AkitaBox and McKinstry Announce Partnership to Deliver Facility Condition Assessment Software Offering

McKinstry | May 20, 2022

AkitaBox and McKinstry announce their partnership on delivering facility condition assessments (FCAs). AkitaBox FCA software will give architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) firms and building owners/operators a tool for conducting data collection, reporting, and other aspects of a complete FCA.

"A partnership with McKinstry, a leader in designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining high performance buildings, is exciting for AkitaBox, Their invaluable testing and feedback will help us ensure our software will truly improve every aspect of FCAs."

AkitaBox co-founder Josh Lowe

"We believe that we can help transform something that's been overlooked and is in desperate need of change," Lowe adds. "We look forward to moving the industry towards a better FCA, one asset at a time."

The collaboration began in mid-2021, when McKinstry first learned AkitaBox was developing FCA software. At the time, the company was looking for ways to augment their existing FCA offering to boost delivery of their building consulting services.

"McKinstry is partnering with AkitaBox to enhance our facility condition assessment and asset data collection, analysis, and reporting," says Casey Morris, national facility assessment leader for McKinstry. "AkitaBox brings a set of capabilities that complement our existing tools and methodologies while advancing our ability to achieve greater efficiency and improve deliverables for our clients."

"This partnership will expand our capabilities in the marketplace," continues Morris. "It's going to give us an opportunity to be more competitive while still offering the actionable data and custom solutions for which McKinstry is known."

AkitaBox FCA software fully digitizes a facility's floor plans and maps the location of each asset to the plan, creating a digital twin. Assessment data is collected and incorporated directly into the digital twin. This data can continue to be updated after the FCA is complete for an always current view of facility condition.

About AkitaBox
AkitaBox delivers an unrivaled data-driven software to assess and optimize the operation and condition of facilities, from the boiler room to the boardroom. Their cloud-based software provides real-time facilities data in a visual and easy-to-use, customizable format - helping teams simplify their operations, reduce risk, and solve even the most complex facility challenges. The AkitaBox Pulse suite of software solutions includes Facility Condition Assessment, Capital Management, Asset Management, Work Order Management, Preventive Maintenance, Occupant Experience, and Inspections. Visit

About McKinstry
McKinstry is a full-service, design-build-operate-and-maintain firm specializing in consulting, construction, energy, and facility services. The firm's innovative, integrated delivery methodology provides clients with a single point of accountability that drives waste and redundancy out of the design/build process. With over 2,000 professional staff and trades people throughout the United States and operations in more than 20 states, McKinstry advocates collaborative, sustainable solutions designed to ensure occupant comfort, improve systems efficiency, reduce facility operational costs, and optimize profitability "For The Life of Your Building."


LIRA-SAPR program provides an open platform for the modern design technology. It is based on Building Information Modelling and has a number of advantages at all stages of the life cycle of various structures, such as bridges, TV towers, mobile communication facilities, silos, bunkers, large-span stadiums and shopping centres, high-rise buildings.


LIRA-SAPR program provides an open platform for the modern design technology. It is based on Building Information Modelling and has a number of advantages at all stages of the life cycle of various structures, such as bridges, TV towers, mobile communication facilities, silos, bunkers, large-span stadiums and shopping centres, high-rise buildings.

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KP Engineering Announces Its Acquisition by The Shaw Group

KP Engineering | February 01, 2023

On January 31, 2023, KP Engineering (KPE), a pioneer in the design and implementation of customized EPC solutions for the refining, hydrogen, syngas, and renewable fuels sectors, announced that The Shaw Group (Shaw), a leading pipe and module fabricator, has finalized the acquisition of its assets. In the future, the company will be known as KP Shaw, LLC. Shaw has established itself as a leading fabrication firm in the United States and the Middle East, employing 1500 people across six high-end facilities. This strategic acquisition will allow Shaw to provide comprehensive engineering, procurement, and fabrication (EPF) project solutions to a broad range of industries worldwide. Shaw will now offer exceptional modular and EPF solutions to the hydrogen and chemical, oil and gas, and renewable fuels and energy industries, thanks to KPE's 19-year record of outstanding engineering, procurement, and project management. Shaw acquired all KP Engineering's assets and ongoing activities, including facility leases. The Shaw Group will run KP Shaw, LLC as a subsidiary. The new entity's branding will be established over the following months. William E. Preston, who will continue as the President and CEO of KP Shaw, LLC, commented, "This acquisition serves to fulfill an urgent requirement for bankable EPF service capacity in the growing North American market. KPE enhances the services in Shaw's already strong portfolio of offerings, which includes pipe, module, and structural steel fabrication, induction bending and specialty coating services. The integration of Shaw's high-quality services will enable us to better meet the needs of our well-established customer base and will also provide us with fresh opportunities to engage with new customers on a global scale." (Source – PR Newswire) About KP Engineering Founded in 2004, KPE is a leading, process-driven EPC solutions provider to the energy industry. The company has developed a distinct culture, structure, and strategy that uses deep engineering knowledge and a distinctive project management methodology to provide excellent EPC services. It strives to deliver value-based engineering, procurement, and project management solutions to the specialty chemical, refining, and renewable sectors at a cost that allows clients to meet their safety, economic, environmental, and performance goals.

