LandSouth Continues Long-Time Partnership with Developer by Breaking Ground on Presidium Park

LandSouth | December 22, 2021

LandSouth Construction, a Jacksonville, Fla.-based, award-winning general contractor, broke ground for the construction of Presidium Park, an upscale multifamily community in Jacksonville, Florida.

The developer for Presidium Park, Presidium, continues a long-time relationship between the two groups. The four-building complex will be located at 8181 AC Skinner Parkway in Jacksonville and is scheduled to be completed late 2023.

"It's great to continue our partnership with Presidium and we're excited to offer a beautiful, new development to the growing Jacksonville area,LandSouth and Presidium have come together several times to bring amazing multifamily communities to life. Presidium Park is the next to showcase both organizations' commitment to innovation and excellence."

-LandSouth President and CEO, James Pyle.

Louis Fegan is the LandSouth project manager for Presidium Park and Brad Chilton is the superintendent, continuing their successful partnership. Dwell Design Studio is the architecture firm for the development.

Presidium Park will be a 4-building, midrise, 5-story development featuring 33 different types of units. Future residents will have the choice of floor plans that range from 616 square feet to more than 1,703 square feet, both single and multi-bedroom. Presidium Park will offer residents a clubhouse, two-story amenity center, swimming pool with pavilion, car spa, and several high-end amenities. Presidium Park boasts proximity to area entertainment and restaurants, including St. Johns Town Center. In addition, Presidium Park is close to the University of North Florida.

"Jacksonville continues to grow at a remarkable rate and Presidium Park will provide more luxury housing for the people of Jacksonville,Presidium and LandSouth have a long history of bringing best-in-class communities to life and I'm thrilled to lead the way on Presidium Park."

-Louis Fegan, the LandSouth Project Manager.

LandSouth will employ its unique integrated construction approach to build Presidium Park. Service components work together to provide a seamless delivery system through proven procedures, systems, and technology.

LandSouth Construction, the Southeast's premier general contractor, specializing in multifamily, senior living, and mixed–use development, was named one of Engineering News Record's Top 400. Since 1998 LandSouth has transformed ideas into best–in–class communities. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. LandSouth has completed more than 25,000 multifamily units. For more information, call LandSouth Marketing Manager, Erica Zumstein, (904) 273-3182, Ext. 109 or visit

Founded in 2003, Presidium is a fully integrated real estate firm with an 18-year operating history and an existing portfolio totaling over $2 billion AUM. Presidium is committed to providing best-in-class housing for individuals of all income levels and creating great spaces that enhance people's lives. For more information about Presidium, visit


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Your localization partner is going to do a deep-dive into your business—so start by diving deep into theirs. Are they an industry-leader with 20 years of experience or a relative newcomer? Will they speak Samoan, Uzbek, or Swahili (and all your customers’ languages)? Can they deliver on-time and on-budget—every time? Ask how many languages they support. Find out whether their translator team comprises just linguists, or linguists and subject matter experts. Explore the backgrounds of their senior management team. Be nosey. Ask questions. Cyberstalk.

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Oracle Enhances Smart Construction Platform with New Analytics Capabilities

Oracle | July 20, 2022

Engineering and construction organizations struggle to unlock data across applications to effectively diagnose problems, predict risks, and inform future actions. To address this challenge, Oracle today announced Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Analytics. The new solution combines data from Oracle Smart Construction Platform applications to give owners and contractors a comprehensive understanding of performance throughout their operations. With this insight, organizations can quickly spot and correct issues and target ways to drive continuous improvement across project planning, construction, and asset operation. "You can't manage what you can't measure, The new Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Analytics offering combined with the Smart Construction Platform's predictive intelligence engine and common data environment, gives our customers a deeper, holistic understanding of their performance. Now they can build unique data strategies that drive competitive differentiation. This is how the construction industry will get to six sigma precision like its industrial and manufacturing counterparts." -Roz Buick, senior vice president of product, strategy, and marketing for Oracle Construction and Engineering. The Smart Construction Platform unites capabilities from Oracle engineering and construction applications and third-party solutions with a common data environment and user experience. With the platform, owners and contractors can more easily work together to improve decision-making at every level of their organizations. The new analytics solution and other platform enhancements were unveiled today at the Oracle Industry Lab in Deerfield, Illinois. We are increasingly focused on finding new and better ways to leverage our data to gain further insights into project performance and risk, said Brian Neal, project manager, Rudolph Libbe Inc. Connecting and blending data for analysis will provide the broadest and deepest view into our operations, helping us to understand trends across our business and identify ways to keep improving how we deliver projects for our customers. Smart Construction Platform: Unifying people, processes, and data: The Smart Construction Platform brings together the core applications, processes, and data that owners and contractors need to work together across project and asset lifecycles. These include portfolio planning, bid/tender processes, contracts, schedules, project documents and building information model (BIM) collaboration, field tasks, costs, and payments. With the new unified experience, common data environment, and cross-application interoperability, users can easily move between applications and data sets while working within a single project. By synchronizing activities, resources, and data as each project and asset progresses, the platform helps ensure teams across disciplines are always working toward the same goal, with the same information. For instance, the platform's scheduling and project management capabilities synchronize planning and worksite teams around a master plan, giving both visibility into a unified schedule and the task data needed to do the right work in the right place at the right time. So, if an HVAC installation should change because of a supply chain issue, the project manager will automatically receive the updated schedule information and can coordinate any needed adjustments across all impacted teams. Likewise, the platform gives capital planners accurate, timely data on project forecasts so they can align with managers on budget requirements and adjust as strategic priorities change. For example, inflation doubles the costs of a required set of materials on a project. The project manager can push those new actuals and forecast up to the planner who can perform just-in-time changes to the portfolio, possibly pulling funds from a less important project, or putting a project on hold. And as the platform continually learns and gets smarter using machine learning technologies, it will take these past actions into consideration to flag potential risks and guide more informed decision making in the future. These are just a few of the many connected experiences the platform can deliver by: Providing up-to-date schedule data to project managers so they can keep teams aligned to planned delivery dates and other schedule requirements Uniting planning (CPM schedule) with worksite teams (task schedule) to minimize wasted time and resources Letting capital planning and project execution teams exchange budget and actual cost data, enabling both teams to confidently adjust as work progresses Automatically storing completed bid/tender packages as well as approved invoices and other payment materials in organizations' document registers Giving all stakeholders visibility to collectively track progress, identify and mitigate risks, and efficiently manage change across the entire supply chain "Oracle has helped us improve coordination, visibility, and control during project development, The ability to further connect our teams, processes, and data across applications and all project phases will increase efficiency while providing our people with the information needed to readily manage change as we work to deliver critical energy assets." -Weronika Nowak, document control and IT manager for Mayflower Wind. About Oracle Construction and Engineering: Asset owners and project delivery teams rely on Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions for the visibility and control, connected supply chain, and data security needed to drive performance and mitigate risk across their processes, projects, and organization. Our scalable cloud construction management software solutions enable digital transformation for teams that plan, build, and operate critical assets, improving efficiency, collaboration, and change control across the project lifecycle.

