Installed Building Products Announces the Acquisition of Central Aluminum Supply Corporation

IBP | April 20, 2022

Installed Building Products, Inc. an industry-leading installer of insulation and complementary building products, announced today the acquisition of Central Aluminum Supply Corporation and Central Aluminum Supply of North Jersey, LLC (“CAS”). Established in 2004, CAS is headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey and is a distributor of gutter supplies and accessories to residential, multifamily and commercial markets, primarily in existing or retrofit construction projects across the U.S. Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

“With approximately $45 million of annual distribution revenue, CAS has successfully grown its business independently and we support management’s continued effort to provide exceptional customer service while expanding into new markets, To date in 2022, we have acquired approximately $54 million of annual revenue. Acquisitions remain a key component of our growth strategy and we continue to have a robust pipeline of opportunities across multiple geographies, products, and end markets. On behalf of everyone at Installed Building Products, I would like to welcome CAS onto our team.”

Jeff Edwards, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

About Installed Building Products
Installed Building Products, Inc. is one of the nation's largest new residential insulation installers and is a diversified installer of complementary building products, including waterproofing, fire-stopping, fireproofing, garage doors, rain gutters, window blinds, shower doors, closet shelving and mirrors and other products for residential and commercial builders located in the continental United States. The Company manages all aspects of the installation process for its customers, from direct purchase and receipt of materials from national manufacturers to its timely supply of materials to job sites and quality installation. The Company offers its portfolio of services for new and existing single-family and multi-family residential and commercial building projects in all 48 continental states and the District of Columbia from its national network of over 210 branch locations.


Biomedical Engineering (BME) is one of the fastest growing fields that bridges the gap between Engineering and Medicine.This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tips about this field. We cover topics like Bioinstrumentation, Bioinformatics amongst others.


Biomedical Engineering (BME) is one of the fastest growing fields that bridges the gap between Engineering and Medicine.This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tips about this field. We cover topics like Bioinstrumentation, Bioinformatics amongst others.

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Hilti and Bentley Make It Easier for Construction Engineers to Design Workflow with Software Integration

Hilti | July 14, 2022

Hilti North America, a global leader providing innovative tools, technology, software, and services to the commercial construction industry has streamlined the base plate design workflow for PROFIS Engineering Suite users by integrating the cloud-based software with Bentley's RAM Structural System. The agreement with Bentley Systems, the infrastructure engineering software company, gives structural engineers and designers the ability to transfer designs quicker and more accurately between the two programs. PROFIS Engineering Suite, a user-friendly, cloud-based application helps handle the calculations and analysis of the different elements of a steel-to-concrete connection, including base plate and anchors, with easier iteration and thorough documentation. Now, RAM Structural System and PROFIS Engineering work together to streamline the workflow and help simplify the base plate anchor design process. Users can leverage the integration of RAM Structural System with the design power of PROFIS Engineering to easily import, design, and export anchor and base plate designs, while ensuring accuracy and maximum productivity. PROFIS Engineering can receive all the information needed to the baseplate and connection design in a few short clicks, helping reduce the need for manual data transfer. This method will save up to one hour per design by optimizing your workflow. "Our customers have requested integrations between their structural analysis software and PROFIS Engineering to increase user productivity while ensuring accuracy of their design, We are eager to align with an organization like Bentley that shares our values in providing solutions that move the industry forward. Integrated with RAM Structural System to deliver a seamless experience further enables our customers to simplify the entire anchor design process from start to finish, while delivering considerable time savings for each design. This is yet another example of Hilti listening to our users and providing additional value that benefits the customer's bottom line." -David Crawford, director of technical marketing and application solutions at Hilti North America. At Bentley, we are always looking for ways to increase our users' engineering productivity and accuracy, said Josh Taylor, senior director of structural product management at Bentley Systems. We are excited to give our RAM Structural System users the additional benefit of a seamless interface with Hilti PROFIS Engineering to improve accuracy and save time for their structural steel-to-concrete connection designs. Hilti customers can learn the benefits of using the RAM Structural System plugin for PROFIS Engineering by registering for the webinar Enhancing Design Productivity Through Software Integration. The webinar is presented in collaboration with Bentley Systems. About Hilti- Hilti is a world-leading provider of high quality, innovative and specialized tools, fastening systems and software-based solutions for the professional user. With more than 3,800 highly trained Hilti account managers, engineers, and Hilti employees throughout North America, Hilti's expertise covers the areas of powder actuated fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond coring and cutting, measuring, firestopping, screw fastening, adhesive and mechanical anchoring, strut and hanger systems, solutions for tool crib productivity as well as worker health and safety.

