Construction Discovery Experts Expands Partnership with Reveal to Create Custom AI Models for Construction Litigation & Workflows

Construction Discovery NEws
Construction Discovery Experts (“CDE”), the eDiscovery firm custom built for the construction industry, and Reveal, the global provider of the leading AI-powered eDiscovery platform Reveal 11, announced today the significant expansion of the firms’ existing collaboration to supercharge CDE’s AI capabilities for construction eDiscovery and litigation. A first for the construction sector, CDE is working hand-in-hand with Reveal to employ custom layouts and workflows specifically for CDE’s construction clients.

”Although a necessary component in the litigation process, CDE understands that eDiscovery can be painful, expensive, and confusing for construction litigants and their outside counsel. We own the unavoidable eDiscovery process from start to finish so that our clients and their counsel can focus on winning. Reveal’s advanced technology helps us to serve this mission.”

-Brett Lamb, CEO of Construction Discovery Experts.

Reveal’s AI platform is uniquely equipped to handle complex and large-scale construction litigation matters using custom workflows and AI models that understand the unique nature of construction disputes. With Reveal’s customized layouts for particular data types relevant to construction project files, CDE is able to seamlessly and quickly uncover critical insights for their clients using more advanced tools and less resources than ever before.

CDE places an emphasis on tailor made solutions, rather than a one size fits all approach. Every matter for a client lays the groundwork for an ever-evolving playbook unique to each client including everything from portable AI models to custom workflows that can be leveraged across matters.

“The most exciting partners to work with are those who are masters of their domain and understand the unmatched innovation and value they’re bringing to that domain. The team at CDE are one of those partners – pioneering the use of advanced AI in the field of construction, A true collaborative venture, our work with CDE is already becoming an example of how organizations (and their customers) of any size, in any industry, and in any location, can not only benefit from the power of AI, but can also out smart its competition.”

-Wendell Jisa, founder & CEO of Reveal.

With the most adaptability and scalability of any tech solution on the market, the Reveal 11 AI platform is uniquely equipped to handle matters at any scale. Combined with the industry’s most advanced visualization tools on the market, clients can now quickly and more deeply understand their digital environments in ways traditional tools simply cannot replicate.

About Reveal:
Reveal provides world-class document review technology, underpinned by leading processing, visual analytics, and artificial intelligence, all seamlessly integrated into a single platform for eDiscovery and investigations. Our software combines technology and human guidance to transform structured and unstructured data into actionable insight. We help organizations, including law firms, corporations, government agencies, and intelligence services, uncover more useful information faster by providing a world-class user experience and patented AI technology that is embedded within every phase of the eDiscovery process.

About Construction Discovery Experts:
CDE is the construction industry’s go-to teammate for eDiscovery expertise in legal technology and efficiency. CDE hosts a team of experts that are skilled at delivering client-centered consulting services focused on three critical components: construction industry expertise, simple fee structure and concierge level service. CDE knows eDiscovery can be painful, expensive and confusing; we own the unavoidable so our clients can prevail.



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