Autodesk Construction Cloud Global Focus Expands with Workflows that Support ISO 19650

Autodesk | June 03, 2021

Autodesk, Inc. today announced it had released a new series of workflows for Autodesk Construction Cloud that can help customers comply with ISO 19650, a global design and construction information management standard. These new workflows offer a robust set of tools to define a structured and standardized process for publishing, sharing, and storing project information. Global customers using Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate and Collaborate Pro, Autodesk Takeoff, and Autodesk Docs can now also choose to primarily store their project data in Europe – a common customer request for projects in the region.

Standardization across the construction industries allows teams to build more efficiently and create stronger collaboration among all project and company stakeholders. ISO 19650 was introduced to ensure firms meet specific requirements, including standard naming conventions often defined by each country, and calls for project data to be stored and managed in particular ways. The uniformity helps teams streamline processes, become more efficient, and create a safer, more secure, and more predictable approach to data governance.

New workflows to support ISO 19650

Designed and developed in close collaboration with Autodesk customers, new workflows within Autodesk Construction Cloud empower teams to efficiently configure, organize and distribute documents across the project lifecycle to support ISO 19650 requirements. Specifically, customers can:

Preview and enforce naming standards: teams can now create, manage and implement naming standards across project files to ensure all file names align with standardizations set forth by the project team. Document controllers can quickly start with a standard naming template to create and enforce the project naming standard.

Validate the naming standard: users can automate file uploads and ensure the files conform with a project's naming standard to assist teams in complying with ISO 19650.

Identify non-conforming files and place them in a Holding Area: when a mix of files are uploaded to a destination folder, some files may not conform to the enforced naming standard. The Holding Area allows files with conforming names to be uploaded and automatically moves non-conforming files to a Holding Area to continue the validation and upload process.

Increase efficiency with integrations: users can also leverage native naming standard integrations across Revit, AutoCAD, and Desktop Connector to enforce standards across project phases.

Regional project data storage in Europe

Autodesk customers using Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, BIM Collaborate Pro, Autodesk Takeoff, and Autodesk Docs can now choose to store their project data in Europe primarily. Customers often request both ISO 19650 compliance and data storage proximity on European projects. By providing customers with the option to primarily store project data in Europe and new workflows targeted at helping companies comply with ISO 19650 measures, Autodesk empowers construction teams throughout the world to stay competitive during the bidding process.

Autodesk Docs will be available as a standalone subscription.

Autodesk also announced today it would be releasing Autodesk Docs as a standalone purchase option within the next several weeks. Autodesk Docs is the centralized data management platform that underpins Autodesk Construction Cloud. Previously, Autodesk Docs was included with any subscription for Autodesk Construction Cloud and the AEC Collection. Teams will then be able to leverage the power of Autodesk's common data environment with Autodesk Docs as a standalone solution to create a single source of truth across the project lifecycle.

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When you examine the Wright Flyer, the first successful flight closely you will be amazed by the numerous ingenious technologies these high school dropouts developed 100 years ago. Their design was so complete that even the current modern aircraft use the same principles of flight. Let's explore the amazing engineering behind the Wright Flyer.


When you examine the Wright Flyer, the first successful flight closely you will be amazed by the numerous ingenious technologies these high school dropouts developed 100 years ago. Their design was so complete that even the current modern aircraft use the same principles of flight. Let's explore the amazing engineering behind the Wright Flyer.

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Japan-based construction tech company Log Build chooses Vonage to enhance customer experience

