Eelgrass Rubber Vulcanizer Automation By Eelgrass Engineering Services Private Limited, Coimbatore

| October 5, 2017

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Eelgrass Engineering Services Private Limited was established in the year 2015 created a niche in the market. Operational headquarter of our company is situated at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (India). We are the leading manufacturer of Cyclone Filter, Motion Bed, Oil Skimmer, Cloth Filter and many more. These products are providing at market leading prices. We are also providing AMC Service, Erection Service, Commissioning Service, CAD Designing Service and many more.


Zoppas Industries

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies boast an experience of over 50 years in design and production of heating elements and systems, even completed with thermal controls for domestic and industrial applications.


Autodesk Forge Examples

Article | June 17, 2021

Autodesk Forge is a powerful tool connecting design processes, data, and the web, allowing teams to create task automation and other innovative solutions. The abilities of the forge platform are extensive, potentially offering resolutions to thousands of complex problems in the architecture, construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries, and beyond.

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QR Codes in Construction: How Do They Help?

Article | March 24, 2020

In the construction and architecture industry, mistakes cannot be made. Construction companies and owners end up taking the fall if and when mistakes are made. Building materials and assets in a construction site are typically high-priced and sometimes, even unprocurable if exported from a different country. The construction industry presents various difficulties and contingencies, usually associated with procurement of documents, drawings, assets, and safety protocols to be followed.

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Impact of BIM on construction management industry

Article | February 28, 2020

The construction industry is one of the fastest-growing industries as the skyscrapers are more in demand. The value of the real estate is increasing which is the reason construction companies are now working on designs that are eco-friendly, cover less space yet provide more facilities within an affordable price range. For catering to all these needs, very precise planning is required that can cut the price yet make the structure more appealing. For making all this possible, it is very important to have a proper management system. With the use of technology and by incorporating the betterment management, now things are becoming easier.

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Infrastructure Policy Watch: impact of Covid-19 behaviour change and Australian Budget boost

Article | May 18, 2021

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has published a new assessment of how behaviour change brought by Covid-19 will impact infrastructure networks as part of its prep work ahead of the second National Infrastructure Assessment. The NIC’s findings are that it's too early to assume that Covid-19 behaviour change will lead to completely different patterns of infrastructure use, even if these changes remain in place. The commission recommends using realistic scenarios and planning responses to the range of possibilities these scenarios present to manage uncertainty. They also suggest a more ‘adaptive’ approach to longer-term project commitments and using data to understand how changes are unfolding.

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