Restoration Builders Adds Hubert Bourque to its ESG and Technology Group

Restoration Builders | August 30, 2021

Restoration Builders, Inc. announced today that it has added Hubert Bourque to its ESG and Technology Group. He will guide the design, operations, and environmental performance of technologies that align with the company's sustainability and environmental policies.

Hubert Bourque is the Founder of XWM Services, Inc., a Montreal, Canada-based waste management, environmental compliance, and renewable energy consulting firm. The company provides advisory services on waste processing and disposal facility planning, development, and control, focusing on integrating recycling principles and energy recovery from organic materials. He is a recognized expert in the field, with a record of building solid relationships with government agencies and environmental groups.

Mr. Bourque brings over 40 years of experience in waste management, environmental compliance, and renewable energy industries. He served as Vice President, Quebec Operations at Waste Management, administering the $125 Million operational entity encompassing three transfer stations, two recycling operations, three major landfills, one dry waste disposal site, and a 450-truck fleet. He represented the company at Parliamentary commissions, public hearings, and consultations. In addition, he served as the liaison to local and provincial elected officials. A strong advocate of sustainable and renewable technologies, he has led several major renewable energy projects. This includes a 1 billion cubic feet per year landfill methane project for an international paper products manufacturer with approximately $4 billion in annual revenue.

In addition, he served as Chief Compliance Officer at USA Waste Services in Dallas, TX, before its merger with Waste Management. He developed and implemented environmental compliance programs for seven landfills in multiple states. He oversaw the preparation of environmental due diligence assessments to acquire landfills, transfer stations, and recycling facilities. Mr. Bourque also served as the Founding President of the Canada Landfill Gas Industry Alliance and was the past Chairman of the Board for ECO Canada (Environmental Careers Organization of Canada). He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Civil Engineering and completed Environmental Engineering post-graduate coursework at the University of Alberta.

"I am deeply honored to extend a warm welcome to Hubert on behalf of the ESG and Technology Group," said John Lorenz, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer. "I have the highest regard and respect for him since our days together at Waste Management. His core competency is evaluating systems that convert wastes into renewable and sustainable energies, which fits perfectly with Restoration Builder's initiatives on ESG. His knowledge and experience will help accelerate our efforts to deliver the Smart Healthy to our customers."

About Restoration Builders
It was formed in 2017 and is now the premier exterior building material services company providing roofing, siding, windows, and gutters to residential and commercial customers in 32 states. Restoration Builders has and continues to disrupt, innovate and transform the sector. Restoration Builders is bringing to you and your family "The Smart Healthy Home."


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WPI is a national leader in robotics education. WPI was the first university in the nation to offer a bachelor's degree, master's degree, and PhD in robotics engineering. The program provides a hands-on, project-based curriculum to tomorrow's robotics engineers. WPI's interdisciplinary approach incorporates mechanical engineering, computer science, and electrical and computer engineering -- as well as the liberal arts -- in order to provide the knowledge and experience increasingly required by robotics engineers.

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PennEngineering Announces Global Expansion in Japan

PennEngineering | October 13, 2021

PennEngineering®, the market leader in fastening solutions, announced it has expanded its global presence, launching its first PEM location in Tokyo, Japan. The expansion reflects PennEngineering®’s commitment to the region, and its focus on providing direct access to PEM® and Haeger® products and local resources, including advanced engineering and product support. In 2019, PennEngineering® acquired Tokyo-based Eurotec Ltd., a specialty technical reseller of clinch and sheet metal fasteners and fastener installation systems. Eurotec Ltd. has transitioned to PEM® and continues to support the Company’s growth initiatives in the automotive, automotive electronics, consumer electronics and sheet metal fabrication markets. “As a result of the growth in the industries we serve, many with headquarters in Japan, it is important for us to strengthen our relationships and establish a permanent presence in the region. This will enable us to collaborate directly with our Japanese customers and offer the capabilities they’re looking for in a global fastening solutions partner,” -Leonard Kiely, CEO of PennEngineering. With PEM’s expansion in Japan, PennEngineering®’s global footprint now includes facilities in 17 locations around the world, including locations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. About PennEngineering Since 1942, PennEngineering has enjoyed a sustained reputation as the global leader in the fastening industry. The company's leading brand, PEM® and microPEM® fasteners, are considered the premier product in the thin sheet fastening industry, while 6 additional respected brands support our expansive capabilities: Haeger® hardware insertion machines; PROFIL® specialty automotive fasteners; ATLAS® brand rivet nuts; PennAuto™ high-strength fastener solutions; SI® brand inserts and Heyco® molded and stamped products.PennEngineering's steadfast commitment to engineering expertise and global innovation ensures that we continue to grow our portfolio with technologies and solutions that allow our customers to not only keep pace with marketplace challenges – but exceed them.

