Hybrid Tech, LLC and GoldCann International Inc. have Announced an Engineering Agreement

Hybrid Tech | July 14, 2021

Goldcann International Inc., a Canadian company, based in Toronto, Ontario, is delighted to announce that it has signed a contract with Hybrid Tech, LLC, a global leader in the design and construction of cannabis extraction facilities. As a result, work on the feasibility and engineering requirements for the Company's 40,000 sq. ft. extraction, processing, and packaging facility, which will produce cannabis products for the Mexican retail market, will commence immediately.

The plant will be built on 14,000 square meters of fully serviced property in Mazatlan, on Mexico's Pacific coast, to produce cannabidiol (CBD) oil and other health and wellness products under the Aztecann brand. Construction is expected to begin soon after Goldcann is granted a license under the new cannabis laws, which is now expected to be signed into law in late September or early October.

The Fast-Track technique developed by Hybrid Tech is a one-of-a-kind process that delivers properly envisioned, fully operational, technologically sophisticated facilities in the shortest time possible without sacrificing quality or performance. Hybrid Tech has developed and built over 170 cannabis and hemp facilities totaling more than 3 million square feet of processing space.

About GoldCann International Inc.
Goldcann International Inc. is a community-oriented wellness company that plans to specialize in the manufacture of Cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids for the Mexican market. GoldCann's activities reflect the best of local traditions and culture while adhering to the current Mexican government's commitment to upholding the highest quality standards and maximizing social benefits for underprivileged individuals and communities.

About Hybrid Tech
Hybrid Tech designs cultivation, manufacturing, and extraction facilities, addressing the complexities of developing process innovation with cost-effectiveness. Hybrid Tech brings the project to life, from conceptual design and feasibility studies through permit applications and equipment selection. Hybrid Tech is one of the most experienced firms in the cannabis sector, having successfully worked on over 170 cannabis-specific projects totaling over 3 million square feet in the United States and Canada since 2014.


Technology and engineering suffer from a lower participation rate of women, holding back the pace at which these sectors can advance and their overall contribution to the economy. In the U.S. today, women account for 47% of total employment, but just 27% of manufacturing employment.

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Planon launches comprehensive package to deliver an exceptional and engaging workplace experience to building users

Planon | July 01, 2022

Planon, the leading global provider of smart sustainable building management software, today announced the launch of Planon Workplace Edition. Planon Workplace Edition allows organisations to modernise and improve their workplace management quickly and securely with the option to upgrade to the full Planon Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) suite later. Planon Workplace Edition is a plug-and-play, cloud-based software solution. It is composed of fully integrated modules underpinned by smart IoT technology: Planon Workplace Insights and Planon Workplace Engagement. Planon Workplace Insights - the foundation for Planon Workplace Engagement - displays analysed information captured from IoT sensors (occupancy, utilisation, people flow and indoor air quality measurements). This information supports workplace strategists and facilities managers in making the right decisions to create engaging and productive workplaces. The newest module, Planon Workplace Engagement, adds space and services management processes on top of that. In addition, a mobile app and other workplace engagement interfaces for the building user, including room booking panels and kiosks, enhance the workplace experience and build business resilience. "With Planon Workplace Edition, organisations are able to use spaces in a cost-effective and sustainable way while improving the wellbeing and productivity of their building users, It supports workplace professionals in ensuring a safe and healthy environment, and a great experience for building users." -Pierre Guelen, Planon's founder and CEO. About Planon- Planon is the leading global provider of Smart Sustainable Building Management software that connects buildings, people and processes. By eliminating data silos and aligning solutions into one shared information platform, Planon provides all building stakeholders with actionable and meaningful insights. Independent market research and consulting firms have consistently rated Planon as a global leader in the market. Planon has implemented its comprehensive solutions for more than 2,500 clients, supported by offices and partners around the world.

