California's Bobcat Company Brings Electric-powered Construction Equipment Innovations

Bobcat Company | May 27, 2022

Bobcat Company
Bobcat Company ("Bobcat"), a global leader in compact equipment innovation, recently demonstrated the capabilities of its battery-powered construction equipment lineup at a series of test drives and live demonstrations in Granada Hills and Stockton, California, near Los Angeles. The Bobcat T7X all-electric compact track loader and two electric compact excavators, the E32e and E10e, were highlighted on this one-of-a-kind tour. Each of these new models is a viable option to diesel equipment for government and private fleets trying to cut carbon emissions and noise levels on the jobsite.

Leaders from the California Air Resources Board, the City of Los Angeles, the Port of Los Angeles, Stanislaus County, and other government agencies, as well as Sunbelt Rentals, Bobcat dealers, and construction firms, attended the events. Attendees were able to test drive the machines, watch live demonstrations, and speak with the inventors behind the electric-powered off-road vehicles.

“These electric, off-road construction machines are a promising step in our aim to increase access to clean off-road equipment that produces near-zero emissions in California,” Ge further added, “The commercialization of cleaner off-road technologies shown at these events are exciting examples supporting the state’s transition to a clean energy economy.”

William Robertson, Ph.D., vehicle program specialist with the Mobile Source Control Division at the California Air Resources Board

Bobcat is the first company in the compact size range to market an all-electric construction machine. Sunbelt Rentals, a leading equipment rental firm with over 1,050 locations across North America, is the first to purchase a large fleet of T7X loaders and electric compact excavators. Beginning in July, Sunbelt Rental clients in California and other parts of the United States will be able to rent these pieces of equipment.

The all-electric Bobcat T7X compact track loader is the first of its kind, with no hydraulic components, fewer pollutants, and decreased vibrations. The T7X got two 2022 CES Innovation Awards in the categories of Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation and Smart Cities after its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2022. This was the first opportunity for the general public to try out the T7X since its debut at CES.

The new E32e and E10e battery-powered compact excavators have a compact footprint, silent operation, and zero emissions, and perform as well as or better than diesel-powered equipment. The electrical motors give full torque at any rpm, which allows for high productivity, smooth hydraulic control, and the ability to do more than one thing at any time without a noticeable loss of power.


Much has been said and written about new technologies and how rapidly the world in general - and the world of banking in particular - is changing because of them. Robotics and cognitive technologies are among those disruptive game-changers.


Much has been said and written about new technologies and how rapidly the world in general - and the world of banking in particular - is changing because of them. Robotics and cognitive technologies are among those disruptive game-changers.

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Petra Acquires Trenchless Tunneling Company Zilper to Enable Utility Undergrounding Through any Nightmare Geology