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Audubon Engineering Company Awarded LNG Interconnect Contract in Louisiana

Audubon Engineering Company LP | February 24, 2022

Audubon Engineering Company LP has been awarded a contract to provide engineering and construction management services for a major greenfield liquefied natural gas (LNG) interconnect on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), this pipeline project will move between 1.5 and 2.0 Bcf/d of gas to serve as the main supply of an LNG export facility.udubon, a global leader in the design, construction, and delivery of LNG production solutions, successfully completed the front-end engineering in 2021. Under this new contract, Audubon will provide detailed engineering and design of a transmission pipeline and associated infrastructure to provide gas for a major LNG facility. Backed by our integrated offshore and pipeline teams, Audubon is leading the project from our Louisiana and Texas offices in collaboration with FERC, a major LNG export company, and a major interstate gas transmission company. “We look forward to bringing our project execution capabilities and extensive LNG track record to this project. LNG is an important component of our energy transition strategy, and we are proud to leverage our expertise to support the operation.” -Dave Beck, managing partner at Audubon Engineering Company LLC Increasing demand for LNG According to American Press, LNG demand is expected to rise by up to 50% by 2030, and Southwest Louisiana is positioned to be a major supplier of this resource.* As the world accelerates low- and zero-carbon energy resources, Louisiana is seeing increased investment in LNG infrastructure to capitalize on its abundant natural gas supply. For more than two decades, Audubon has worked alongside our customers to make LNG production even more efficient and reliable. The Louisiana LNG project adds to our growing experience list for clients who are interested in maximizing ROI of this high-demand, low-carbon energy resource. Continuing our legacy in Louisiana This project builds on our deep roots in Louisiana. Our operational bases in Metairie, Mandeville, and Lafayette have provided customers with local support and global LNG expertise for years. Some of our past LNG projects in the state include engineering services for an LNG facility, a transmission compressor station project in South Louisiana, and a greenfield LNG production facility in Port Allen. We’re also is pleased to have made Louisiana State University’s ROARING 10 list in 2021 and for ranking #11 in the ENR Texas & Louisiana Top Design Firms list in 2020, which demonstrate our integral work in the Louisiana community. Looking to the future With the increase in infrastructure capabilities this project provides, in addition to the state’s strategic location on the Gulf Coast, Louisiana can expand its potential for additional investment. This project highlights the strength of LNG as a global resource for clean, efficient energy and will help increase Louisiana’s presence on the world stage. Audubon is honored to support this initiative, the state of Louisiana, and its role in helping to meet society’s long-term energy demands. * Source: American Press, “LNG export heavyweights: Cameron Parish has become a major world player,” 2021. About Audubon Engineering Company LLC Founded in 1997, Audubon Engineering Company LLC is a global provider of engineering, consulting, construction, fabrication, and technical services delivering sustainable solutions to the energy, power, infrastructure, and industrial markets. Together with our family of companies (Audubon Engineering Company LP, Audubon Field Solutions LLC, Audubon Industrial Solutions LLC, Audubon Inspection Solutions, Audubon Carbon, Audubon Construction, Opero Energy, Affinity Management Group LLC, and Armexa LLC), we deliver repeatable project success—safely, on schedule, and within budget. For more information, please visit

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TerraPower Unveiles Bechtel as Engineering, Construction Partner for Natrium™ Reactor and Energy System Demonstration Project

TerraPower | October 09, 2020

TerraPower today unveiled Bechtel as its plant design, licensing, procurement, and construction partner in a federal grant application to build a demonstration plant for the Natrium™ reactor and energy system architecture. Bechtel, the industry leader in nuclear plant engineering and construction since the 1950s, joins a team that also includes GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, PacifiCorp, Energy Northwest, and Duke Energy. The Natrium system features an advanced, cost-competitive sodium fast reactor along with an innovative molten salt energy storage system based on those used in solar thermal generation. The result is a design that is affordable and capable of adapting to changes in daily electricity demands driven by solar and wind energy fluctuations. The Natrium technology also separates nuclear and non-nuclear facilities and systems within the plant footprint, simplifying the licensing process and lowering construction costs. "Natrium fulfills the industry vision of what a true advanced reactor should be—safer, simpler, easier and less costly to construct, less expensive to operate, and able to provide energy that is competitive with fossil fuels and complementary to solar and wind power," said Barbara Rusinko, president of Bechtel's Nuclear, Security & Environmental global business unit. "The Natrium system evens out the peaks and valleys in production when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing, and it does so affordably with proven technology. We're honored to join the team." Breakthroughs in sodium fast reactor technology have allowed the Natrium reactor to safely operate at much higher temperatures and lower pressures than conventional nuclear reactors. The heat is used to generate steam for a turbine, like most power plants, but it also can be used for industrial processes or stored in molten salt. The system's gigawatt-hour-scale energy storage can also be optimized to meet the needs of specific markets.

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