Trimble Sets New Standard for Robotic Total Station Scalability

Trimble | September 21, 2022 | Read time : 01:15 min

Trimble Sets News
Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today the latest addition to its portfolio of innovative robotic total stations—the Trimble® Ri. The instrument's flexibility and upgradeability makes high-end total station technology more accessible and sets a new scalability standard for use across the construction industry.

Offered in multiple configurations to meet a diverse set of workflows, the Trimble Ri is ideal for MEP, concrete, steel and general contractors. The base units can be scaled remotely via annual subscription licensing packages and software customization.

The Trimble Ri is built on the company's decades of field-proven experience developing and producing robotic total stations. Easy to operate with extended layout capabilities, the total station provides longer laser range, focusable EDM, eye-safe laser pointer and improved target tracking. Leveraging Trimble FieldLink software on a tablet or FieldLink MR on a Trimble XR10 for Mixed Reality, users can control and automate their workflow with improved accuracy and visibility. With Trimble VISION™ technology, integrated digital cameras, the instrument can be controlled from anywhere on the jobsite and allows for quick and accurate target detection and lock. In addition, the self-calibration feature performs automatic calibrations as required and reduces the need to send the total station in for service.

"The new Trimble Ri sets a new standard for optical positioning solutions for the construction field worker. To date, no other supplier has introduced this type of robotic total station flexibility in the market. It is an exciting way for our customers to purchase and utilize the solution, which can be more aligned with their project-based business needs." 

-Martin Holmgren, general manager, Trimble Building Construction.

About Trimble Construction:
Trimble is developing technology, software and services that drive the digital transformation of construction with solutions that span the entire architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Empowering teams across the construction lifecycle, Trimble's innovative approach improves coordination and collaboration between stakeholders, teams, phases and processes. Trimble's Connected Construction strategy gives users control of their operations with best-in-class solutions and a common data environment. By automating work and transforming workflows, Trimble is enabling construction professionals to improve productivity, quality, transparency, safety, sustainability and deliver each project with confidence. 

About Trimble:
Trimble is an industrial technology company transforming the way the world works by delivering solutions that enable our customers to thrive. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics connect the digital and physical worlds to improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency and sustainability. From purpose-built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble is transforming industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation.


Digital technology is changing the way we design, construct, and maintain our infrastructure. New digital technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), wireless sensing, and 3D printing are transforming the way that infrastructure, real estate, and other built assets are designed and constructed. Despite the engineering and construction sector is slower to adopt and adapt to modern technologies than other global industries, the global construction sector is forecast to grow by up to 70% by 2025.


Digital technology is changing the way we design, construct, and maintain our infrastructure. New digital technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), wireless sensing, and 3D printing are transforming the way that infrastructure, real estate, and other built assets are designed and constructed. Despite the engineering and construction sector is slower to adopt and adapt to modern technologies than other global industries, the global construction sector is forecast to grow by up to 70% by 2025.

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nVent HOFFMAN Software Will Simplify Engineering Processes and Connect Fabrication and Workers to Drive Productivity

