Industria Power Awarded Construction Contract for Eight Microgrids with the City of San Diego

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The City of San Diego via Gridscape Solutions awarded Industria Power a construction contract for eight microgrids, saving an estimated $6 million over 25 years in avoided energy costs. Construction is moving out of engineering into mobilization and is set to conclude in December 2022.

Industria Power is the general contractor for this multifaceted microgrid project. As the project developer, Gridscape Solutions was awarded a California Energy Commission (CEC) Advanced Emergency Microgrid grant.  Gridscape then brought in their long-time partner, Industria Power to complete the construction of the project. Shell New Energies US will be the asset owner and operator for 25 years.

"Industria Power and Gridscape Solutions continue to work together to develop and construct more than 18 Complex Solar Microgrids at multiple locations throughout California." 

-Ralph Ciarlanti III CEO & President of Industria Power.

The City of San Diego prioritized eight building sites, including three recreation centers, two fire stations, and three police stations. The facility microgrids include 930 kW of solar photovoltaic systems, 2175 MWh of battery storage, and multiple electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

The microgrids help the City to meet the goal of reducing electricity use by 25 percent of 2010 levels. This aligns with the City's 2015 Climate Action Plan to create a more sustainable San Diego by eliminating half of all greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in the city by 2035.

The eight microgrids bring resiliency to the city, enabling dynamic shifting of the facility's energy load by optimizing electricity consumption and demand in response to grid signals and energy pricing. Additionally, the standalone power grids allow the facility to island or isolate from the grid and continue to operate during grid outages, relying on power stored onsite.

About Industria Power-
With more than a decade of providing sustainable renewable energy solutions in California, Industria Power is a full-service commercial developer and general contractor in the C&I space. The company offers project development, design, engineering, procurement, and construction of renewable energy solutions including battery-based energy storage systems and microgrids. Successful projects in hospitality, municipalities, commercial and industrial, tribal lands, non-profits, and agriculture are represented in the company portfolio. Industria Power offers all types of financing. For more information, visit

About Gridscape-
Gridscape is a smart energy solutions company specializing in developing and deploying standards-compliant future-proof products and solutions for renewable energy microgrids and fleet EV charging systems. Gridscape's AI-based, software-driven, and 'Product Centric' approach to microgrids integrated with fleet EV charging solutions allows for lower cost of installation, drastically reduces energy costs, and provides seamless resilience against power outages. The company expects to deploy and operate over 35 microgrids in California over the next 12 months.



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