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Most engineering employers think new technologies will not lead to job losses

May 13, 2019 / Energy Voice

Technological change is more likely to increase the headcount of the engineering construction industry (ECI) workforce than reduce it, according to new research published today. A new report into the impact of technological change on the ECI, published by industry skills body the ECITB, surveyed more than 800 employers in this vital sector of the UK economy.
Twice as many employers said new and emerging technologies – such as automation and artificial intelligence – will see their workforce grow (20%) over the next three years compared to those who think it will shrink (9%), with the majority citing improved efficiency (81%) and precision (65%) and new business opportunities (55%) as likely benefits.
However, employers also face major challenges to harnessing new technologies and processes, including time (34%) and resource (30%) constraints and a lack of required skills among the existing workforce (19%).