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Subsidiary of Hepsor AS acquires a property in Riga for development of 40-apartment residential building

Hepsor | September 06, 2022

Hepsor JG SIA, a subsidiary of Hepsor AS, signed a sale-purchase agreement on 1 September 2022, for acquiring a property in Jurmala Gatve Street, Imanta district, Riga. The property will accommodate a three-storey A-energy class residential building with 40 apartments and sellable area of approximately 2,500 m2. According to Henri Laks, member of the Management Board of Hepsor AS, the location of the property in the immediate vicinity of the Anninmuiža park, and the A-energy class of the planned building support the Group's concept of green thinking. Construction of the new development project is expected to start at the end of 2023. About Hepsor AS: Hepsor AS is one of the fastest growing residential and commercial real estate developers in Estonia and Latvia. Over the last ten years Hepsor has developed more than 1,400 homes and 23,000 m2 of commercial space. Hepsor has been the first real estate developer in the Baltic States to implement a number of innovative engineering solutions that make the buildings we construct more energy-efficient and thus more environmentally friendly. The company's portfolio is comprised of 25 development projects with a total sellable space of 176,000 m2.

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NIBS Launches U.S. National BIM Program to Transform Construction Industry

NIBS | September 08, 2022

The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) has developed an implementation and launch plan for the U.S. National Building Information Management (BIM) Program. The aim: To achieve a new level of industrial efficiency through digitalization. An overview of the launch plan recently was presented to industry leaders at an executive roundtable to accelerate ongoing efforts from innovative and forward-thinking organizations. A critical issue in the U.S. construction industry is its low level of digitalization, which prevents it from transforming lifecycle work processes to be more efficient, less expensive, more resilient, and safer to build and maintain. The U.S. National BIM Program expands upon existing and ongoing work of the NIBS BIM Council as well as various other initiatives in the industry. "Many national and international initiatives focus on BIM standardization to support digital transformation throughout the entire life cycle of designing, constructing, and operating the built environment, The U.S. National BIM Program will be successful through collaboration between the public and private sectors and across the diversity of project stakeholders, namely owners, designers, constructors, suppliers, vendors, and other involved parties." -Stephen T. Ayers, FAIA, Interim CEO of NIBS. To aid in the implementation and launch of the U.S. National BIM Program, AEC subject matter expert Johnny Fortune joined NIBS in June. Fortune serves as Director of the National BIM Program. Fortune said next steps include securing resources and establishing workgroups to operationalize different aspects of the plan. U.S. National BIM Program Background: NIBS began the planning process for the U.S. National BIM Program last year, meeting and working with industry leaders. Since then, many volunteers and NIBS staff members have worked to develop the implementation plan, which includes key activities and an estimated budget for the first five years. The construction industry employs more than seven million people to create or renovate nearly $1.4 trillion in buildings, infrastructure, and other built assets each year. But the industry has yet to enjoy the productivity improvements of the digital age, averaging only 1% productivity growth in the past 20 years. About the NIBS BIM Council: The BIM Council has focused on capturing the requirements of U.S. building owners to document best practices and provide guidance on the adoption of digital technology to increase productivity and performance. Examples include the United States National CAD Standard (NCS), National BIM Standard-United States (NBIMS-US), National BIM Guide for Owners (now a Draft Standard with ASHRAE), and Construction to Operations Building information exchange (COBie) Specification. About NIBS: National Institute of Building Sciences brings together labor and consumer interests, government representatives, regulatory agencies, and members of the building industry to identify and resolve problems and potential issues around the built environment. NIBS is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.

