75F Announces New Siemens AG Investment, Bringing Total Funding to $28M

Siemens Smart Infrastructure | July 19, 2021

75F, the global leader in IoT-based building automation technologies for optimizing indoor air quality and energy efficiency in commercial spaces, announced today that Siemens AG had invested. Siemens Smart Infrastructure was represented in the investment by Next47, a global venture capital firm backed by Siemens. The newest round of funding for 75F's Series A round takes the company's total capital to $28 million. Next47 joins a notable group of investors backed by 75F, including Bill Gates's Breakthrough Energy, OGCI Climate Investments, and WIND Ventures.

75F's vertically integrated, full-stack solution includes proprietary hardware and software that works right away to improve comfort and indoor air quality while reducing building energy consumption. The system uses built-in artificial intelligence to create a digital twin of any commercial building, using data from a wireless sensor network and third-party weather forecasts to predictably and proactively redirecting air where it is most needed. Every day, each customer building analyzes and makes hundreds of thousands of individual decisions based on over a million data points. As a result, the system is the market's first IoT-native solution, a differentiator that leads to more connected, intuitive, efficient, and cost-effective building operations.

About 75F
75F develops and produces the world's top IoT-based Building Management System, an out-of-the-box, vertically integrated system which is less affordable and easier to deploy than anything else on the market today. The company uses IoT, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning to provide data-driven, proactive building intelligence and HVAC and lighting optimization controls. Some of the greatest names in energy and technology are among the investors. 75F's goal is to increase occupant productivity by improving comfort and indoor air quality while saving energy and the environment.

About Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Siemens Smart Infrastructure (SI) is reshaping the market for intelligent, adaptive infrastructure for the present and future. It connects energy systems, buildings, and industries to solve the pressing challenges of urbanization and climate change. SI offers clients a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio from a single source, including products, systems, solutions, and services from power generation to consumption. An increasingly digitalized ecosystem helps customers thrive and communities develop while also contributing to environmental protection. SI creates caring environments. The global headquarters of Siemens Smart Infrastructure is in Zug, Switzerland. The company has about 69,600 employees worldwide as of September 30, 2020.


Business intelligence competence is weaving intelligence into the fabric of processes to build smarter businesses. It’s about knowing what questions to ask to deliver complete insight.The business fails to harness opportunities, deliver value and operate efficiently.


Business intelligence competence is weaving intelligence into the fabric of processes to build smarter businesses. It’s about knowing what questions to ask to deliver complete insight.The business fails to harness opportunities, deliver value and operate efficiently.

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Innovating Data Sharing Capabilities in Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk, Inc. | March 30, 2022

Autodesk, Inc. today announced the release of Bridge. This new collaboration tool enables construction teams to share only relevant data with project stakeholders, regardless of whether they are in the same team or working on the same project in Autodesk Construction Cloud. Bridge empowers teams to maintain control over their own project data sets by allowing them to share selected sheets, folders, and files with collaborators without sharing all project data. Bridge's enhanced collaboration capabilities eliminate manual data transfer and administration, ensuring that everyone is working from the same set of facts, minimizing rework and immediately impacting teams' bottom lines. "Communicating relevant information with each stakeholder in a timely manner can be a manual and time-consuming process that often leads to data loss and miscommunication, putting us at risk of rework, increased costs and extended timelines, On the other hand, sharing entire projects with team members can compromise privacy and requires tedious permission setting. Autodesk Construction Cloud's Bridge gives us the flexibility to automatically share relevant information with stakeholders, while still maintaining control over our project data. Bridge radically simplifies our collaboration across teams and projects so we can deliver work on time and within budget." -Luis Angel Garcia, BIM specialist, SSOE Group. "Every construction project is different and our customers need flexibility to collaborate according to the needs of each project, Additionally, different stakeholders need to maintain agency of the data pertinent to their work on a project. Bridge introduces a transformational new collaboration capability that gives teams the autonomy and flexibility to manage their own data. Project stakeholders can maintain their own project instances and save on the time, cost and confusion that often results from having to manage external collaborator permissions and manual 'send and receive' workflows." -Sameer Merchant, vice president of product development, Autodesk Construction Solutions. The Bridge Connects Internal and External Teams' Project Data Bridge provides project members with the freedom to share critical information across teams and projects using Autodesk Construction Cloud, enabling smoother collaboration and the completion of projects on time and within budget. General contractors now have a straightforward solution for coordinating work across their trades and providing visibility to owners, all while documenting and saving owned project information in a centralized spot. So, whether they're working on a large project and want to separate each component into its sub-project or separate projects for trades to comply with owner-imposed privacy mandates, general contractors can now use Bridge to share data across multiple teams and projects from a single, easy-to-manage instance. Specialty trades can communicate critical information with general contractors, such as project install status, while keeping their project instances. If they are working on many projects, trade teams can also consolidate their data into a single, easy-to-manage internal place for a consolidated perspective that improves analytics and decision-making. When owners link data via Bridge, they have clear visibility into project performance and construction documentation. In manual "send and receive" procedures, information is not lost, and the data necessary to make timely project decisions becomes more accessible. Designers can send the most recent design documents to owners and contractors and monitor the degree to which the design purpose is adhered to during construction. Bridge enables designers to safeguard intellectual property and communicate only the relevant sheets and information while saving time on manual "send and receive" operations. Bridge is now available at no additional cost to users that use the web applications provided by Autodesk Construction Cloud.

