An entrepreneurial mindset in construction

PBC Today | April 28, 2020

Ryan Dempsey, founder and chief executive of The Compliance Workbook, shares his entrepreneurial mindset journey. When I was sat at home, looking at hundreds of compliance documents which would eventually require my signature to confirm the correctness, I couldn’t help but think there has to be a better solution.

I mean, we recently shot a satellite from Earth which travelled for years to land on a comet travelling at thousands of miles an hour. Yet here I was looking at similar documents over and over again to confirm the data was correct and that there was no risk to the client I was passing these documents to.

I believe these are the moments that trigger the so-called Entrepreneurial Mindset Shift. Seeing an opportunity and then looking realistically at how you can develop it is one of the first steps in true innovation. I just couldn’t help but think a solution to free up my time was so justified and logical that I had to do something about it.


By using 64-bit processing power is distributed via eight main network, making the performance of the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge not only ordinary but extraordinary. With a thickness of only 14 nanometers and with more power, able to regulate battery work function more effectively.


By using 64-bit processing power is distributed via eight main network, making the performance of the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge not only ordinary but extraordinary. With a thickness of only 14 nanometers and with more power, able to regulate battery work function more effectively.

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Eco Wave Power Receives Final Engineering Coordination Permit for EWP-EDF One Project Cement Works and Floaters Installation

Eco Wave Power | February 08, 2021

In a huge administrative achievement, Eco Wave Power is satisfied to report that today it got the designing coordination license from the Municipality of Tel-Aviv Jaffa required for the concrete works and establishment of ten floaters for the EWP-EDF One wave energy project in the Port of Jaffa, Israel. This license permits Eco Wave Power to continue with the real establishment of the undertaking in the ocean side of the jetty, which will incorporate concrete works for the barrier's support and the establishment of 10 floaters, on 30 direct meters of a previous embankment inside the port, having an introduced limit of 100 KW. Every floater will have a surface zone of 8.54 square meters. All affable works were arranged and will be directed by Alex Gleizer, a structural architect with 25 years of involvement, executing projects for the Israeli Railway Company, the Israeli Air Force, and the Israeli Electric Company. "I have taken part in multiple energy projects, such as a 495MW traditional power station in 2012 and a pumped storage hydroelectricity project in the Gilboa in Israel in 2017, but Eco Wave Power's wave energy technology is definitely the most unique and innovative project that I have taken part in. I am very excited to take part in this project by supervising the execution of the civil works in a safe and reliable manner," said Alex Gleizer. "We are delighted to announce this milestone, which is a final engineering coordination permit that enables us to continue with the cement works and floaters' installation portion of our works, and is bringing us one step closer to deploying our second grid-connected wave energy power station. Due to the onshore nature of the Eco Wave Power technology, the cement and floaters installation works will be straightforward and will not involve any ships, divers, underwater cables or underwater moorings, which are known to be extremely expensive and complex. All works will be performed from the land side, using standard equipment such as cranes, thus reinforcing the cost-effectiveness of the Eco Wave Power technology, in comparison to offshore solutions," said Inna Braverman, Founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power. The works, which will be executed by means of a sub-worker for hire, are relied upon to be finished in the forthcoming months. The EWP-EDF One venture is executed as a team with EDF Renewables IL and co-subsidizing from the Israeli Energy Ministry.

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Electra Progresses with Solvent Extraction Plant

