Renesas Debuts Its Highest-performance Rz/T2m Motor Control MPU

Renesas Electronics Corporation | June 09, 2022

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a leading provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, unveiled the RZ/T2M motor control microprocessor units (MPUs) with the highest performance for applications such as AC servo drives and industrial robots. On a single chip, the RZ/T2M combines rapid and highly precise realtime motor control with the newest industrial Ethernet, as well as functional safety operation. Customers can reduce the number of external components in their BOMs and product sizes by using the RZ/T2M, which provides all important peripheral functions for motor control.

The RZ/T2M is made up of two Arm® Cortex®-R52 cores that operate at a maximum frequency of 800 MHz. The peripheral functions required for motor control are connected to a dedicated bus that is directly connected to the CPU, allowing the CPU to access these operations with minimal delay. Furthermore, the huge memory capacity (576 KB) is firmly associated with the CPU, eliminating the variance in execution time that can occur when cache memory is used and ensuring deterministic, rapid processing. These features enable the RZ/T2M to provide fast and precise control for high-performance applications such AC servos, inverters, and industrial robots.

Renesas has added support for the PROFINET IRT protocol to the RZ/T2M, in addition to important industrial networking protocols such as EtherCAT, PROFINET RT, and EtherNet/IP. The new MPU also has an Ethernet switch that supports the next-generation Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standard, which allows numerous devices to run in perfect synchrony.

In most cases, adding two external MCUs for safety monitoring increases BOM costs when developing industrial equipment that meets functional safety criteria. Because the RZ/T2M has a hardware configuration that is optimized for functional safety, just one external MCU is required to implement functional safety. In addition to motor control and network connection, the RZ/T2M may execute functional safety operations.

Renesas also plans to release functional safety solutions later this year, including a SIL3-certified software kit combination that includes a self-test software kit that allows the RZ/T2M to self-diagnose failures and a SIL3 system software kit for mutual diagnosis and software isolation functionality. The new RZ/T2M processors will be supported by IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm Functional Safety Edition, an integrated development environment approved for functional safety-related development and a necessary tool for implementing the above software.

Functional safety continues to be an important requirement for many of our customers. Companies choosing the new Renesas’ RZ/T2M in their next design can be sure that IAR Systems will support them with certified development tools and professional technical support globally, substantially reducing both design time and project cost.”

Anders Holmberg, CTO at IAR Systems


Technology is now fundamental to all enterprise strategies aimed at reducing costs, improving competitiveness and capturing new market opportunities. Robotics & Intelligent Operational Systems (RIOS) are the new vanguard of emerging technologies promising effectiveness, performance optimization, and cost-cutting by drastically transforming tasks and entire processes.


Technology is now fundamental to all enterprise strategies aimed at reducing costs, improving competitiveness and capturing new market opportunities. Robotics & Intelligent Operational Systems (RIOS) are the new vanguard of emerging technologies promising effectiveness, performance optimization, and cost-cutting by drastically transforming tasks and entire processes.

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Foresite Technology Solutions Partners with Lilt to Break Down Language Barriers in the Construction Industry

Foresite | July 26, 2022

Foresite Technology Solutions, LLC, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) construction company, today announced a partnership with Lilt, the leading global experience platform, to integrate multilingual content into Foresite's platform for increased accessibility and improved Foresite user experience. With this new capability, Foresite seeks to eliminate the barriers that foreign language can have in communication-based safety issues in construction. A 2019 report from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages highlights the importance of multilingual capabilities in construction, reporting that 42% of construction industry employers rely heavily on employees for whom English is a second or third language. Foresite solves some of the biggest challenges builders and trade contractors face, including increasing productivity, safety, and efficiency at the jobsite, while supporting upskilling of the labor force with learning in the flow of work. With the integration of Lilt, Foresite incorporates cost-effective multilingual content to support its efforts to break down language barriers, an imperative software capability in the construction industry. "From the start, we envisioned Foresite as the open platform of choice, connecting strategic partners to drive innovation for our customers, Our partnership with Lilt highlights how we use leading technology partners, such as Lilt, to improve the construction industry labor force with multilingual upskilling content. This partnership represents the leading edge of our strategy to reimagine and re-equip the labor force and bring a range of partners to the Foresite ecosystem." -John Gillett, founder and CEO of Foresite. Lilt leverages experienced human linguists and its AI-powered platform to translate websites, product manuals, compliance materials, technical documentation, e-learning content, and more for their customers, providing end-to-end multilingual support. The Lilt platform utilizes AI and automation to maintain quality and keep margin of error to a minimum. "Foresite recognizes that the elimination of language barriers reduces risk, increases safety, and empowers employees, We started Lilt to increase access to opportunity for all, and we're inspired to join Foresite in this important work for the construction industry." -Spence Green, CEO of Lilt. Beyond the advanced Lilt technology, employing highly educated, experienced translators improves consistency in the Lilt product and services for their customers. Lilt works with diverse enterprise customers across the construction industry, translating content such as on-site construction e-learning content, supply chain visibility platform information, and app-based risk management product information, and it will bring this experience to bear in this new partnership with Foresite. About Foresite- Foresite is an innovative and transformative construction platform built on 25 years of intellectual property and industry knowledge. The platform provides intelligent gross margin management for field operations, serving builders, trade contractors, manufacturers, and insurers, in addition to unprecedented control over critical operational processes. Users access preconfigured content-based solutions such as workforce efficiency & productivity, job site logistics, project safety, quality control, and regulatory compliance, rapidly driving process optimization at the jobsite. About Lilt- Headquartered in San Francisco, Lilt is the leading global experience platform, enabling organizations to build and deliver multilingual experiences at scale across every step of the global customer journey through its translation technology and services. The Lilt Platform uses AI and automation to make the localization process faster, better, and simpler, bringing human-powered, technology-assisted translations to global enterprises. Lilt gives industry-leading organizations like Intel, ASICS, Emerson, UiPath, and Canva everything they need to scale their global experience programs and go-to-market faster. Lilt has additional global offices across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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Trimble Ventures Invests in Civ Robotics--A Construction Tech Startup Focused on Autonomous Surveying Solutions