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Ozop Energy Solutions and Hyde Engineering to Bring Neo-Grid to Market

Ozop Energy Solutions | November 29, 2021

Ozop Energy Solutions. (OZSC), (“Ozop” or the “Company”), announces that after several months of analyzing the developmental direction of the energy markets and defining the needs of the “new” energy demand and logistical challenges incurred by the rapidly expanding Electric Vehicle market, the Company has elected to engage Hyde Engineering Services, Inc. (“HES”) to produce the conceptual design of the Neo-Grid. The conceptual design includes the charging, transportation, and the discharging of energy into Level 3 chargers. HES provides electrical, mechanical, structural, and architectural engineering designs for permitting and construction. HES holds PE licenses in 23 States and has a history of technical engineering and service for commercial, industrial, and utility-connected advanced energy projects, including solar, storage, microgrids, EV charging, and backup generation. To date, HES has designed and interconnected over 175MW of distributed energy resource projects across the US and internationally. “This begins the development phase for the proof-of-concept prototype that we have been seeking. With our experience in energy storage, technology and EVs we will move forward from the conceptual idea to proof of concept then prospectively to a commercial ready prototype in approximately eight months. Our team has calculated the numbers on many levels and followed the market as it continues to mature. Once this is deployed it will be a great day for the industry and of course for OZOP”, Hyde shares our vision and the outside-the-box way of thinking, making our blueprint for Energy Mobility a reality” -Brian Conway CEO of Ozop Energy Solutions, Inc. Current applications to energize EVs are all Grid reliant which is a serious and seminal flaw in the current infrastructure build out manifesting in California’s continual rolling blackouts and with the east coast’s existing infrastructure seriously deficient and obsolete; California’s experience can become a National one in short order. This represents among other things Ozop’s attempt to help facilitate and support the National initiatives in the recently passed National Infrastructure Legislation. Most suburban and urban utilities are heavily reliant on investor supported grid-tied storage to alleviate the high-demand hours on the grid, however, that will take decades of work. OZOP has developed the Neo Grid that is not geographically tied, can support multi-MW demands and is not exposed to any grid-tied regulation of power supply. The Neo Grid proof of concept will prove-out our distribution plan and our modular engineering design by deploying to real life applications. In addition, it will confirm our financial model and validate our energy loss calculations defining resistance losses from the usable energy coming from storage. From production of the energy to consumption by our bi-coastal customer base, the Neo Grid system will be able to support the currently elusive Level-3 charger (under 30 minutes) market. The Company believes the Neo Grids will be able to service other markets including but not limited to, Marine support, trucking, last mile vehicles, emergency-demand and of course the residential markets. About Ozop Energy Solutions. Ozop Energy Solutions (http://ozopenergy.com/) invents, designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes ultra-high-power chargers, inverters, and power supplies for a wide variety of applications in the defense, heavy industrial, aircraft ground support, maritime and other sectors. Our strategy focuses on capturing a significant share of the rapidly growing renewable energy market as a provider of assets and infrastructure needed to store energy. About Ozop Energy Systems, Inc. Ozop Energy Systems is a leading Manufacturer and distributor of Renewable Energy products in the Energy Storage, Solar, Microgrids, and EV charging Station space. We are always among the first to receive the newest technology, products, and application techniques. We offer a broad portfolio of Renewable Energy products at competitive prices with a commitment to customer satisfaction from selection, to ordering, shipping, and delivery. About Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures, and distributes standard and custom power electronic solutions for industrial, military, and sustainable energy sectors. Founded in 1991 and located in East Butler, Pennsylvania, PCTI’s mission is to be the global leader for high power electronics with the highest standard of reliability, quality and continued innovation. For more information on PCTI please follow us on our website www.pcti.com or Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. https://twitter.com/OzopEnergyhttps://www.facebook.com/OzopEnergy/

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X-energy to work with Ontario Power Generation to advance the engineering and design work of the Xe-100 small modular reactor technology in Canada

X-energy | October 07, 2020

X-energy is pleased to work with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to further advance the engineering and design work of the Xe-100 small modular reactor (SMR) technology for use in Canada. In a release earlier today, the Ontario utility announced plans to "advance the design and engineering of grid-scale reactors," including X-energy's Xe-100. "It is a privilege to be working with OPG to advance the engineering work in Canada for our Xe-100 design," says Clay Sell, X-energy's CEO. "OPG has demonstrated incredible leadership in advancing reliable and affordable low-carbon power options." Ken Hartwick, OPG President and CEO said, "OPG is leveraging more than 50 years of nuclear experience to support the development of carbon-free nuclear technology." He also stated, "SMRs will play a key role in helping to re-invigorate Ontario's economy and further support the province and Canada as they work toward meeting their climate change targets of zero-emission electricity." The announcement follows a due diligence process by OPG in collaboration with other major energy utilities for SMR development in Ontario that would pave the way for the potential deployment of SMRs in other jurisdictions.

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