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Gremlin Announces ‘Status Checks’ To Make Chaos Engineering Safe in Production

June 24, 2020 / GlobeNewswire

Gremlin, the Chaos Engineering company founded by former Netflix and Amazon engineers, today announced the general availability of Status Checks. The new capability evaluates the health and stability of a system before attacking it, making it safer to run experiments in production. While Chaos Engineering has been widely adopted and evangelized among the world’s top performing IT organizations, safety is still a big concern for companies who have yet to fully embrace the practice.

“Safety is a core product principle at Gremlin and has been built into the product since the beginning,” said Matthew Fornaciari, CTO and Co-Founder of Gremlin. “Since launch in 2017, we’ve had a big red HALT button that makes it simple for Gremlin users to reactively rollback experiments, should an attack negatively impact the customer experience. Today, companies that have matured are automating more of their experiments with CI/CD, and they need a way to programmatically check the health of their systems and proactively stop an experiment. That’s Status Checks.”