Petra | September 16, 2022

Petra, the first company capable of undergrounding critical utility infrastructure from difficult hard rock to soft ground geologies, announced the acquisition of Zilper Trenchless, a pioneer in the trenchless technology space. Zilper Trenchless machines uniquely install critical utility infrastructure through nightmare geologies such as flowing sands, cobbles, and high water table environments. The vast majority of the world’s electric, water, and sewer utilities were not designed to withstand the storms, extreme heat, and drought brought on by climate change and rapid population growth. Above-ground power lines have caused thousands of wildfires in drought prone areas and blackouts during hurricanes. In coastal areas, increased flooding and sea level rise cause sewage to leach into waterways. There is a growing demand by municipalities to expand underground utilities, but in many populated areas with hard and soft ground nightmare geologies, conventional technology has difficulty boring through flowing sand, high water table content, and cobbles. According to the Black & Veatch 2022 Water Report, the United States would need to increase its investment in water infrastructure by $2.2 trillion over the next 20 years, or roughly $109 billion per year to close the water industry’s current investment gap. “Changing ground conditions are the biggest risk in undergrounding,The world needs a more versatile tool that can de-risk undergrounding projects by boring through more geologies, especially nightmare geologies. Zilper has built trenchless products that can uniquely bore through some of the riskiest soft ground conditions on earth like flowing sands, dense clay, cobbles and water logged ground. The Zilper machine is innovative because it dramatically reduces the risk of excavating these nightmare geologies. The proprietary Zilper technology suite has successfully completed numerous trenchless tunnels where competing technologies have failed to deliver. Together, we’re building the future of trenchless tunneling.” -Kim Abrams CEO,Petra. The combined company, in an industry first, will be delivering a solution that de-risks the social, environmental, and economic costs of utility undergrounding in hard and soft soils. Zilper's trenchless technology has been used for sewage, transmission, and water projects. The versatility of the Zilper method enables it to work in extremely complicated conditions. For example, on a recently completed job to clean up waterways, Zilper installed a 16 inch metal casing beneath a river while encountering flowing sands with less than 5ft of cover, a feat unique to Petra capabilities. “The combination of Petra and Zilper brings together complementary teams and technologies, We’ve both been building methods to excavate problematic geologies in the underground industry. Combined, Zilper and Petra provide a complete undergrounding solution to construction and utility companies who need to de-risk undergrounding projects and bore through all geologies.” -Daniel Zillante, former CEO of Zilper and new COO of Petra. Petra will begin manufacturing Zilper’s technologies in the United States in September 2022 for introduction to the US and European Markets in early 2023. Zilper’s co-founders, Daniel Zillante and Robeto Zillante will join Petra’s leadership team as COO and CTO. Roberto will become Petra’s new CTO and brings over a decade of experience in the design, manufacturing, and utilization of trenchless machines. Daniel will join as Petra’s COO, bringing years of operational and strategic experience in the trenchless industry to Petra. Zilper and its founders have won over 15 awards and recognitions for their work, including the Best New Trenchless Equipment at the Latin America Conference of Trenchless Technology in 2019. About Petra: Petra safeguards communities with cutting-edge technology that bores through previously impenetrable geologies. Petra's Zilper platform is the first trenchless tunneling technology that de-risks undergrounding projects. Construction companies, municipalities, and utilities can now bury critical infrastructure at scale. About Zilper: From the halls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Zilper grew from 2 founders to 31 people in just three years. With more than 3,000 feet of pipeline installed, Zilper’s patented technology reached product-market fit in record-breaking time. More recently, the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) has included Zilper’s Assisted Dynamic Boring machine in their official guidelines, which has led to impressive traction in international markets.

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Black Buffalo 3D Announces Strategic Partnership with Presidio Advisors for 3D Construction Printing in the Middle East

Black Buffalo 3D Corporation | August 04, 2022

Black Buffalo 3D Corporation has announced a strategic partnership agreement with Presidio, granting Presidio Advisors distribution rights for Black Buffalo 3D's NEXCON 3D construction printers, structural inks and related equipment in the Middle East. This partnership strengthens the ability of Black Buffalo 3D to address growing global demand for its large-scale 3D construction equipment and materials. Black Buffalo 3D continues to establish itself as a leader in construction technology and materials science. Over the past few years, the company has developed large scale modular 3D construction printers and the world's first structural concrete "ink" designed to meet requirements for ICC-ES AC-509 testing. Black Buffalo 3D continues to innovate its equipment and materials to increase 3D printing adoption in the construction industry. The company's NEXCON printers are being sold currently, and partnerships such as this will accelerate adoption of this new technology globally. Presidio is focused on innovation in the real estate and construction sector, including leveraging technology, robotics and blockchain to modernize and scale the industry. Presidio supports rapid, lower cost construction and sustainable development. Their initial regional focus will be on the Saudi, Turkey, North Africa, UAE, and Egyptian markets. "Presidio brings with it a wealth of expertise in sales, distribution, and promotion of new technology in the Middle East. This agreement will allow us to better serve companies looking to move into 3D construction with local representation and support as we grow Black Buffalo 3D's global footprint." -Michael Woods, CEO/COO of Black Buffalo 3D. Presidio's Chief of Innovation Jourdan Younis states, The Middle East has a huge demand for efficient, low-cost sustainable housing development. Presidio's 15+ years of expertise in innovative sustainable construction and technical design in the region make Presidio and Black Buffalo ideal partners to further the global expansion of the company. We will meet this demand head-on with the rapid scaling and deployment of 3D construction printers and technology. About Black Buffalo 3D Corporation: Black Buffalo 3D Corporation is the PA based subsidiary of Big Sun Holdings Group, Inc.—with locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Black Buffalo 3D is poised to revolutionize construction and become the leading global provider of 3D construction printers (3DCP) from one to 3 stories, proprietary construction "ink" (Planitop 3D) and 3D print construction consulting services. NEXCON printers are now available for rent, lease, financing, and purchase globally. Print smart and sustainable infrastructure on-demand with Black Buffalo 3D NEXCON printers. About Presidio Advisors DWC, LLC: Presidio' Advisors' Venture Capital and Advisory teams give us the opportunity to work with people who mirror our commitment to transforming the Built Environment. Presidio is a leader in using and investing in companies that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and robotics to help revolutionize the way we think about buildings and sustainability. We do this by consulting for and partnering with highly promising companies that are changing their industries in the EMEA region. Presidio specializes in the CleanTech, PropTech and renewable energy sectors, and has a wealth of experience in supporting early-stage existing businesses and in facilitating the growth of pioneering projects.