Trimble | September 22, 2022

Trimble Ventures, Trimble's (NASDAQ: TRMB) corporate venture capital fund, announced today its investment in Civ Robotics, a San Francisco-based construction tech startup focusing on transforming surveying layout for civil engineering and infrastructure projects. This investment supports Trimble Ventures' mission to invest in early and growth-stage companies that are accelerating innovation, digital transformation and sustainability in the industries Trimble serves—such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation. The investment terms were not disclosed. The construction industry faces a variety of challenges including shortage of skilled workers, safety and productivity. Civ Robotics addresses these challenges with CivDot, a new autonomous surveying solution that empowers efficiency, productivity and safety on the job. CivDot is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) designed for civil engineering and infrastructure projects such as solar farms, roadways, data centers, power plants and more. Augmenting the surveyors work, CivDot marks thousands of coordinates per day precisely and efficiently, while delivering layouts faster than traditional methods. "We are focused on investing in companies that are seeking to address important challenges in markets that align with Trimble's mission of transforming the way the world works. Civ Robotics technology supports surveyors and field workers and helps remove the burden of repetitive and risky work, Civ Robotics uses Trimble's high-precision GNSS positioning technology and surveying software to improve productivity and increase safety. This is an exciting opportunity to help accelerate innovation in autonomy, surveying and construction." -Aviad Almagor, vice president, technology innovation at Trimble and technology advisor for Trimble Ventures. Trimble and our vision are in lockstep towards construction automation with a sharp focus on the highest standards of safety and quality, said Tom Yeshurun, co-founder and CEO, Civ Robotics, which announced its $5 million seed funding round this morning. Through Trimble's latest GNSS technology in our autonomous surveying products, our customers can benefit from an end-to-end workflow. About Civ Robotics: Civ Robotics is an autonomous surveying solution for civil engineering and infrastructure projects. The company's flagship product, CivDot, is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) which marks thousands of coordinates per day precisely and efficiently for large construction projects, while empowering workforces faced with labor shortages and subsequent delays. Through the press of a button and in a fraction of the time, Civ Robotics autonomous systems are revolutionizing projects, including solar farms, roadways, data centers, power plants, industrial development and large infrastructure. About Trimble Ventures: Launched in 2021, Trimble Ventures is a corporate venture capital fund focused on investing in early and growth-stage companies that align with Trimble's mission of transforming work in the agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation industries. The fund deploys strategic capital to accelerate the growth of innovative companies and partners that complement Trimble's products, technology platforms and support its customer's work. Trimble Ventures targets investing in companies with technologies and solutions related to hardware and software applications; artificial intelligence; augmented, virtual and mixed reality; autonomy and robotics; blockchain; the Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics; and sustainability. About Trimble: Trimble is an industrial technology company transforming the way the world works by delivering solutions that enable our customers to thrive. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics connect the digital and physical worlds to improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency and sustainability. From purpose-built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble is transforming industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation.

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Colliers acquires leading Australian engineering services firm

Colliers | August 08, 2022

Leading diversified professional services and investment management company, Colliers (NASDAQ, TSX: CIGI), announced today it has acquired a controlling interest in PEAKURBAN Pty Limited (“PEAKURBAN”), one of the fastest growing engineering companies in Australia. The PEAKURBAN senior leadership team will remain significant shareholders of the business under Colliers’ unique partnership model. The business will rebrand as “Colliers Engineering & Design” and integrate into Colliers’ existing Australian operations. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Founded in 2016, with more than 100 professionals operating from five offices in Australia, PEAKURBAN specializes in shaping communities with a focus on planning, due diligence, and engineering and design services for residential and mixed-use developments, civil infrastructure, water and wastewater, and industrial sectors. “Building on our continued success in the U.S., PEAKURBAN represents the first international acquisition for our Colliers Engineering & Design business, Our differentiated approach continues to attract best-in-class firms who value our unique partnership model and long-term growth horizon, and who wish to thrive within our decentralised model and enterprising culture.” -Elias Mulamoottil, Co-Chief Investment Officer of Colliers. The expansion of Colliers Engineering & Design into Australia will complement our existing Project Management and Strategic Advisory capability and enhance our service offerings to unlock opportunities and accelerate growth for our clients and people, said John Kenny, CEO Colliers Asia Pacific. PEAKURBAN’s values and culture align strongly with ours and we are delighted to welcome these talented professionals to our organisation. "Joining one of the most respected professional services organizations globally is an important step for us, Our reputation for developing commercially smart and practical engineering and planning solutions, combined with Colliers’ deep infrastructure, enterprising culture and impressive performance over many years, will help create the best outcomes for our clients and people.” -Brent Thomas, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PEAKURBAN. About Colliers: Colliers is a leading diversified professional services and investment management company. With operations in 62 countries, our 17,000 enterprising professionals work collaboratively to provide expert real estate and investment advice to clients. For more than 27 years, our experienced leadership with significant inside ownership has delivered compound annual investment returns of 20% for shareholders. With annual revenues of $4.3 billion and $77 billion of assets under management, Colliers maximizes the potential of property and real assets to accelerate the success of our clients, our investors and our people.

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