Chaos Engineering: A Necessity Rather than a Luxury

TechHQ | July 16, 2020

The phrase ‘chaos engineering’ has leftfield allure, but beneath the label, it’s simply about best practice.

A discipline pioneered at streaming giant Netflix, chaos engineering is “thoughtful planned experiments designed to reveal results to reveal weaknesses in our systems and in our teams and processes.”

That’s the definition lent by Kolton Andrus. He’s former Amazon and Netflix engineering stock, and now founder and CEO of Gremlin, a SaaS platform devoted to bringing chaos engineering principles to major league firms like Walmart, Under Armour, Siemens, and Twilio.

“In the beginning, people were going out and shutting down racks or cutting network cables – and one of those might have caused a side-effect outage,” Andrus said of his time on software builds in the e-commerce giant’s earlier days.


Software robotics has received a lot of attention in the last year. That includes from both popular press speculation about the impact on jobs and the analyst press discussing the potential impact on offshoring and outsourcing.


Software robotics has received a lot of attention in the last year. That includes from both popular press speculation about the impact on jobs and the analyst press discussing the potential impact on offshoring and outsourcing.

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Constructconnect | September 08, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a bite out of the construction industry, hampering and, in some cases, halting projects, but Quebec-based construction company EBC is proving a Cloud-based digital platform can help minimize the impact on day-to-day operations. “We’ve been ahead of the pack and COVID-19 has had less impact on our business due to our early adoption of Cloud technologies such as BIM 360 and its numerous versatile tools and modules,” Philippe De Guise, manager with BIM Corporate Services at EBC, told a webinar on how to improve construction workflows through digitized platforms hosted by Buildings Canada. As an example, De Guise said health check stations on one of its construction sites were saved in BIM 360, helping keep track of everyone onsite. “Down the line if we are audited, we have a clear track of whoever was on the jobsite and when they were there.” Prior to the pandemic, EBC set up a virtual design environment, allowing management and employees to use Cloud-based technology to improve communication and production.

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X-energy to work with Ontario Power Generation to advance the engineering and design work of the Xe-100 small modular reactor technology in Canada

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X-energy is pleased to work with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to further advance the engineering and design work of the Xe-100 small modular reactor (SMR) technology for use in Canada. In a release earlier today, the Ontario utility announced plans to "advance the design and engineering of grid-scale reactors," including X-energy's Xe-100. "It is a privilege to be working with OPG to advance the engineering work in Canada for our Xe-100 design," says Clay Sell, X-energy's CEO. "OPG has demonstrated incredible leadership in advancing reliable and affordable low-carbon power options." Ken Hartwick, OPG President and CEO said, "OPG is leveraging more than 50 years of nuclear experience to support the development of carbon-free nuclear technology." He also stated, "SMRs will play a key role in helping to re-invigorate Ontario's economy and further support the province and Canada as they work toward meeting their climate change targets of zero-emission electricity." The announcement follows a due diligence process by OPG in collaboration with other major energy utilities for SMR development in Ontario that would pave the way for the potential deployment of SMRs in other jurisdictions.

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Cyient Enhances Its Additive Manufacturing Solutions with Implementation of SLM 280 System in Florida

Cyient | September 29, 2021

Strengthening its Design-Led Manufacturing capabilities, Cyient, a global engineering, manufacturing, and digital technology solutions company has installed a new SLM®280 system following international support from SLM Solutions. It is integrated into the company's first metal additive manufacturing facility in Jupiter, Florida. With over 100+ specialized engineers in design optimization for additive manufacturing, Cyient looks to further enhance its rapid development capabilities critical for digital manufacturing solutions. "Cyient has successfully designed and manufactured metal additive components for some of its key customers—including the delivery of tooling components for a large aircraft engine manufacturer. Embracing digital transformation with additive manufacturing will allow faster innovation, design, and manufacture of more complex metal parts with quick turnaround time, new business models, and competitive advantage. The new SLM®280 enables us to offer manufactured components directly to our customers in aerospace, defense, medical, and energy. This is a key milestone on our road to becoming an end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions provider." -Rajendra Velagapudi, SVP, and Global Operation Head – Design Led Manufacturing, Cyient, Commenting on the partnership, Sam O'Leary, CEO, SLM Solutions, said, "SLM Solutions and Cyient share synergies across geographies and industries, which will allow us to take a global approach in supporting their growth. SLM Solutions has established expertise and customer base across aerospace, defense, medical, oil and gas, and energy, which are also critical sectors for Cyient. We actively consult and support from our Indian and US offices as Cyient integrates into strategic manufacturing supply chains worldwide. We are thrilled to work together as it grows its product offerings with selective laser melting." The SLM 280 selective laser melting system offers 80% higher build rates than competitive offerings. This is accomplished with high-energy, multi-laser optics, bi-directional powder re-coating, and a 25% larger build platform that ensures consistent and repeatable part quality and best-in-class productivity. The SLM®280 is nicknamed The Dual-laser Trailblazer due to its leading place in the additive industry and the value it offers for a wide range of applications and industries. About SLM Solutions SLM Solutions' robust selective laser melting metal additive manufacturing systems optimize fast, reliable, and cost-efficient production for complex, completely dense metal parts. The company focuses on long-term success, providing support and knowledge-sharing to elevate customer production. A publicly traded company, SLM Solutions Group AG is headquartered in Germany with offices worldwide. About Cyient Cyient is a leading global engineering, manufacturing, and digital technology solutions company. We are a Design, Build, and Maintain partner for leading organizations worldwide. We enable our customers across industries to apply technologies imaginatively to solve problems that matter and stay ahead of the curve. We are committed to designing tomorrow together with our stakeholders and being a culturally inclusive, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable organization.

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