Scholars International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Engineering THEME: "Current and Emerging Trends in Materials Research and Engineering".

November 15-16, 2021 | UK

Scholars Conferences is proud to announce the Scholars International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Engineering (Advanced Materials 2021 HYBRID EVENT), which is to be held during November 15-16, 2021 VIRTUAL. On this great gathering, Organizing Committee invites participants from all over the globe to take part in this annual conference with the theme “Current and Emerging Trends Materials Research and Engineering”. Advanced Materials 2021 aims at sharing new ideas and new technologies amongst the professionals, industrialists and students from research areas of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology to share their recent innovations and applications and indulge in interactive discussions and technical sessions at the event. The Conference will also have a space for companies and/or institutions to present their services, products, innovations and research results. Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology involves the tracks like Advanced Materials and Functional Devices, Engineering Materials, Composite Materials, Magnetism & Multiferroism, Optical materials and plasmonics, Energy and Harvesting Materials, Nanotechnology-Basics to applications, Bio Nanotechnologies, Carbon structures and graphene, Spintronics, synthesis and applications. Over the past few days, the Committee and Management has worked continuously to organize the event in-person, but continued travel restrictions by universities and countries forced us to convert Advanced Materials 2021 to fully virtual event.


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IMECE® International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition

November 1-5, 2021 | USA

ASME's International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) is the only event where R&D leaders from industry, government, and academia converge to make connections and share insights for innovation across engineering disciplines.

Infrastructure And Construction

November 1-3, 2021 | Japan

Scientific Federation takes immense pleasure and feels honored in welcoming the participants from all over the globe to attend the "2nd International Conference on Infrastructure and Construction " during November 01-03, 2021 Osaka, Japan. which includes prompt plenary presentations, keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, and Exhibitions.

2021 Regional Conference on Permafrost & 19th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering

October 24-29, 2021 | USA

For the first time, the US Permafrost Association (USPA) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) have joined forces to organize the joint 2021 Regional Conference on Permafrost (RCOP) and 19th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering (ICCRE). RCOPs are convened by the International Permafrost Association (IPA) as part of their motto to "foster permafrost research to the ends of earth". The RCOP & ICCRE joint conference in October 2021 will strengthen ties between the scientific, engineering, and local communities.

Esri Infrastructure Management and GIS Conference

October 25-28, 2021 | USA

This crossover event provides learning opportunities to users from infrastructure sectors, creating a richer, more valuable experience for organizations to move their location intelligence and GIS forward. Join professionals specializing in the management of infrastructure from several interconnected industries—water; electric and gas; district heating and cooling; pipeline; telecom; transportation; and architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).