ELBM | March 23, 2022

Electra Battery Materials Corporation updated the construction of North America's only battery grade cobalt refinery. It said that the foundation work for the solvent extraction plant had begun. The project stays on budget and on time for completion in December 2022. Health, safety, and the environment remain significant priorities at the refinery, with no lost time events and no reportable spills or exceedances. The budget for project control has been maintained at US$67 million (C$84 million), and commissioning is scheduled for December 2022. The new solvent extraction building's construction has progressed with concrete pouring for the foundations. Late last year, the plant's earthworks were completed. The pre-engineered structure is projected to be completed by the end of April. All equipment with a long lead time has been ordered. The verification of brownfield mechanical equipment is 77% complete, with all significant existing equipment having been examined. The existing mechanical/electrical and instrumentation equipment performed admirably, requiring minor changes when tested. The construction of the cobalt crystallizer circuit will commence in the following weeks, with critical equipment arriving on site between April and June. "Our team has been focused on both the recommissioning of our existing refinery equipment and preparing the site for the construction of the new solvent extraction and crystallizer plant facilities, These are important milestones and a credit to our project owner's team and our consultants who continue to demonstrate a disciplined commitment to executing this project. With no lost-time incidents at site, we continue to stress our values on health and safety, which speaks to the commitment of our team to delivering the project with zero lost time incidents in parallel with being on time and on budget." Mark Trevisiol, Vice President, Project Development "Canada is becoming a key player in the midstream of the North American electric vehicle supply chain," said Trent Mell, CEO. "Recent investment decisions by some of the largest players in the EV industry continue to validate our early-mover strategy. While our team continues to deliver on the recommissioning of the refinery, we are aggressively pursuing commercial partnerships and growth opportunities to deliver value to shareholders." Electra intends to develop a fully integrated battery materials park through the use of its hydrometallurgical refinery. In addition, Electra intends to develop a Battery Materials Park with cobalt and nickel sulfate manufacturing facilities, a large-scale lithium-ion battery recycling facility, and a battery precursor materials partnership to support North American and European electric vehicles production. Existing supply chain constraints have been worsened further in the last month by the emergence of COVID in China and Russia's military intervention in Ukraine. In the procurement process, Electra took a deliberate decision to acquire long-lead components from nations thought less likely to encounter supply chain disruptions. This has shown to be a prudent technique, as our current schedule remains consistent with the original. While this was difficult to foresee, management believes that effective equipment delivery to the refinery is substantially on time. While the spike in commodity prices is not expected to affect overall capital expenses at the moment, management is constantly monitoring the situation and believes that any impact, if any, will be small. Electra's business goal is to manufacture enough battery materials annually to power up to 1.5 million electric vehicles. The Company is on track to commission its cobalt sulfate facility in Q4 2022. The cobalt factory will be the first of four phases of the development of Electra's Battery Materials Park. In addition, Electra wants to expand its nickel sulfate processing capacity in the following years and recycle primary and secondary battery scrap materials and precursor production.

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CSL Acquires Minority Stake in Canadian Engineering Firm EMS-Tech

CSL Group Inc & EMS-Tech Inc | December 10, 2021

We are pleased to announce that The CSL Group ("CSL") has acquired a strategic minority stake in Canadian engineering firm EMS-Tech Inc., an industry leader in the design and supply of bulk material handling systems. "We are excited to be working with CSL to advance integrated marine and land-based material handling systems,We believe that project partnerships with CSL will take our industry-leading expertise and know-how to new markets and geographies." -EMS-Tech President and Owner, Peter Sorensen. The investment will build on the synergies developed between CSL and EMS-Tech over 25 years and will leverage the companies' respective strengths in delivering advanced cargo handling solutions.For over three decades, EMS-Tech has provided innovative solutions to the bulk material handling industry, many of which can be found on self-unloading ships and transhipment assets owned and operated by CSL worldwide. "Since CSL began working with EMS-Tech in 1996, the alignment of our complimentary capabilities has produced state-of-the-art cargo handling solutions for our customers," -Louis Martel, CSL President and CEO. This investment is an extension of our confidence in EMS-Tech's capabilities and growth potential, and a continuation of our commitment to provide our global customers with a full range of safe, sustainable and high-performance services. EMS-Tech will continue to be independently managed by its current team of professionals and serve its current and future customers with the same world-class engineering expertise and standards demonstrated over the past 30 years. About EMS-Tech Inc. EMS-Tech Inc. is the world leader in the design and supply of self-unloading and transhipment systems. With a multi-discipline team of engineers, designers, project managers and field service technicians, EMS-Tech delivers turnkey dry bulk material handling solutions. EMS-Tech's world-class resume includes tailored designed, high-capacity stacker reclaimers, shiploaders and conveyors to deliver product from mine to the end user. About The CSL Group Inc. The CSL Group is the largest owner and operator of self-unloading ships in the world. Headquartered in Montreal with divisions operating throughout the Americas, Australia, Europe and Asia, CSL delivers more than 70 million tonnes of cargo annually for customers in the construction, steel, energy and agri-food sectors.

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