ransomware. Due to industry-specific dynamics and computing models, findings are conclusive that the AEC industry experiences as much as 2x the ransomware attack rates as other industries. "When I first heard about Nubeva's ability to decrypt ransomware from a colleague, I was skeptical. But when we studied and tested it, we quickly realized this was the missing link in our security strategy and a silver bullet for attacks that get past our firewalls, EDR, backups, and other systems," said Andy Knauf, CIO of Mead & Hunt. "Ransomware Reversal essentially provides instant protection as my team was able to fully deploy Nubeva across all of our systems in hours, not weeks or months. It was really easy." Nubeva's Ransomware Reversal solution fills a vital gap for when ransomware gets past security systems, and organizations must recover quickly. The software solution enables organizations to decrypt files and systems locked during a ransomware attack to restore operations faster than other solutions. The software is simple to install across distributed environments, has next to zero ongoing maintenance, and is priced for widespread adoption across companies of all sizes. "It is clear that there is a vital need in this industry. We have booked and billed over $500,000 of contracts in its first 100 days of product availability, with a majority of orders coming from the AEC industry, Once a company engages with us, we see nearly a 50% close rate. In my experience, those are very exciting results. Normally enterprise software and infrastructure sales have nine-month average cycles. This is an excellent sign not only for product-market-fit but also pointing to a low cost of sales. As we establish a strong foothold in AEC, we will expand to other vertical industries, as clearly, this is a problem affecting everyone." Steve Perkins, CMO at Nubeva.

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Verdantas Launches as an Opportunity for Engineers, Scientists & Technical Experts to Build a Better Tomorrow

Verdantas | January 05, 2022

Five leading professional service groups have come together to form a national company, which is launching under a new brand: Verdantas. Round Table Capital Partners (“RTC Partners”) launched this new venture with the acquisition of Hull & Associates, LLC (“Hull”) in July of 2020, and has since expanded the organization with the acquisitions of Duffield Associates, LLC (“Duffield”), HSW Consulting, LLC (“HSW”), GeoInsight, Inc. (“GeoInsight”) and Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.(“Alden”). Verdantas was started with a vision to build a consulting company focused on improving the world by addressing the toughest challenges facing our natural and built environments today. Over the past 18 months, Verdantas has brought together an outstanding group of consulting companies that share this common focus. The combined organization now offers a comprehensive suite of environmental, energy, water, civil infrastructure, and green and sustainable engineering services. RTC Partners brought together an experienced and accomplished executive team to support the Verdantas mission. “Nearly everything we offer as a company makes the world a better place – that’s what engineers, scientists and technical experts do – that’s how we are wired. We recognize we are contributing to a better, greener future, by collaborating with our clients and the communities where we work. We strive to do this in an atmosphere where our people can thrive and accomplish great things together, supported by a strong team culture.” -Industry veteran Gerry Salontai as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Salontai Andra Kidd, COO of Verdantas, added, “To accomplish these ambitious goals, we must look inward, and build a people-first culture that gives our employees opportunities to work on impactful projects that will make a difference for the generations-to-come. Verdantas believes in a brighter tomorrow, and we believe getting there will require a foundation of integrity, compassion, collaboration and advanced science and expertise.” Tony Brindisi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at RTC Partners, commented on the formation of Verdantas: We have been selective and strategic in the formation of Verdantas. Each entity that joins integrates its engineering, planning, science, and technical expertise to solve complex problems as One Great Company. These companies bring legacies of excellence and are market-leading experts in the environment and its supporting infrastructure. RTC is excited about the enormous potential for positive impact Verdantas is pursuing. Verdantas currently employs over 450 people across 26 offices, and is home to many of the top scientists, engineers and technical experts in the industry. Verdantas operates a people-first culture, concentrating on the well-being of its employees, clients, and the communities where they live and work. The platform is actively hiring across all disciplines and seeking additional companies with a strategic and cultural fit. For more information, please visit the Verdantas website at, and address any inquiries to Terry Reynolds, VP/Corporate Marketing and Communication (, 916-889-6681) About RTC Partners RTC Partners is a private equity firm that focuses on investing in and building strong businesses with committed management teams in the professional, business, and healthcare services industries. The firm’s dedicated emphasis on human capital, combined with its thoughtful approach to both organic and inorganic opportunities, allows organizations to unlock the next stage of growth while enabling sustainable and long-term value creation for all stakeholders. RTC is actively seeking additional platform and add-on acquisitions in its targeted markets. For more information, visit

