Infotech and HDR Work Together to Expand BIM Solutions for Civil Infrastructure Projects

Infotech | June 24, 2022

Infotech and HDR
Infotech, a leader in infrastructure construction software solutions, announced today a consulting collaboration with HDR to conduct an industry assessment of its current products and services in order to expand the company’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) offerings and its impact on digital delivery and advancing open data standards. As experts in the use of BIM and digital project delivery for transportation infrastructure, HDR will consult Infotech on the company’s strategic BIM for Infrastructure (BIMFi) plan.

Infotech has developed and improved e-Construction solutions that address each phase of the contract lifecycle for 40 years. These solutions automate construction contract processes from estimation to bidding to construction inspection and management in order to provide an open, collaborative environment for effective oversight of an organization’s construction portfolio. Infotech’s solutions, such as Appia® and Bid Express®, and its longstanding position as the official contractor for AASHTOWare Project™, position the company to help accelerate the adoption of BIM within the infrastructure industry.

“Infrastructure construction leaders are trying to connect their existing e-Construction solutions with their BIM strategy, and Infotech offers key points of connection between owners and their contractors to capture data that feeds into the BIM design. Understanding BIM and future industry expectations is critical for the success of civil infrastructure projects, and we are excited to collaborate with HDR to enhance our BIMFi strategy.”

-Chad Schafer, Infotech Vice President of Revenue.
HDR is a full-service engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services firm specializing in both horizontal and vertical infrastructure. In 2022, its transportation program was ranked in the Top 5 design firms in the United States by Engineering News-Record. As a leader in the application and integration of digital delivery methods, they specialize in engineering design, construction management, and data acquisition services. In addition, the firm offers advisory services for enterprise digital workflows to support lifecycle data strategies for managing transportation infrastructure. HDR is currently working with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), buildingSMART International (bSI), American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and American Roadway Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) to research, promote and advance digital delivery initiatives in the U.S. transportation industry. The firm is renowned for navigating the changing environment of BIM and digital delivery as well as leveraging enterprise data to advance infrastructure projects.

“There are tremendous opportunities in this industry to leverage digital data to inform decisions during the design, construction, operations and maintenance phases. We are strong advocates for open data standards to more efficiently connect the different business areas, which will make it easier to collaborate and provide digital information that can be used to improve the project delivery process from start to finish. Our collaboration with Infotech will help advance these processes.”

-Alexa Mitchell, HDR Transportation BIM Program Manager.
Infotech and HDR will work together to expand the use of BIM throughout project delivery of civil infrastructure projects by focusing on open data standards to support the asset lifecycle.

It is extremely common for data to be siloed across business areas both for the owner and the contractor. Now, when you talk about BIM and digital project delivery, it is all about collaboration and managing the full asset lifecycle. The United States is behind when it comes to open data standards, and together, we are two leaders in the industry focused on advancing the adoption of these best practices to help our industry move forward, faster.”

About Infotech
Info Tech, Inc., DBA Infotech (Infotech) is a leading SaaS solutions provider for the infrastructure construction industry. Informed by DOT relationships and decades of experience, Infotech develops software solutions that bridge the gaps between owners, consultants, contractors and other project stakeholders. Whether it be tools for construction administration and inspection or secure online bidding, Infotech’s solutions are built to increase transparency, productivity and insights through data management. Infotech is the developer of Appia®, Bid Express®, and Doc Express®, as well as the official contractor for AASHTOWare Project™. For more information, visit
About HDR
For over a century, HDR has partnered with clients to shape communities and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our expertise spans more than 11,000 employees in more than 200 locations around the world — and counting. Our engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services bring an impressive breadth of knowledge to every project. Our optimistic approach to finding innovative solutions defined our past and drives our future. For more information,


Materials engineers make a unique contribution – not just by making new materials, but also by improving what we already have. Here at Monash, our graduates and researchers are making things stronger, lighter, more functional, more sustainable and more cost-effective. Their contributions underpin all aspects of engineering, manufacturing and health sciences. Their research has an impact on academia, industry and the wider community.


Materials engineers make a unique contribution – not just by making new materials, but also by improving what we already have. Here at Monash, our graduates and researchers are making things stronger, lighter, more functional, more sustainable and more cost-effective. Their contributions underpin all aspects of engineering, manufacturing and health sciences. Their research has an impact on academia, industry and the wider community.