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Norwegian Public Roads Administration Chooses Trimble to Manage Asset Lifecycle

Statens vegvesen - Norwegian Public Roads Administration | January 17, 2023

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) recently selected Trimble's AgileAssets, an infrastructure enterprise asset management software to maintain, manage, and operate the country's 10,600-kilometer road network and related transportation infrastructure. The software complements Trimble's Quadri®, a building information modeling (BIM) collaboration solution, which utilizes cloud technology that the NPRA already employs for construction projects. As Norway's road network becomes more complex, the combination of Trimble's Quadri and AgileAssets, will empower NPRA to meet the increasing demands by leveraging connected data to improve asset lifecycle performance, from conception and building to operations and maintenance. Bjørn Laksforsmo, division director at NPRA, states, "Trimble has been heavily involved in the road design and construction process in Norway for years and is a trusted partner in our digital transformation." He added, "Efficiently maintaining our road network and related assets is critical for keeping our citizens safe, maximizing the benefits from our infrastructure investments and meeting the country's evolving mobility needs. With a holistic, lifecycle view of assets and as-built data, we can more efficiently perform preventive maintenance and make better-informed decisions for all of our assets as we plan for the future." (Source – PR Newswire) NPRA’s asset lifecycle management requirement is based on the necessity that all new projects utilize constructible models and a shared data environment. To improve the flow of real-time data across project stakeholders, NPRA started using Trimble's Quadri, which offered constructible models as well as object-based common data environment. Using Trimble's AgileAssets to extend that data to the maintenance and operations phases will provide NPRA with a holistic view of assets, offering a better picture of road objects and conditions for more precise diagnosis and faster maintenance. Integrating Trimble's common data environment and asset management software will also increase the usefulness and accuracy of data throughout the asset's lifecycle, resulting in greater predictability, sustainability, and lower lifetime costs and informing future expansion and improvement decisions. About Statens vegvesen - Norwegian Public Roads Administration Founded in 1864, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration oversees the planning, construction, and operation of the county and national road networks, as well as vehicle inspection, driver training, and licensing. The Public Roads Administration is led by the Directorate of Public Roads, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Transport and Communication.

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BZI Steel Integrates Procore’s Construction Management Suite to Manage Projects

Procore | January 25, 2023

Leading steel fabricator and construction contractor, BZI Steel, will use Procore Technologies’ construction management platform for its construction projects, the company announced yesterday. BZI Steel is revolutionizing the steel industry by offering one-of-a-kind steel fabrication and erection, with wall system processes and technology to construct projects for some of leading industrial, distribution and retail clients. BZI Steel and Procure have been collaborating since last year, and this development extends the mutual goal of innovating the construction industry. Procore’s industry-leading, all-in-one construction management platform aims to impact and optimize construction outcomes, while minimizing risks and protecting profits. BZI’s integration with Procore’s platform creates a perfect synergy as it assists owners, specialty contractors and general contractors at every stage of the project from start to end, ensuring jobsite safety, while increasing the overall efficiency. James Barlow, CEO of BZI Steel, said, "BZI Steel and Procore are construction technology industry vanguards, and our relationship goes much further than just being a customer. Our team has closely collaborated with Procore over the last year to quickly adopt their latest construction management software and provide product feedback to their team, which was warmly welcomed." (Source – Business Wire) Will Lehrmann, Head of Product for Specialty Contractors at Procore, said, "At Procore and BZI, our cultures and commitment to customers are very much aligned. Both our teams are committed to improving the lives of everybody in the construction trades through technology and innovation." He further added, "This partnership demonstrates our investment in the specialty contractor market, and we are excited to continue collaborating in years to come." (Source – Business Wire) About Procore Technologies, Inc. Procore Technologies, Inc., is a cloud-based construction management solution provider. . The company’s project management tools help its users, owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors manage construction projects at every stage. It’s platform reduces the complex paper-based documentation process, email communication, and spreadsheets for construction projects by mobilizing and streamlining the process with a powerful collaborative solution. In addition, it provides real-time data management, reducing delays and risks to increase business profits. It also provides tools to measure the project's progress, reach unlimited clients, customize data, and build applications with its developer toolkit.

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