Electrical Vs Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science

| March 24, 2018

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In this video, I give a side by side comparison of the college courses in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. Note that I really didn't 'count' some of the intro classes as "major classes" cause they are just the very basics. You'll also notice that all these majors take most of the same support courses which is why I only went over those briefly.


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How electricity REALLY works

Article | April 2, 2020

If electricity is a mystery to you, this is the explanation you have been looking for. My dad has been studying this matter for years now. He has no formal education in electrical engineering, but in the fine tradition of natural science and philosophers of old, he has spent many hours observing nature and here is his explanation of electricity. Electricity comes from lightning. Ben Franklin’s first experiment with electricity was flying a kite in a lightning storm.

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Technologies and STEM-trends in education

Article | March 3, 2020

In education, the term STEM is often used – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. This is a modern teaching methodology using programs that prepares students for successful employment and contributes to the acquisition of skills in technology, mathematics, and science. This approach combines the natural science component and innovative technology. So, technologies are used even in the study of creative, artistic disciplines. For example, the study of musicians takes place using computer programs to create musical works.

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New Solution Processing Methods for Organic Electronic Devices

Article | April 7, 2020

The field of organic electronics has seen a lot of interest in recent years. On the whole, the performance and efficiency of organic electronic devices are not typically as high as inorganic-based electronics. However, their unique properties – especially their flexibility, conformability and thinness compared the more rigid inorganic materials – have seen them being used for specific applications and in areas where the properties of conventional inorganic-based electronics are not suitable.

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How to Find Best Material Takeoff & Estimating Company

Article | February 18, 2020

Construction material takeoff is considered as a very important part of the overall cost estimation in any construction project. Without a price estimation, it is not only difficult to provide a layout but lack of material estimation also raises a lot of doubt later. In this process, the contractors are required to use the actual blueprints of the building to be prepared and calculate the quantity of material that will be required for the overall price and the supplies that are needed. According to this information the project budget is calculated later, which is the main reason it is very important to have an accurate estimate.

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