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AMP Robotics and Waste Connections Reach Recycling Technology Milestone

AMP Robotics® Corp. | July 05, 2022

AMP Robotics Corp. (“AMP”), a pioneer in AI, robotics, and infrastructure for the waste and recycling industry, has expanded its partnership with Waste Connections, Inc. (TSX/NYSE: WCN), its largest customer. Since late 2020, Waste Connections has booked or deployed 50 of AMP’s high-speed robotics systems on plastic, fiber, and residue lines, becoming the largest operator of AI-guided robotics in the industry. “It’s gratifying to reach this milestone with a leader in resource recovery like Waste Connections. We’ve worked tirelessly to deliver AI and robotics systems that modernize today’s recycling operations by increasing productivity, stabilizing costs, and improving the quality and value of recycled commodities, We remain committed to the continuous enhancement of our AI and automation solutions to stay ahead of industry challenges, exceed customer expectations, and support the industry’s sustainability and climate goals.” -Matanya Horowitz, founder and CEO of AMP Robotics. AMP’s technology identifies and recovers plastics, cardboard, paper, cans, cartons, and many other containers and packaging types reclaimed for raw material processing. For example, AMP recovers a portfolio of #1-#7 plastics in a variety of different form factors, colors, and opacities with high precision and purity. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) together account for a majority of recycled plastic demand, with growing interest in polypropylene (PP)—a highly recyclable polymer with high demand in food-safe applications and flexibility to accommodate packaging in a variety of shapes and sizes. The ability to precisely separate different plastics and other recyclables with AI-driven sorting is helping recyclers meet the soaring need for sufficient quantities of high-quality recycled content from brands and packaging producers. “We’re excited to expand our relationship with AMP, We’re impressed by the reliability of the robotics systems and the quality of the end product. We look forward to our continued partnership with AMP as we advance our sustainability initiatives.” -Dan Kurtz, director of recycling for Waste Connections. About AMP Robotics® Corp- AMP Robotics is modernizing the world’s recycling infrastructure by applying AI and automation to increase recycling rates and economically recover recyclables reclaimed as raw materials for the global supply chain. The AMP Cortex™ high-speed robotics system automates the identification and sorting of recyclables from mixed material streams. The AMP Neuron™ AI platform continuously trains itself by recognizing different colors, textures, shapes, sizes, patterns, and even brand labels to identify materials and their recyclability. Neuron then guides robots to pick and place the material to be recycled. Designed to run 24/7, all of this happens at superhuman speed with extremely high accuracy. AMP Clarity™ provides data and material characterization on what recyclables are captured and missed, helping recycling businesses and producers maximize recovery. With deployments across North America, Asia, and Europe, AMP’s technology recovers recyclables from municipal collection, precious commodities from electronic scrap, high-value materials from construction and demolition debris, and valuable feedstocks from organic material. About Waste Connections- Waste Connections is an integrated solid waste services company that provides non-hazardous waste collection, transfer and disposal services, along with resource recovery primarily through recycling and renewable fuels generation. Waste Connections serves more than eight million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in mostly exclusive and secondary markets across 44 states in the U.S. and six provinces in Canada. Waste Connections also provides non-hazardous oilfield waste treatment, recovery, and disposal services in several basins across the U.S., as well as intermodal services for the movement of cargo and solid waste containers in the Pacific Northwest. Waste Connections views its Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) efforts as integral to its business, with initiatives consistent with its objective of long-term value creation. The company’s long-term, aspirational ESG targets include the expansion of resource recovery through recyclable commodities.

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Fidelity Launches Portfolio Quick Check, Expanding Portfolio Construction Solutions for Advisors