Vonage | August 20, 2022

Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, is enabling Japan-based construction tech company Log Build to seamlessly engage with its customers via high-quality live video calls that encourage collaboration on operations and services to enhance the customer experience. Log Build was founded with the aim of bringing to the world a service that enables truly necessary remote construction management. By integrating the Vonage Video API directly into the Log Build software, the company is able to connect with carpenters and other tradespeople via highly reliable, interactive live video calls, enabling them to reduce the time and expense associated with physical travel to the site. Log Build has established new forms of remote site visualization apps, such as video communication apps, that enable remote on-site inspections of construction sites (Log Meet); construction site progress and safety management apps using VR (virtual reality) software (Log Walk); and 24-hour site patrols by avatar robots (Log Kun). "I founded Log Build because even though technology has evolved, I saw from my own experience as a site manager and my position as the owner of a construction company that site management is stuck in analogue. I wanted to bring a service to the world that would realize truly necessary remote construction management." -Kenichi Nakabori, CEO of Log Build. When COVID-19 caused restrictions not only to the way the construction industry works, but also to the way people travel and communicate, we turned to Vonage to embed its Video API within our software to make it easy to connect with craftspeople and clients and enable high-quality remote site management of construction sites with innovative video solutions. Powered by the Vonage Video API, Log Build apps allow contractors and other customers to inspect construction sites remotely, from any location, on their preferred device, more smoothly, quickly and safely. The rise of remote working during and post pandemic has accelerated the adoption of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and VR solutions. In 2021, the global VR market size was valued at USD 21.83 billion and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15% from 2022 to 2030. Asia Pacific accounted for the largest revenue share of over 40% in 2021, which can be attributed to the growing improvements in VR technology.1 "The pandemic drove businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and rethink how they engaged with their customers. Post-COVID, businesses are not reverting to their old ways of offering services but increasing the use of digitalization and adoption of tools like artificial intelligence and video solutions to offer unique customer experiences, With the Vonage Communications Platform, we are happy to support innovative businesses like Log Build as they build the future of immersive engagement." -Amitha Pulijala, VP of Product, Platform Services, AI and Video, Vonage. The Vonage Communications Platform (VCP) has more than one million registered developers and offers a full suite of programmable voice, video, messaging, and email services to forward-thinking businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific market and worldwide. Through its partners, Vonage's platform is at the center of many notable transformational projects in the region, and a de facto for startups. About Vonage: Vonage, a global cloud communications leader, helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Vonage's Communications Platform is fully programmable and allows for the integration of Video, Voice, Chat, Messaging, AI and Verification into existing products, workflows and systems. The Vonage conversational commerce application enables businesses to create AI-powered omnichannel experiences that boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Vonage's fully programmable unified communications, contact center and conversational commerce applications are built from the Vonage platform and enable companies to transform how they communicate and operate from the office or remotely - providing the flexibility required to create meaningful engagements.

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OpenSpace Welcomes QBS Software to Partner Network, Widening Access to 360° Construction Site Capture Across Europe

OpenSpace | September 29, 2022

OpenSpace, the global leader in 360° jobsite capture and AI-powered analytics, shared that European software procurement platform QBS Software is joining its Partner Network. With more than 10,000 software publishers on its platform and expert customer service, QBS's reseller network will widen access to OpenSpace throughout the EMEA construction, banking, insurance, facilities management, and retail industries, improving onsite visibility and efficiency. With OpenSpace Capture, builders or site managers can fully document their jobsite while walking the site as they normally would with a mobile device or an off-the-shelf, consumer 360° camera that can be attached to their hardhat. Once the video is uploaded to the cloud, OpenSpace's computer vision technology stitches images together and pins all the images to the floor plan, creating a trusted visual record of site status. Powered by the company's Vision Engine, the site image map is typically ready to view in about 15 minutes after upload. In a survey of OpenSpace's community and customers, it was found that on average 67% of customers reported saving thousands of dollars on project costs, while 74% saved multiple hours per week. Through this partnership, QBS will be able to expand its portfolio and enable its enterprise customers to benefit from these cost and time savings. "Our focus is on providing innovative and top-of-the-line software that creates opportunities for our customers and partners. With OpenSpace we are able to bring an industry-leading solution in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) space, With OpenSpace, we're able to bring an industry-leading and easy-to-use solution that improves coordination and efficiency of builders, project managers, owners, contractors, and sub-contractors throughout a wide variety of industries." -Dave Stevinson,CEO QBS Technology Group. OpenSpace is used today on projects in 86 different countries around the world, and has seen growing momentum in the EMEA region recently, with a 300% year-over-year increase on-platform in 360° imagery capture. Regional customers include JLL, Skanska, VINCI, and Unispace, among others. With QBS joining the OpenSpace Partner Network, even more builders, owners, and property managers will have easy access to OpenSpace's site capture and analysis technology. "Having worked with QBS Software for 20 years, I've experienced firsthand the amazing support that they provide to technology resellers, We are thrilled to be partnering with QBS to bring OpenSpace to any project, regardless of the industry, and believe that with the breadth of the QBS partner base, we'll be able to bring this technology across all EMEA." -Andrea Brown Head of Channel and Partnerships OpenSpace. By having a historical visual record of the site, OpenSpace makes it easier for projects to stay on budget and on time, as well as enabling smoother remote collaboration among stakeholders. OpenSpace's technology can also mitigate risk, as the 360° image captures serve as a time machine that can be used to go back and view historical site status. In terms of project analysis, OpenSpace offers automated progress tracking technology, which measures the percent of work completed for key pathways like walls, mechanical, electrical, and more. Customers can also use the platform to create 3D scans of certain areas onsite, using LiDAR-powered iPhones and iPads. About OpenSpace: Founded in 2017, OpenSpace is an AI technology company on a mission to bring new levels of transparency and efficiency to construction and real estate. With our platform, builders automatically capture a complete visual record of the construction site, providing a single source of truth that increases coordination, drives accountability, and simplifies dispute resolution. To date, our customers have used OpenSpace to capture more than ten billion square feet of imagery from active construction projects across thousands of sites in over eighty-six countries. About QBS Technology Group: Established in 1987, QBS Technology Group (including QBS Software) provides a platform for software companies and channel partners to increase efficiency and achieve growth. With a focus on innovative software – covering the enterprise, cloud, and consumer markets – QBS Technology Group combines experience, specialist skills, local presence and trusted relationships.