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Saulsbury Industries Expands, Opening an Engineering and Operations Hub in Houston, Texas

Saulsbury Industries | August 05, 2022

Saulsbury Industries, a full-service engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company, recently opened an engineering and operations hub in Houston, Texas. This location will support multiple Saulsbury business lines, including oil and gas, tanks/terminals, hydrocarbon processing, refining, renewables, and chemicals. Saulsbury, with over 55 years of experience, is a trusted provider of full EPC and construction-only solutions, as well as service offerings for stand-alone E&I and field services work. "We are very excited to be opening our Houston office, This decision reflects our commitment to both the city and the broader Gulf Coast region. Our Houston office will enhance our ability to reach new clients as well as employees as Saulsbury continues to expand our engineering and operations across a broad spectrum of industries." -Chat York, Saulsbury's President and Chief Executive Officer. Saulsbury will also offer supporting services for front-end engineering, AFE estimating and scoping support, as well as general maintenance and facility upgrade services. The company will use this location to expand its repeat-business model with clients through hands-on leadership, successful project results, and an industry-leading safety program. "This is the next step in our build-out plan for the Gulf Coast region, Our client base has significantly expanded in the area, and we are looking forward to continued growth as we expand the Saulsbury footprint. Houston has long been a tremendous recruiting ground, with a deep base of skilled engineers, technical experts, and experienced construction talent. Saulsbury is looking forward to establishing an even stronger presence in the Houston area, working with our clients to execute projects safely and at the highest level." -Jimmy Matthews, Saulsbury's Chief Operating Officer. About Saulsbury Industries: Saulsbury Industries is a full-service engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction company that specializes in building the infrastructure necessary to fuel the future. Saulsbury serves its clients in heavy industrial and renewables markets by designing and building safe, well executed, capital-efficient projects nationwide. Headquartered in Odessa, Texas, the company's national office footprint includes Houston, Port Arthur, Henderson, Abilene, Pecos, and Corpus Christi, TX; Carlsbad, NM; Tulsa, OK; and Bismarck, ND.

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Renesas Debuts Its Highest-performance Rz/T2m Motor Control MPU

Renesas Electronics Corporation | June 09, 2022

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a leading provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, unveiled the RZ/T2M motor control microprocessor units (MPUs) with the highest performance for applications such as AC servo drives and industrial robots. On a single chip, the RZ/T2M combines rapid and highly precise realtime motor control with the newest industrial Ethernet, as well as functional safety operation. Customers can reduce the number of external components in their BOMs and product sizes by using the RZ/T2M, which provides all important peripheral functions for motor control. The RZ/T2M is made up of two Arm® Cortex®-R52 cores that operate at a maximum frequency of 800 MHz. The peripheral functions required for motor control are connected to a dedicated bus that is directly connected to the CPU, allowing the CPU to access these operations with minimal delay. Furthermore, the huge memory capacity (576 KB) is firmly associated with the CPU, eliminating the variance in execution time that can occur when cache memory is used and ensuring deterministic, rapid processing. These features enable the RZ/T2M to provide fast and precise control for high-performance applications such AC servos, inverters, and industrial robots. Renesas has added support for the PROFINET IRT protocol to the RZ/T2M, in addition to important industrial networking protocols such as EtherCAT, PROFINET RT, and EtherNet/IP. The new MPU also has an Ethernet switch that supports the next-generation Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standard, which allows numerous devices to run in perfect synchrony. In most cases, adding two external MCUs for safety monitoring increases BOM costs when developing industrial equipment that meets functional safety criteria. Because the RZ/T2M has a hardware configuration that is optimized for functional safety, just one external MCU is required to implement functional safety. In addition to motor control and network connection, the RZ/T2M may execute functional safety operations. Renesas also plans to release functional safety solutions later this year, including a SIL3-certified software kit combination that includes a self-test software kit that allows the RZ/T2M to self-diagnose failures and a SIL3 system software kit for mutual diagnosis and software isolation functionality. The new RZ/T2M processors will be supported by IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm Functional Safety Edition, an integrated development environment approved for functional safety-related development and a necessary tool for implementing the above software. Functional safety continues to be an important requirement for many of our customers. Companies choosing the new Renesas’ RZ/T2M in their next design can be sure that IAR Systems will support them with certified development tools and professional technical support globally, substantially reducing both design time and project cost.” Anders Holmberg, CTO at IAR Systems

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