Fidelity Institutional | May 18, 2022

Fidelity Institutional, the division of Fidelity Investments dedicated to providing technology, solutions and insights to wealth management firms and institutions, today announced the expansion of its suite of portfolio construction solutions with the launch of Fidelity Portfolio Quick Check (PQC). This free, fully digital tool builds upon the access Fidelity Institutional® offers its advisors, allowing them to now analyze and compare investment strategies in minutes to manage portfolios more efficiently. The launch is the latest example of Fidelity’s commitment to continually invest in technology and tools to meet the changing needs of client and customer needs. Through on-demand scenario planning and analysis of portfolio composition, performance, fees and risk, advisors can discover new opportunities to improve investment strategies and demonstrate the benefits of actively managing investments to their clients. PQC has been in pilot with 300 wealth management firms since the end of 2021 and is now available to all Fidelity Institutional clients. According to a recent Fidelity study on advisor investment decision-making, client risk tolerance (83%) and unique needs (74%) are the top determinants of an advisor’s portfolio construction strategyi. By providing a less time-intensive option than its manual counterparts, PQC helps advisors personalize experiences for investors. It can also help advisors navigate the challenges associated with today’s market environment by providing quick insights that help them make more informed decisions aligned to economic activity. “As advisors look to navigate the challenges created by headwinds in today’s global macro markets, our PQC offering allows them to instill an industrial portfolio construction framework that is scalable and personalized, We are drawing on Fidelity’s 75-plus-year history of money management and technology leadership to provide a tool that not only helps advisors improve their outcomes, but also frees up time for advisors to have more meaningful conversations with their clients on life goals and fulfillment.” Mayank Goradia, head of investment product and portfolio analytics for Fidelity Institutional PQC delivers a multi-level analysis on portfolio composition and performance attribution, packaged neatly as a customized report for investors. The analysis includes: Portfolio Observations, providing qualitative insights into improving a client’s and an advisor’s portfolio and alignment to robust Fidelity thought leadership for more details that can help guide client discussions Fixed Income Analysis, Fidelity’s proprietary evaluation of holdings-based data for uncovering hidden exposures, as well as opportunities across sectors, credit quality diversification and fixed income characteristics Equity Analysis, enabling portfolio comparisons to the 11 commonly recognized Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) sectors by style and market cap, as well as geography and equity characteristics Performance & Risk, evaluating 3- and 5-year performance statistics, comparing Sharpe ratio measures (risk-adjusted returns), observing market participation and reviewing the overall correlation between individual securities Historical Market Events, insulating portfolios from unnecessary risks by analyzing performance in hypothetical and previous market conditions Asset Allocation, seeing how assets compare to the benchmark an advisor sets for their client’s portfolio by region, asset class, management style and at the fund level. Portfolio Quick Check enhances Fidelity’s mission of bringing portfolio management to scale, expanding access, and creating more efficiency for advisors. It joins Fidelity’s suite of portfolio construction solutions, including one-on-one consultations and custom model analyses that advisors can request through their Fidelity wholesaler or relationship manager. About Fidelity Investments Fidelity’s mission is to inspire better futures and deliver better outcomes for the customers and businesses we serve. With assets under administration of $10.5 trillion, including discretionary assets of $4.0 trillion as of April 30, 2022, we focus on meeting the unique needs of a diverse set of customers. Privately held for over 75 years, Fidelity employs more than 58,000 associates who are focused on the long-term success of our customers.

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LINK | July 27, 2022

ERI Group, formerly Evergreen Research, a leader in end-to-end medical product design and development, quality assurance, regulatory affairs and contract manufacturing services, and LINK Product Development (LINK) an industrial design, engineering, and product design firm, announce that they have merged to strengthen their full-service product design and development offerings. The merger will create one of the most comprehensive medical, healthcare and wellness product development companies in the region, with an end-to-end suite of services from initial concept through moderate volume manufacturing that are unparalleled and genuinely provide a differentiated level of support for our clients. "This is an extremely exciting opportunity for ERI Group and LINK, and we are thrilled to extend our current working relationship with LINK and to bring their team's excellence and experience into the ERI Group, The merger of our two organizations and our investment in talent and technology will help us to better meet the growing needs of our clients, allowing us to add early development and industrial design capabilities to our existing depth of capability in mechanical, electrical, software and system engineering, quality, regulatory and manufacturing services. We are confident our newly formed partnership will have a positive impact on our clients, our teams and the delivery of innovative medical devices and health and wellness products to the marketplace." -Natasha Bond, president of ERI Group. As part of the merger, LINK founder, Marc Hanchak, and his team will become part of ERI Group. Marc will serve as Vice President of Product Development at ERI Group and continue to oversee industrial design, engineering, project management, and product design. The partnership between ERI Group and LINK will allow us to create a full-service company that is focused on innovation and is committed to delivering forward-thinking concepts to market, says Hanchak. LINK's mission to create products that improve people's lives matches the ERI philosophy of empowering visions for life-changing products. Our shared mission, parallel cultures, and commitment to our clients created the perfect opportunity to join our organizations into a stronger, integrated, and multidisciplinary firm focused on exciting advancements. About ERI Group- ERI Group provides development engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance and regulatory affairs services, spanning mechanical, electrical and software skill sets, for the next generation of health care, medical, laboratory and consumer wellness products and technologies. Focused on the advancement of health care at hospitals, acute care facilities, emergency rooms, first responder organizations, blood banks and in-home care since 1988, the company has empowered its customers to bring life-changing products to market. Clients of all sizes, from established corporations to early-stage companies, rely on ERI Group's expertise in all classes of medical devices and diagnostic instruments. Areas of specialty include fluidics and blood handling, embedded software and controls, advanced electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and design-for-manufacture, systems engineering and usability by design, integration of critical consensus standards for streamlined design approval and safety certifications, global regulatory approvals and more. ERI Group is situated west of Denver, Colorado, in Golden. About LINK- LINK is a Denver-based product development, industrial design, and engineering firm. LINK collaborates with entrepreneurs and businesses to bring new concepts to life through design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing and to create products that improve people's lives.

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