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Industry Standards Will Be ‘Extremely Important’ in the Future, Say Automation Engineering Professionals

July 21, 2020 / Supply & Demand Chain Executive

The International Society of Automation (ISA) recently surveyed 290 people in the automation engineering field to discover their thoughts on industry standards. The survey shows that 63% of respondents believe that standards will be “extremely important” in the future.

Conducted in June 2020, the online survey received 290 responses from automation engineering professionals, primarily from the United States, Europe, and Canada. 42%  of respondents described themselves as engineers, 21% as consultants, 15%  as managers, and 8%  as executives. The remaining 14% reported as a mix of technicians, operators, salespeople, marketers, or other roles. Survey respondents most commonly worked at system integrators (35% ), asset owners (30%), or automation providers (22%).

Most survey respondents (77%) said they are ISA members. 41% of respondents said they have more than 30 years of experience in their field; 26% said they have 20 to 30 years of experience; 21%  said they have 10 to 20 years; 12% said they have 0 to 10 years.