Zuken | November 10, 2022

nVent Electric plc (NYSE:NVT) (“nVent”), a global leader in electrical connection and protection solutions, today announced it will preview its upcoming digital manufacturing software portfolio at Rockwell Automation Fair in Chicago. The Design to Manufacturing Software, powered by Zuken’s E3.series, is a proven and fast engineering system for designers and manufacturing personnel to: Plan and design the electrical engineering for machines and factory systems Automate panel building through 2D/3D design and assembly of industrial and commercial control panels nVent is a global leader in providing industrial enclosures and advanced cooling solutions, and has a comprehensive machine portfolio to automate panel building. The nVent HOFFMAN Design to Manufacturing Software, powered by Zuken, helps us to create time and labor savings, which enables us to build a more sustainable and electrified world. “By adding the Design to Manufacturing Software, powered by Zuken, we have significantly enhanced our value proposition by optimizing the entire panel design and fabrication process, Companies are prudently finding ways to maximize the skills of their workforce, especially in such a competitive landscape and tight job market. This will make it easier for our customers to deliver high-quality solutions faster, with fewer resources and time-consuming steps.” -Alexander van der Weide, general manager and vice president for nVent. We simplify design. We connect engineering to manufacturing. We simplify design We connect engineering to manufacturing We capture and deploy knowledge We solve the shortage of engineers and skilled labor We accelerate profitable growth The Design to Manufacturing Software provides design automation to help electrical engineers to simplify processes, and ultimately increase overall productivity. With its easy-to-use intelligent central parts library, designers can now efficiently work on a single project while the software automatically ensures the data is continually up to date, making the design and planning process easy. The optimized engineering process drives the creation of the digital twin with all the necessary manufacturing details. We automate the panel building process by connecting machines and workers, accelerating the transition to smart manufacturing. Workers can now easily visualize the design and immediately access digital documentation. This automated workflow detects critical errors, significantly improves the time taken to build a panel, and maintains the overall process. The advanced software portfolio will be released in 2023 as part of a collaboration with Zuken, a leading global software company specializing in optimizing electrical and electronic engineering design processes. The Design to Manufacturing software portfolio will include specially designed software packages for engineering and manufacturing processes, connecting workers to the manufacturing floor, and adding optional add-on functionalities. About nVent: nVent is a leading global provider of electrical connection and protection solutions. We believe our inventive electrical solutions enable safer systems and ensure a more secure world. We design, manufacture, market, install and service high performance products and solutions that connect and protect some of the world's most sensitive equipment, buildings and critical processes. We offer a comprehensive range of enclosures, electrical connections and fastening and thermal management solutions across industry-leading brands that are recognized globally for quality, reliability and innovation. Our principal office is in London and our management office in the United States is in Minneapolis. Our robust portfolio of leading electrical product brands dates back more than 100 years and includes nVent CADDY, ERICO, HOFFMAN, RAYCHEM, SCHROFF and TRACER. About Zuken: Zuken is a global software company providing industry leading electrical and electronic design solutions. Founded in 1976, Zuken has a long track record of technology innovation and financial stability in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry. With a product portfolio of world-class design solutions spanning MBSE-based product definition and services to electrical and electronic design solutions to address the needs of a broad range of industries across the globe. These design solutions provide our customers with improved productivity and efficiencies in this highly competitive landscape.

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Dassault Systèmes and Samsung Heavy Industries Cooperate to Establish a Smart Digital Shipyard

