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Role Models, Inspiration Needed to Get More Girls in STEM

August 13, 2019 / Society of Women Engineers

A city in the sky is nearly impossible. How would water work? How would its people eliminate waste? What about food or simply not crashing to the ground under the constant force of gravity? Technology doesn’t have answers to these questions — if it ever will — but Wylie Junior High School teacher Luke Hurst still asked his Coding, Gaming, Robotics and Innovation classes to envision such a place. The incoming Wylie High School freshman spearheaded a group of students that designed such a dreamscape last school year. When she gets on Tinkercad a computer-assisted design program, I can’t keep up with her, classmate Alan Roberts said. No one can, CGRI student Chase Johnson added. Alan and Chase grouped with Kyla for the project, which earned the highest score in Hurst’s classes.