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Tony McKillop

Tony has been involved in technical documentation for more than twenty years, mainly in the semiconductors industry. Working as an author, he has produced a range of documents, including brochures, catalogs, and user guides to both British and American spelling conventions. When working in teams, Tony has been responsible for editing, validating content, and training.


Renaissance Communication and Publishing

Working through his company, Renaissance Communication, and Publishing, Tony has secured continuing technical writing contracts over a twenty-year period. After many years of living and working in the Netherlands, I relocated to the U.K. That was in 2020, just as COVID struck. Renaissance Communication and Publishing was formally registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and was primarily a vehicle for me to legally obtain contracts in the Netherlands with large corporate companies. These organizations needed some certainty of permanence and surety that taxes were being paid. I registered the domain’ some time ago and have left it dormant. I am currently in the process of preparing a launch of the company here, in the U.K. I am also building the website: I will also be publishing posts from my site: In the circumstance, as it is me who is producing content, I think you should focus on the bio of Tony J. McKillop, with a short reference to the company.