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INTELIE by Viasat Joins Transocean, Intellilift to Accelerate Autonomous Well Construction as Partner in Joint Venture

inteliwell | August 19, 2022

Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a global communications company, today announced it has agreed to join Inteliwell, a joint venture (JV) with Transocean Ltd. (NYSE: RIG), and Intelilift AS, a subsidiary of Nekkar ASA. Inteliwell's mission is to decrease drilling times through rig automation and streamlining of the well construction process using new processes and tools driven by artificial intelligence ("AI"). Inteliwell will offer a suite of applications that will provide an end-to-end, closed-loop workflow for well construction planning, execution, and monitoring. Inteliwell's software has been meticulously designed to leverage cutting edge technology and data that will improve consistency in operations by improving safety through reduction of personnel exposure to red zones and reducing well planning and construction time. For its part, INTELIE™, which was part of the Company's 2021 RigNet acquisition, will provide operational AI expertise, real-time data analytics, and planning components to the Inteliwell JV. "The joint venture between Transocean, Viasat, and Intelilift aligns a potent mix of expertise in the areas of well construction, automation, and artificial intelligence, INTELIE is already in use on the majority of drill ships today for real-time analytics and remote operating centers. Through the Inteliwell JV, we are poised to accelerate autonomous well construction while reducing cost and improving safety." -Brendan Sullivan, SVP, Intelligent Edge Solutions, Viasat, Inc. By reducing the days needed to drill a well, Inteliwell and its suite of applications creates incredible value to a large addressable market that is primed for change, said Scott McKaig, Director, Technology & Digital Solutions at Transocean Ltd. By aligning expertise from the three entities in our platform, we will be advancing the well construction process from preparing a well program to completion of the well. This advancement will streamline planning, increases rig site efficiency, and reduce unplanned non-productive time ("NPT") to generate significant cost savings that can be realized quickly by the well operators. Stig Trydal, managing director of Intellilift added: In short, the JV will provide software solutions combined with automation that are designed to allow operators to further improve the consistency of their operations while reducing drilling costs through more reliable and faster drilling operations. The offering -- that can be applied across all rig classes -- will be comprised of three key applications: InteliPlan, InteliAutomate and InteliAssist, which will create digital well plans that interface with a drilling rig's control system to autonomously execute tasks, greatly expediting the well construction process. Additionally, an integrated real-time monitoring platform will measure downhole progress and evaluate conditions in the well to provide critical, precision-enhancing feedback to the drilling control system. The Inteliwell Suite of Applications InteliPlan: InteliPlan will create a well construction program in both human readable and automatable, machine-readable format. The software will enable engineers to input well design data and generate the well construction program, including rig-specific well construction sequences. For standardization, specific operational practices can be embedded in the InteliPlan logic to ensure these critical practices permeate across all ongoing and future programs. InteliAutomate: InteliAutomate is a digital drilling control system which will automate well construction tasks by sending instructions from the well construction program, created by InteliPlan, to the rig equipment controllers. InteliAutomate receives feedback from such machines to automatically acknowledge completion of tasks and from InteliAssist for validated adjustments. InteliAssist: For operations oversight, InteliAssist will monitor well construction parameters and simultaneously run engineering simulations to allow comparison with real-time observations. The process will allow optimization of ongoing operations, avoid deviations from plan, provides prediction of operational problems, and can identify when human intervention in required. To learn more about Inteliwell, please visit: About Transocean: Transocean is a leading international provider of offshore contract drilling services for oil and gas wells. Transocean specializes in technically demanding sectors of the global offshore drilling business with a particular focus on deepwater and harsh environment drilling services, and operates the highest specification floating offshore drilling fleet in the world. About NEKKAR ASA: Nekkar (OSE: NKR) is an industrial technology group offering impact technologies combined with high-end software solutions. The group combines 50 years' heritage from the world's number one shiplift company, Syncrolift, with new investments into sustainable, digitalised technology businesses that aim to unlock growth within ocean-based industries such as offshore energy and renewables and aquaculture. About Viasat: Viasat is a global communications company that believes everyone and everything in the world can be connected. For more than 35 years, Viasat has helped shape how consumers, businesses, governments and militaries around the world communicate. Today, the Company is developing the ultimate global communications network to power high-quality, secure, affordable, fast connections to impact people's lives anywhere they are—on the ground, in the air or at sea.

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