Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design Technology program

| June 30, 2016

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Graduates of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design Technology programs have demonstrated achievement of vocational learning outcomes which relate to engineering in general and electrical engineering in particular that are necessary to perform their roles according to recognized electrical engineering practices.


Shamrock Civil Engineering

Shamrock Civil is a privately owned civil construction company delivering services to the gas and mining, transport infrastructure, commercial, defence and government development sectors.


3 Ways Design Will Change Post-COVID

Article | June 16, 2021

The global pandemic has affected fundamental aspects of everyone’s daily lives, from the way we work and learn to how we shop and socialize. The need for social distancing has brought about a number of changes to the public spaces used by all, such as one-way systems and temporary hand-sanitizing facilities. However, these measures are short-term fixes, often shoehorned into spaces that were not designed with social distancing in mind. The challenge for architects and designers as we move into a post-COVID future is to design for these new requirements in innovative and creative ways that still enable a sense of togetherness while maintaining physical distance – the new post-COVID architecture. These are three ways architecture might change as a result of the pandemic.

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Where Are You in Your Additive Manufacturing Automation Journey?

Article | May 12, 2021

Somewhat ironically, many processes in additive manufacturing – which is often defined as a digital manufacturing technology – remain manual and siloed. Automation is still not widely deployed in additive manufacturing. The vast majority of companies adopting 3D printing remain dependent on human labour and access to physical inventories. Below we’ll be exploring the stages of maturity in additive manufacturing IT automation; areas companies should consider automating and software solutions available to help you digitise and streamline your additive manufacturing operations.

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Creating a custom Thermal Asset for a Revit Material - early energy modeling with Insight

Article | May 20, 2021

When using the Autodesk Revit + Insight workflow for early architectural energy modeling, and using the Detailed Items option which uses the Thermal Assets associated with each Revit material, it is often necessary to create a custom asset for a specific product.

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8 Strategies to Improve Virtual Collaboration in Construction

Article | April 2, 2020

Collaboration – whether it happens in-person or in a digital space – is crucial in construction. While the contributions of individual team members matter, projects are only successful when team members and stakeholders can come together to solve problems and coordinate work. A heightened and immediate pressure has emerged for construction teams to collaborate remotely and virtually. But considering that some contractors are new to the concept of virtual collaboration, how should they set their teams up for success?

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