Aktion Acquires Corum Client Central Consulting Group

Aktion | July 26, 2021

Corum announced today that Aktion Associates has acquired its client, Minnesota-based Central Consulting Group (CCG), Deltek's biggest Vision/Vantagepoint partner. The acquisition expands Aktion's product offerings and customer base in the AEC sector in North America.

Corum is the world's top educator on technology trends, valuations, growth plans, and tech mergers. On August 10th, 10:00 AM CDT, Rob Griggs will conduct a 90-minute online Tech M&A, Merge Briefing. Tech CEOs and founders will learn about disruptive technology trends, how to manage an M&A process for maximum results, and avoid deal disasters and current Tech M&A trends.

About Central Consulting Group
Since 2002, Central Consulting Group (CCG), Deltek's largest Vision/Vantagepoint partner, has assisted thousands of architectural, engineering, construction, and professional services companies across the globe in getting more out of their software investment. CCG has assisted clients with their move to Deltek Vantagepoint, the next generation of Deltek, Vision/Vantagepoint cloud migrations, and installing, training, tailoring, modifying, and integrating Deltek ERP Software. In addition, CCG experts address business problems and provide ongoing support throughout the project and software lifecycle.

About Aktion
Aktion Associates Inc. is a nationwide ERP software reseller and IT infrastructure provider specializing in the Architectural Engineering and Construction, Distribution, and Manufacturing sectors. More than 5,500 clients have selected Aktion as their technology advisor since 1979. These teams, which have a staff of 200 professionals in application consulting, network, and software engineering, use proprietary lean implementation methods to help clients realize the value of their IT investment. In addition, secure cloud hosting, disaster recovery, and backup services are provided by company-owned data centers. The Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and supports managed services clients in real-time.


We constantly develop, learn, discover, improve, chase, go further. Because this is human nature. Since 60 years we have been exploring aerospace and space, learning about foreign planets and solar systems. Finally, we will become an interplanetary species once we colonise Mars. And this is just a beginning. Plans for conquering space, career possibilities in this business, amount of aeronautical engineering and aerospace engineering jobs, companies and schools are the best proof for the growth of this unique sector.


We constantly develop, learn, discover, improve, chase, go further. Because this is human nature. Since 60 years we have been exploring aerospace and space, learning about foreign planets and solar systems. Finally, we will become an interplanetary species once we colonise Mars. And this is just a beginning. Plans for conquering space, career possibilities in this business, amount of aeronautical engineering and aerospace engineering jobs, companies and schools are the best proof for the growth of this unique sector.

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Ansys and AMD Collaborate to Speed Simulation of Large Structural Mechanical Models Up to 6x Faster

Ansys | August 25, 2022

Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS) announced that Ansys® Mechanical™ is one of the first commercial finite element analysis (FEA) programs supporting AMD Instinct™ accelerators, the newest data center GPUs from AMD. The AMD Instinct™ accelerators are designed to provide exceptional performance for data centers and supercomputers to help solve the world's most complex problems. To support the AMD Instinct accelerators, Ansys developed APDL code in Ansys Mechanical to interface with AMD ROCm™ libraries on Linux, which will support performance and scaling on the AMD accelerators. Ansys' latest collaboration with AMD resulted in a solution that, according to Ansys' tests, significantly speeds up simulation of large structural mechanical models — between three and six times faster for Ansys Mechanical applications using the sparse direct solver. Adding support for AMD Instinct accelerators in Ansys Mechanical gives customers greater flexibility in their choice of high-performance computing (HPC) hardware. "Today's large, complex engineering challenges require quick, predictively accurate simulations that scale, The collaboration between Ansys and AMD can enable a speed boost for some applications, enabling our joint customers to run complex structural simulations that drive higher quality, more efficient designs for cars, planes, and a range of other products while meeting their deadlines." -Brad McCredie, corporate vice president, Data Center and Accelerated Business Unit at AMD. Ansys' collaboration with AMD will help enable mutual customers to leverage cutting-edge GPU hardware for Ansys Mechanical applications in the data center, both on-premises and in the cloud to reduce time to market and deliver more optimal solutions, said Shane Emswiler, senior vice president of products at Ansys. This work is well-aligned with our high-power computing strategy to invest deeply in GPUs as an emerging, sustainable, powerful technology for Ansys simulations. About Ansys: When visionary companies need to know how their world-changing ideas will perform, they close the gap between design and reality with Ansys simulation. For more than 50 years, Ansys software has enabled innovators across industries to push boundaries by using the predictive power of simulation. From sustainable transportation to advanced semiconductors, from satellite systems to life-saving medical devices, the next great leaps in human advancement will be powered by Ansys.

