CIOB calls for Covid-19 testing station on all major construction sites

Covid-19 testing stations would ensure any outbreaks are tracked and traced as quickly as possible, enabling construction to bounce back quickly and safely.

The CIOB’s proposal to integrate major British construction sites into the recently launched NHS Test and Trace system, to enable the regular testing of workers without risking further transmission of the virus, comes in the institute’s recent submission to a consultation on Covid-19 recovery by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee.

CIOB’s recommendation on embedded test centres is one of a number of measures proposed by the institute to help get the industry back on its feet as the country recovers from Covid-19. With over 86% of construction sites in England and Wales open, there is a significant opportunity to locate Covid-19 testing stations on – or in close proximity to – some of the UK’s major construction sites.



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