FARO's HoloBuilder™ Construction Progress Management Solution Gains Widespread Adoption

FARO's HoloBuilder news
FARO® Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: FARO), a global leader in 4D digital reality solutions, today formally recognized the #Enterprise agreement by GOLDBECK to deploy FARO's HoloBuilder Construction Progress Management solution enterprise-wide as indicative of the healthy market adoption of HoloBuilder following the company's acquisition by FARO in June of 2021, which enabled the industry's first end-to-end #DigitalReality solution. Utilizing 360° photo capture technology, HoloBuilder enables a quick, easy, and efficient way to manage project progress and capture large amounts of visual information that becomes instantly accessible from anywhere. Integrations with best-in-class 360° cameras and third-party software tools make the #ConstructionTechnology easy to adopt and implement across global construction teams.

GOLDBECK made the decision to roll out HoloBuilder organization-wide (i.e., Enterprise agreement) after utilizing the platform on major construction projects. With HoloBuilder, GOLDBECK's more than 10,000 employees benefit from digital solutions not only in the office but on the jobsite. Site managers use the platform to track and document construction work with precision, linking 360° photos of the site to the digital building plans, sorting them by location and time, and storing them securely in the cloud.

"We are thrilled that GOLDBECK made our enterprise solution available to their entire organization, As we celebrate the anniversary of joining forces with FARO, we've made remarkable progress toward empowering construction professionals with the solutions they need to increase project efficiency. GOLDBECK is a textbook example of a global firm realizing the full potential and competitive advantage of using both high-accuracy 3D laser scanning through FARO as well as real-time 2D 360° photo capture and remote collaboration with HoloBuilder."   

-said Brian Kelly, Vice President of HoloBuilder at FARO

"Digitalization utilizing HoloBuilder makes it much easier to document and manage construction progress whereby our site managers and everyone involved in planning can collect, evaluate, and work with the data better." 

-Sina Schliestedt, Teamlead BIM at GOLDBECK.

In the year since the FARO acquisition, HoloBuilder has continued to enhance its offerings, releasing significant new features including Premium Analytics, HoloBuilder API, and SnapShots. The extensive functionality of Premium Analytics empowers technology and operations leadership to benchmark projects, users, and usage on an enterprise level. The flexible API allows users to remove data silos by connecting HoloBuilder to internal tools to unleash the full potential of virtual jobsites. Shareable SnapShots allow users to select and share specific photos of a project with select stakeholders. The combination of these powerful new tools continues to drive strong industry demand for HoloBuilder.  

About FARO
FARO serves the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), O&M (Operations & Maintenance), 3D Metrology, and Public Safety Analytics markets. For over 40 years, FARO has been a pioneer in #RealityCapture, bridging the digital and physical worlds through data-driven reliable accuracy, precision, and immediacy, providing industry-leading technology solutions that enable customers to measure their world and use that data to make smarter decisions faster.



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