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Gilles retsin fuses augmented reality with timber construction at the royal academy london

April 11, 2019 / Gilles Retsin

Within the ornate setting of london‘s royal academy, gilles retsin‘s latest work explores the real effects of virtual technology and how augmented reality could be used for fabrication, as opposed to just visualisation. Entitled real virtuality, the project uses a hololens mixed reality smartglasses to communicate directly between a digital model and a physical space, resulting in a pre-fabricated design that can be assembled quickly and efficiently.
The hololens has been used to overlay a digital model of the envisioned design in the exhibition space, indicating the position of the new intervention. As the timber blocks are modular and the design is not fixed, adaptations can be made there and then, resulting in a more efficient process. Gilles retsin explains, we used AR to send instructions directly from the digital model to the team working on site.