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From Design to Testing, NI's Datastudio Software Breaks Down Silos

NI | May 31, 2022

NI recently announced the launch of DataStudio. This new design-to-test analytics software lays the groundwork for modern, secure, and scalable engineering data infrastructure and applications. This lets wireless, semiconductor, and electronics innovation move faster. DataStudio software connects crucial data across the semiconductor design and test workflow, allowing for faster product development. Specification Compliance Manager (SCM) is the first tool in the DataStudio series. It handles device specifications, links to measurement data sources, and automatically creates compliance reports. DataStudio SCM gives a full view of the device's conformity to target standards, allowing for better decision-making and reporting, as well as leveraging data that is frequently lost across design, validation, and production test silos. Engineers obtain clear and actionable insights to boost productivity and reduce the human effort necessary during chip development by setting the groundwork with a complete data infrastructure. In addition, the DataStudio Bench Data Connector (BDC) validation bench test library is also available. The BDC library creates a standard way to store validation data that works automatically with the DataStudio SCM. This makes it easy to add bench measurement data to tools for reporting compliance. “The last several decades have focused on design and test automation, which generates a large volume of data. Our customers want to leverage this data to enable better project visibility and decision-making. We’re at a tipping point. The volume of data and the pressure to use that data is immense, and our customers are looking for solutions to work across the whole flow now.” Ritu Favre, vice president and general manager of the Semiconductor and Electronics Business Unit at NI Engineers' needs are at the center of DataStudio's modern, software-connected approach to designing and testing data. This latest tool from NI will aid engineers who are swiftly producing what's next, from product definition to verification, validation, and production testing, by combining NI's deep software background with new cloud and machine learning capabilities.

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Bowman Acquires Fabre Engineering, Inc. To Expand Its Gulf Coast Presence

Bowman Consulting Group Ltd. | June 07, 2022

Fabre Engineering, Inc. ("Fabre") has been acquired by Bowman Consulting Group Ltd. (the "Company" or "Bowman"). Fabre, a civil engineering and land surveying firm based in Pensacola, Florida, was founded in 1981 and serves a wide range of public and private clients in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Fabre specializes in water, stormwater, and wastewater solutions, airports, land use planning for private developers and municipal agencies, and broad-based geomatics and land surveying services under the guidance of Frank Fabre, the company's founder. Frank and the extended Fabre team have a long history on the Gulf Coast. Our southeast region will no doubt benefit from the addition of Fabre’s skilled workforce and diverse base of clients. We are all excited to welcome Fabre’s team of experienced professionals to Bowman and look forward to the cross-selling, service line augmentation, and collaboration opportunities that will result from this acquisition.” Gary Bowman, CEO of Bowman “There’s a significant amount of synergy between Fabre and Bowman,” said Frank Fabre founder, and president of Fabre. “We are looking forward to joining with an organization that shares our work ethic and commitment to quality. I am confident that we have found the right fit for our people and our clients, and I believe that our team will be able to contribute meaningfully to Bowman’s growth along the Gulf Coast and throughout the greater southeast.” The cash and seller financing were used to fund the acquisition, which the company anticipates to be immediately accretive. The Fabre acquisition is expected to generate around $1.5 million in annual net service billing at first.

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