Chaos Engineering: A Necessity Rather than a Luxury

TechHQ | July 16, 2020

The phrase ‘chaos engineering’ has leftfield allure, but beneath the label, it’s simply about best practice.

A discipline pioneered at streaming giant Netflix, chaos engineering is “thoughtful planned experiments designed to reveal results to reveal weaknesses in our systems and in our teams and processes.”

That’s the definition lent by Kolton Andrus. He’s former Amazon and Netflix engineering stock, and now founder and CEO of Gremlin, a SaaS platform devoted to bringing chaos engineering principles to major league firms like Walmart, Under Armour, Siemens, and Twilio.

“In the beginning, people were going out and shutting down racks or cutting network cables – and one of those might have caused a side-effect outage,” Andrus said of his time on software builds in the e-commerce giant’s earlier days.



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STACK Construction Technologies Leads the Industry in Security

STACK Construction Technologies | March 20, 2023

STACK Construction Technologies is leading the pack when it comes to implementing robust security protocols. As measured by SecurityScorecard, STACK's ranking of 97/100 delivers an A grade to its state-of-the-art network security, DNS health, IP reputation, social engineering, and more. In comparison to competitors and other Construction Tech leaders, like Autodesk (81/100) and Procore (94/100), respectively, STACK is proud to be raising the bar and setting a new standard. "At STACK, we strive to nurture a culture of security awareness, ensuring that every employee understands their role and the importance of safeguarding our systems and customer data," said Robert Vazquez, STACK's Chief Information and Security Officer. "We believe that independent and transparent evaluation is crucial to maintaining the highest standards of security and building trust with our customers. That's why we regularly engage independent third parties to conduct thorough evaluations of our security practices and provide valuable insights to help us continuously improve our security posture." This remarkable dedication to data security comes at a time when the average cost of a data breach for small business is estimated at $2.98 million, and 65,000 vulnerabilities were discovered in small businesses in 2022, up 21% from the previous year. As an industry that's been slow to adopt newer technologies, construction can be a prime target. That's why STACK is leading the way and has established a comprehensive system of robust data security protocols to mitigate risk. The company has expanded its SOC 2 compliance from construction to preconstruction solutions, ensuring security through a rigorous auditing process. STACK also implements Auth0 single sign-on (SSO), user management, and identity analytics, further protecting user data. Its best-in-class engineering teams, HR, workforce enablement, and leadership are the backbone to its data security success. STACK also provides ongoing training and education to its employees to ensure they are aware of the latest threats and best practices for data security. About STACK Construction Technologies From project evaluation to completion, contractors use STACK's cloud-based software to help run their business and maximize their profits. Our preconstruction solutions enable fast and accurate takeoff and estimating, as well as providing a centralized hub where plans, specs, and other construction documents can be stored, evaluated, measured, and shared. Our construction solutions power real-time field and project collaboration by allowing teams to quickly and easily review, annotate, compare, and share plans, anywhere, from any device. STACK's superior collaboration tools ultimately improve project outcomes and profitability for contractors.

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InEight’s Innovations Enable Unmatched Construction Visibility

Businesswire | April 28, 2023

InEight Inc., a global leader in construction capital project management software, has announced new innovations that further realize its strategy of connecting 16 essential project controls business processes on a single, integrated platform. The new capabilities provide visibility across all construction project phases with live, “self-service” dashboards spanning scope, cost and schedule, providing the data foundation for AI to learn from past projects. A comprehensive construction management platform, instilled with extensive construction industry expertise, is increasingly viewed as a superior alternative to multiple point solutions loosely strung together into a web of technologies that are difficult to maintain. By connecting end-to-end business processes from estimating to budgeting, from contract management to change management, and from document control to turn-over, owners, contractors and engineers can deliver smart capital projects that swiftly react to changes, with unprecedented collaboration and visibility across stakeholders. The new innovations include a significant expansion of InEight Explore – live digital dashboards that provide full-spectrum visibility into project progress, costs and schedules, and changes and risks across entire projects and portfolios. Because the InEight dashboards are powered by embedded Microsoft Power BI, teams can easily define their own project-specific KPIs, metrics and dashboards, with no database or programming knowledge required. This unique, self-service approach to dashboards and project analytics is a key ingredient in the elevated visibility and collaboration enabled through the InEight platform. This window into current project information also extends to completed projects, providing new opportunities to benchmark and validate project plans using historical data. Indeed, InEight’s connected data approach lays the foundation for construction organizations to create an immensely valuable knowledge library that can be used to “train” AI models to augment human intelligence. InEight can already use AI to create new project schedules and make suggestions, with future uses of AI planned for numerous workflows cutting across scope, cost, and schedule. Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer at InEight, said: “We’re seeing greater pressure on capital project budgets and timelines, and that’s leading to an increasing need for more accurate, risk adjusted project plans, and more efficient performance. InEight is heavily invested in solving these challenges, with a connected project controls platform that removes friction from workflows, and helps all stakeholders see the bigger picture to drive more predictable project outcomes.” About InEight InEight provides field-tested project management software for the owners, contractors, engineers and designers who are building the world around us. Over 575,000 users and more than 850 customers worldwide rely on InEight for real-time insights that help manage risk and keep projects on schedule and under budget across the entire life cycle. From pre-planning to design, from estimating to scheduling, and from field execution to turnover, InEight has powered more than $1 trillion in projects globally across infrastructure, public sector, energy and power, oil, gas and chemical, mining, and commercial. For more information, follow InEight on LinkedIn or visit

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Sensera Systems and Procore Announce Integration Advancement in Partnership

Procore | March 13, 2023

With the release of SiteCloud Embedded, Sensera Systems, a leader in all-in-one compact solar cameras and job site intelligence, recently announced a strengthened partnership with Procore Technologies, an industry-leading provider of construction management software. The enhanced integration makes Sensera's advanced suite of SiteCloud apps and capabilities accessible. SiteCloud Media Exporter, launched in 2018, was Sensera’s first partner integration with Procore. With SiteCloud Embedded, users will save a lot of resources and time. Procore users can now access Sensera's complete SiteCloud platform from their dashboard. This includes managing and configuring real-time cameras, their powerful SiteCloud Analytics suite, and live streaming. View, monitor, and share real-time site data to find actionable insights and make workflows easier. Carrie Hunter, Vice President Business Development of Sensera Systems stated, “We are thrilled with this latest integration advancement! This integration allows all of our Procore users to fully view their cameras (imagery and video) through the Procore dashboard. Now all your data is easily accessible in one place, so you can improve productivity, manage safety and mitigate risk with ease. This integration also includes SiteCloud Analytics which turns all your jobsite data into actionable insights, ultimately helping our customers execute with excellence!” (Source – CISION PRWeb) Kris Lengieza VP, Global Partnerships & Alliances remarked, "Another Procore Partner Win! Having full integration with Sensera Systems, allows Procore customers to see their project cameras from the Procore dashboard without having to navigate away; all your important data right at your fingertips! This connects your entire team on one platform and improves project execution exponentially!" (Source – CISION PRWeb) About Procore Procore, headquartered in Carpinteria (California) and having offices worldwide, is a company that makes software for managing construction projects. Their project platform connects the specialty contractor, general contractor and owner to solutions they've made for the construction industry. The App Marketplace on Procore has many partner solutions that work well with their platform. This lets construction professionals connect with what works best for them. By streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation, Procore helps firms make projects much more efficient and accountable. This real-time data and access to it reduces costls and delays, which increases profits ultimately.

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