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Setting the Tempo: Level 3 Design Group Approved by Hilton to Design its Latest Lifestyle Brand

Level 3 Design Group | December 30, 2021

Level 3 is excited to announce that they are one of the first firms approved by Hilton to design its newest lifestyle brand, Tempo. The custom design concept, beautifully imagined by Senior Designer Lindsay Clarke, is for a new Tempo coming soon to San Diego, California. The 127- room property is exceptionally unique in its design with one of a kind artwork, finishes and colors. "My intention was to ensure this hotel was distinguishable from others in the local area, so the design elements center around the coastal location of the property and the ripple effect,The sunset color palette consists of neutral and blue tones to add a contemporary twist on coastal colors, but also includes rippled textures, stone, natural wood and metal for the finishes and other interior components throughout the property." -Senior Designer Lindsay Clarke Described by Hilton as having "modern achievers" in mind, visitors will appreciate the mindful experience the hotel will provide. Design-forward public spaces, comfortable guest rooms, flexible meeting areas, and wonderful amenities were crafted specifically to meet the diverse, ambitious lifestyles of each guest. It is rewarding to be approved by the Hilton brand," said Clarke. "There is no better feeling of accomplishment than designing a property that considers the overall well-being of the guest; whether it's to increase focused work productivity, physical activity or relaxation. About Level 3 Design Group: Recognized nationally as a Top 10 hospitality design and purchasing firm and winner of the 2019 Renovation of the Year award by Marriott International, Level 3 offers comprehensive services including interior design, architecture, FF&E purchasing, and project management. For more information, contact Level 3 at 213.955.5881 or visit

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RI Locals Launch National App to Disrupt the Construction Industry

Dibbs Technology | February 24, 2022

Dibbs Technology is excited to announce the launch of its new iOS app. The app is a first in the construction industry to serve as a marketplace for both construction supplies and services. Rated a Top 10 startup company of 2021, Dibbs is designed to take the friction out of bidding, buying, and selling products and services in the construction and real estate marketplace. Based out of Newport, Rhode Island, the app will launch to Rhode Island and Massachusetts residents only, until phase 2 of the launch plan rolls out in April. CEO and Founder Luke Fleury is also a General Contractor and Real Estate Developer in Rhode Island and explains why he created Dibbs. I was tired of spending countless hours trying to find the best quotes for my projects, this is what inspired me to create Dibbs." Dibbs is an app that will allow contractors, suppliers, homeowners, and more, to find the people and projects that they want to work with. "With our built-in bidding templates, we cut the time it takes to place and receive bids in half he adds. "Having a CEO who understands the field and operates on a day-to-day basis with other contractors and suppliers, helps us to ensure we are creating a tool that actually helps our users Dibbs can help people increase productivity and profitability. The app enables users to save money on their next project with more options and lower costs as well as higher quality." -Dibbs COO and Co-Founder Case Olszewski. To celebrate the launch, the company is rolling out a promotion to all new users. Users will have the option to refer friends and industry professionals. If referrals are provided, users will be entered to win a weekend getaway in Vegas. The Dibbs team is proud to launch the app and see users increase productivity and save money. Searching and contacting various sellers often requires multiple searches. While other apps offer lead generation tools, Dibbs provides customization and ease with their all-in-one marketplace for construction bidding. See for yourself how Dibbs is disrupting the construction industry by downloading the app today.

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Check out our pretty infographic showing fast facts about civil engineering. Hopefully this will add to your inspiration and get you motivated for your civil engineering studies and career! For even more inspiration, check out the world’s top universities for civil engineering, as featured in the latest edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject. Sort the interactive ranking to discover top civil engineering departments in your chosen country.