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Kastle Systems Chosen as Approved Security Vendor for Rokstone Construction Risk Underwriters

Kastle Systems | July 13, 2022

Kastle Systems, the leader in property technology and America's largest managed security provider, has been named to the Rokstone Construction Risk Underwriters (Rockstone CRU) Approved Security Vendor list. Rokstone CRU is a specialty Managing General Underwriter offering Casualty and Builder's Risk insurance products and services for complex construction projects throughout the US. As a Rokstone Approved Security Vendor, Kastle can now deploy MobileSentry, the company's signature construction site video surveillance security solution, on any Rokstone-insured project. Kastle's MobileSentry enables construction companies to avoid paying the high costs associated with staffing in-person security guards after hours at construction sites by employing analytic enabled cameras with artificial intelligence instead. These smart cameras are programmed to digitally diagnose potential problem situations on-site and instantly alert live agents remotely monitoring from the Kastle US-based video operations center. Agents can view the video stream in real-time and administer live audio talk down deterrents to any human transgressor. MobileSentry also provides cloud-based storage of video for up to two years "Kastle is proud to be named an Approved Security Vendor by Rokstone. Our priority at Kastle is to protect our client's sites and provide them with the most reliable and cost-efficient security technology and security solutions, like MobileSentry, from groundbreaking day one, We are eager to continue our work to protect the assets and sites of Rokstone insurers around the country." -Nik Gagvani, General Manager of Video Services. Kastle's system not only meets Rokstone's standard for analytical performance, but their approach to perimeter security also aligns with our emphasis on deterrence. Preventing a breach, rather than just capturing it, is imperative in our world. We believe Kastle has a first-class system to protect our risks across the country and are pleased to add them to our approved list of vendors. said Colton Kovar, Risk Engineer, Rokstone CRU. About Kastle Systems- Kastle Systems has been leading the property technology industry since 1972 with advanced technology solutions and services, protecting commercial real estate, multi-family residential, global enterprises, educational institutions, and critical government facilities. Kastle's state-of-the-art solutions include access control, video surveillance, visitor management and identity management, as well as a suite of mobile security applications, all integrated on an open, standards-based platform and supported by a team of experts 24x7x365. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Kastle is on Silicon Review's 2021 Five Best Security Companies to Watch list. About Rokstone Construction Risk Underwriters- Rokstone CRU is a specialty MGU offering Casualty and Builder's Risk insurance products and services for complex construction risks and projects throughout the United States. Our multifaceted team is equipped to successfully insure this intricate business with experience, expertise, and analytical thinking. Our team includes veteran construction insurance professionals, specialty claims experts and cutting-edge risk engineering specialists. Our advanced technology and analytics allow us to enhance the process, think innovatively and deliver customized products and concepts to our customers. Rokstone's approach is to engage and work closely with the client's management team to review project systems and plans, identifying areas of concern. By engaging with the client's leadership team and utilizing these feedback systems, we are able to provide customized solutions and processes to fill any risk gaps and implement enhanced safety and risk management practices from the boardroom to the field level employees.

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