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Bowman Consulting Group Expands into Marine Engineering through Acquisition of Anchor Consultants LLC

Bowman Consulting | August 30, 2022

Bowman Consulting Group Ltd. (the “Company” or “Bowman”) (NASDAQ: BWMN), today announced the purchase of Anchor Consultants LLC (“Anchor”). Headquartered in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, Anchor specializes in the planning, inspection, design, environmental permitting, dredging engineering, and construction management of waterfront infrastructure along coastal and inland waterways throughout North America. Under the leadership of Ahmad Nadeem, PE, the company’s founder, Anchor’s experience ranges from industrial ports and harbors to urban waterfront development. On the industrial side, Anchor services facilities handling bulk materials and containerized freight. On the urban side, Anchor services commercial and mixed-use waterfront developments, ferry terminals, and recreational docks. Anchor has also worked on military port facilities and cruise terminals. “The acquisition of Anchor furthers our diversification initiative adding to our customer base that builds and maintains critical infrastructure, Ports and harbors are a critical component of the nation’s infrastructure and Anchor provides us with a solid platform from which to build our presence and market share in this growing space. Ahmad has built a great team of experienced marine engineers serving an impressive list of clients with a broad array of services. Their expertise in waterfront planning, design and engineering will enable us to provide these services to many of our current clients and gain immediate cross-selling opportunities for our client relationship managers.” -Gary Bowman, CEO of Bowman. Bowman’s vision for expanding Anchor's business was extremely compelling to us, said Ahmad Nadeem, founder of Anchor. Being part of a larger organization with more resources and a national footprint will no doubt facilitate accelerated growth for us. Bowman’s culture aligns with what we have worked so hard to build here at Anchor and that was a major factor in our decision to join with them. We are grateful for the trust that Gary and his team have placed in us to build Bowman’s ports and harbors and waterfront engineering practice. The Company expects the Anchor acquisition to initially contribute approximately $2.5 million of annualized net service billing and be immediately accretive. The transaction was financed with a combination of cash and notes including an unsecured seller note and a convertible seller note with an $18.00 per share conversion option. “Anchor is our fifth acquisition of 2022, bringing the total annualized net revenue we have acquired this year to just under $50 million, The Anchor acquisition, which was transacted well within our target multiple range, meets all objectives for operating metrics, revenue synergy and cross-selling opportunities. As is our practice, we will provide more detailed information on M&A activities, pipeline, and guidance in connection with our scheduled quarterly communications.” -Bruce Labovitz, Bowman’s CFO. About Anchor Consultants: Anchor Consultants, LLC provides engineering services related to waterfront facilities with primary focus on port facilities. The highly skilled engineers of Anchor have extensive experience in feasibility studies; cost estimation; planning; under and above water inspection & investigation; design; permitting; construction inspection & management; dredging; and claim and litigation support. Anchor uses state of the art technology for analysis and design projects. Anchor’s client list includes both public and private clients. Anchor’s engineers have planned, analyzed, permitted, and designed numerous waterfront facilities. Anchor has also engineered the dredging of port facilities including sediment sampling and testing, environmental permitting, securing AUD, and managing the dredging and disposal operations. About Bowman Consulting Group Ltd: Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Bowman is an engineering services firm delivering infrastructure solutions to customers who own, develop, and maintain the built environment. With over 1,700 employees and more than 65 offices throughout the United States, Bowman provides a variety of planning, engineering, construction management, commissioning, environmental consulting, geomatics, survey, land procurement and other technical services to customers operating in a diverse set of regulated end markets. Bowman trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol BWMN.

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