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Bernhard Capital-Backed RailWorks Corp. Expands Specialized Rail Infrastructure Solutions With Acquisition of H&H Engineering Construction

RailWorks Corporation | August 24, 2022

RailWorks Corp. ("RailWorks" or "the Company"), the leading North American specialty construction and maintenance rail contractor, announced today it has acquired H&H Engineering Construction ("H&H"), a rail maintenance and construction contractor for the Western United States providing services for transit, ports, freight railroads, and rail served industrial companies. The transaction follows RailWorks' recently completed acquisition of Progress Rail's Rail Welding Services Division, a specialized provider of flash butt welding ("FBW"), enabling RailWorks to utilize best-in-class FBW capabilities and offer rail customers expanded maintenance of way services. Financial terms of these transactions were not disclosed. RailWorks provides comprehensive specialty railroad construction and maintenance services, which include track construction, turn-key rehabilitation and maintenance, and innovative solutions for predictive track maintenance. The integration of H&H will strategically expand RailWorks' presence on the West Coast with a best-in-class team of professionals serving a diverse base of rail customers. As part of the RailWorks team, the H&H teams will be able to leverage FBW crews and equipment from the Rail Welding Services Division, leading to additional incremental growth opportunities. RailWorks is a portfolio company of Bernhard Capital Partners, a services and infrastructure-focused private equity management firm, which it partnered with in November 2021 to drive long-term strategic growth and expand its core offerings and capabilities. "This is an exciting time for RailWorks. These complementary acquisitions represent a significant expansion of our offerings and the ways in which we can service our valued customers across the country, As we continue to grow our business and execute on a shared vision with our partners at Bernhard Capital, we see a number of exciting opportunities to further expand our offerings and continuously enhance the safe, high-quality services customers expect from RailWorks." -Kevin Riddett, RailWorks President and CEO. In addition to executing on its strategic growth objectives, RailWorks has also remained committed to expanding its industry-leading commitment to safety. In May 2022, the company announced a partnership with Miller Ingenuity's ZoneGuard product line, a roadway worker protection system to detect track vehicles entering active work zones, provide advanced technology to the RailWorks portfolio, and improve overall roadway worker protection. Through this partnership, RailWorks is expanding the Company's commitment to a safety-first culture and working to accelerate safety technology adoption throughout the North American rail market. "RailWorks' services are essential to supporting a critical mode of transportation for much of the country's population, These acquisitions and our new technology partnership solidify RailWorks' position as the industry leader for rail system maintenance, repair, and construction services. We are excited to continue to work closely with Kevin and his exceptional team to further expand the company's technology offerings and solutions-oriented approach, while maintaining RailWorks' commitment to its customers and to employee safety." -Mark Spender, Partner at Bernhard Capital. About RailWorks Corporation: Founded in 1998, RailWorks Corporation provides track construction, electrical systems construction, maintenance services and products throughout the United States and Canada for major transit authorities, Class I and short-line railroads, and rail-served commercial and industrial companies. Trusted RailWorks brands include L.K. Comstock Inc., PNR RailWorks, NARSTCO, and HSQ Technology. About Bernhard Capital Partners: Bernhard Capital Partners is a services and infrastructure-focused private equity management firm established in 2013. Bernhard Capital Partners has deployed capital in four funds across several strategies, has approximately $2.9 billion of gross assets under management and is ranked as one of Private Equity International's 300 largest private equity firms worldwide. Bernhard Capital Partners seeks to create sustainable value by leveraging its experience in acquiring, operating and growing services and infrastructure businesses.

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Trimble Sets New Standard for Robotic Total Station Scalability

Trimble | September 21, 2022

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today the latest addition to its portfolio of innovative robotic total stations—the Trimble® Ri. The instrument's flexibility and upgradeability makes high-end total station technology more accessible and sets a new scalability standard for use across the construction industry. Offered in multiple configurations to meet a diverse set of workflows, the Trimble Ri is ideal for MEP, concrete, steel and general contractors. The base units can be scaled remotely via annual subscription licensing packages and software customization. The Trimble Ri is built on the company's decades of field-proven experience developing and producing robotic total stations. Easy to operate with extended layout capabilities, the total station provides longer laser range, focusable EDM, eye-safe laser pointer and improved target tracking. Leveraging Trimble FieldLink software on a tablet or FieldLink MR on a Trimble XR10 for Mixed Reality, users can control and automate their workflow with improved accuracy and visibility. With Trimble VISION™ technology, integrated digital cameras, the instrument can be controlled from anywhere on the jobsite and allows for quick and accurate target detection and lock. In addition, the self-calibration feature performs automatic calibrations as required and reduces the need to send the total station in for service. "The new Trimble Ri sets a new standard for optical positioning solutions for the construction field worker. To date, no other supplier has introduced this type of robotic total station flexibility in the market. It is an exciting way for our customers to purchase and utilize the solution, which can be more aligned with their project-based business needs." -Martin Holmgren, general manager, Trimble Building Construction. About Trimble Construction: Trimble is developing technology, software and services that drive the digital transformation of construction with solutions that span the entire architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Empowering teams across the construction lifecycle, Trimble's innovative approach improves coordination and collaboration between stakeholders, teams, phases and processes. Trimble's Connected Construction strategy gives users control of their operations with best-in-class solutions and a common data environment. By automating work and transforming workflows, Trimble is enabling construction professionals to improve productivity, quality, transparency, safety, sustainability and deliver each project with confidence. About Trimble: Trimble is an industrial technology company transforming the way the world works by delivering solutions that enable our customers to thrive. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics connect the digital and physical worlds to improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency and sustainability. From purpose-built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble is transforming industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation.

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