September 28-October 1, 2021 | Romania

HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS 2021, now, at the 13th edition, remains an event dedicated to the state of the art of digital technologies and represent part of our sustained actions to build an important community to keep companies, research institutes and Universities up-to-date. Live sessions, Networking, Expo boots, Videos will be available only when the event starts.


Balfour Beatty's New Track Construction (NTC) machine provides a continuous, automated process for installing new track. Proven to be 50% quicker than conventional methods of track installation, it is capable of relaying at a rate of up to 10 sleepers per minute improving productivity, efficiency and quality.


THE FUTURE OF ENGINEERING OSPE’s Inaugural Engineering Conference

October 6-7, 2021 | Canada

conference presented by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE). We are bringing engineers together with industry, academia and government to present and discuss the latest opportunities, challenges and innovations in engineering, and what must be done in Ontario and Canada to remain competitive. the conference will focus on four Learning Streams: The Engineering Workforce in Ontario & Canada, The Future of The Engineering Profession, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability & Innovation.

Risk Management for Construction and Engineering Projects

September 20-21, 2021 | USA

The value of managing risks on projects depends on the success achieved with the pro active efforts to minimize the negative impacts of threats and to maximize the positive impact of opportunities. The typical steps of planning for risk management, identifying risks, prioritizing risks, conducting risk analysis and planning the appropriate risk responses are of little value if the selected response strategy is not implemented, monitored and controlled throughout the project. This course addresses all of these aspects incorporating lectures, discussions, and practical classroom exercises.'

CM-at-Risk: Contracting for Owners, Consulting Engineers, and Contractors

September 20-21, 2021 | USA

In the past decade, the pressure to deliver construction projects at a faster pace has grown and with it has come the use of alternative project delivery methods that furnish the ability to overlap the design and the construction process, thus compressing the project delivery period. Each of these methods has its advantages and its disadvantages. It is critical that engineers, architects and owners understand the fundamentals of each method and how it can potentially impact the quality of both the design and the construction. Each has its own technical distinctions, contractual models and potential ethical challenges. Hence, an early step in most capital project development processes is to decide which project delivery method is best suited for the given project. When a project’s success depends on the construction contractor’s means and methods, owners and their consultants need to get early contractor involvement in design and select some a method that retains a construction manager (CM) in some capacity to preform preconstruction services during design.

Earth-Retaining Structures: Selection, Design, Construction, and Inspection

September 20-21, 2021 | USA

The United States earth retaining structure market exceeds millions of square feet annually and there are many different retaining systems to select from which are unique in design and construction. Unit costs vary from less than $30 to in excess of $300 per square foot. Selecting the most technically appropriate and cost-effective system is often critical to project cost, schedule and long-term performance. Selection of an inappropriate system unfortunately can result in time consuming and costly construction and contract disputes. Many engineers, contractors and project managers do not have the needed knowledge and skills to select, design, construct inspect these systems.