DASSAULT SYSTEMES | November 29, 2022

Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: FR0014003TT8, DSY.PA) (Paris:DSY) today announced the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with Samsung Heavy Industries, a global leader in the high-tech shipbuilding sector, to create a “smart yard” based on new digital transformation technology with the aim to establish a fully digital shipyard and a competitive edge. The smart yard is designed to optimize the shipyard operations’ scheduling and execution as well as streamline and automate the flow of information required for construction, to accelerate production and assembly operations. Samsung Heavy Industries can better meet the booming demand for liquefied natural gas carriers by improving its capacity to produce them and shortening their delivery time. By introducing model-based systems engineering, Samsung Heavy Industries can design more sophisticated and sustainable vessels requiring more automation, new systems and propulsions, and higher safety and control. MBSE, which is already a standard product development method in the transportation and mobility, aerospace, and high-tech industries, will enable Samsung Heavy Industries to strengthen its competitiveness in the ship development process and accelerate this process thanks to full traceability from concept to production. “Automation systems are proven to greatly affect business efficiency across all industries. A smart yard in the shipbuilding industry will also help reduce construction costs and improve the quality of ships, We plan to accelerate innovation in shipbuilding.” -Jung Nam Lee, DT Director, Samsung Heavy Industries. The cooperation with the Smart SHI team of Samsung Heavy Industries will allow Dassault Systèmes to organize a consultative group for digital transformation to define and validate new processes and tools required to achieve the smart yard. This will involve Dassault Systèmes’ core technologies and experts from its local office and global headquarters. Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform-based smart yard will support a unique digital thread integrating various data sources and real-time operations information. Connecting the virtual twins of ships and the virtual twin of the shipyard, automating and standardizing business processes with artificial intelligence, and optimizing planning and operations within the shipyard and with the supply chain will enable smart innovations for both production methods and production execution. “It is essential for Korea’s shipbuilding to accelerate its transformation with new and advanced technologies that allow it to keep its leadership in productivity and quality for complex vessels, and we are proud to support SHI in this journey, Through our cooperation with Samsung Heavy Industries, we’re given an opportunity to introduce and implement our outstanding marine industry solution experiences, and achieve a new paradigm in the shipbuilding industry in Korea.” -François-Xavier Dumez, Vice President, Marine & Offshore Industry, Dassault Systèmes. ABOUT DASSAULT SYSTÈMES: Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, is a catalyst for human progress. We provide business and people with collaborative 3D virtual environments to imagine sustainable innovations. By creating virtual twin experiences of the real world with our 3DEXPERIENCE platform and applications, our customers push the boundaries of innovation, learning and production to achieve a more sustainable world for patients, citizens, and consumers. Dassault Systèmes brings value to more than 300,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 140 countries.

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Vita Industrial completes Strategic Business Combination with NIT Alaska to offer comprehensive industrial training

Vita Inclinata | October 11, 2022

Vita Industrial has announced a Strategic Business Combination with NIT Alaska, furthering its mission of becoming a leading provider of technology, servicing, and training for the lifting industry. As the state’s leading resource for vocational training, NIT Alaska’s strong focus on the construction industry will aid Vita in promoting the effective use of its lifting system as a key means of preventing injuries and saving lives on jobsites, in addition to providing means to upskill and reskill operators through education and training services. “We are proud to pair our training services with such a forward-thinking company, Vita Industrial’s ambition of eliminating taglines to create a safer lifting environment will require an emphasis on training and re-education. We look forward to expanding our training services to meet their mission.” -Joey Crum, CEO, NIT Alaska. Vita’s vision with this Strategic Business Combination is focused on three main phases: online training and certification, live training and certification, and the development of new training and additional continuing education courses for the industry. Online courses will cover practical rigging, signaling, data record management, and OSHA certifications. Live and in-person Rigger and Crane certification training will be offered from Alaska and a crane yard close to Vita’s headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado. Future class offerings will focus on emerging technologies, including telematics, IoT, predictive maintenance, and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Recertifications will be Vita-controlled, with current and future customers associating the Vita name with education in addition to innovation. “Our mission is to be recognized as a comprehensive lifting partner. Providing the finest instruction from one of the most respected training locations in the country is another big step towards that goal, This combination will enable Vita to train the future of crane operators and riggers within the United States.” -Caleb Carr, Chairman and CEO of Vita Inclinata. With this Strategic Business Combination, Vita Industrial is now spearheading the industrial modernization of the lifting industry, providing a complete construction training program to previous, current, and future customers. As the crane industry continues to grow and put new technologies to use, Vita is committed to providing crane operators with the proper training to match new capabilities, retain their workforce, and achieve operational excellence. About Vita Inclinata: A friend’s death during a rescue operation—with a helicopter close but unable to stabilize due to weather and terrain—was the genesis of Vita Inclinata. Founded in 2015 as a way to solve a real problem, Vita today controls chaotic swinging and spin and adds safety and precision for rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft and cranes. With the mission of “Bring them home, every time,” Vita’s technology changes the narrative while saving lives, time, and money across industries, including search and rescue, military, firefighting, public safety, construction, wind energy, and oil and gas. The company is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, with offices in Washington, DC, and Huntsville, Alabama.

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