Driverless cars are learning from Grand Theft Auto

| April 17, 2017

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In the race to the autonomous revolution, developers have realized there aren't enough hours in a day to help teach cars how to drive themselves. Which is why Grand Theft Auto V is in the mix.



Conductix-Wampfler is one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent energy supply and data management systems for moving machinery. With our own companies and several partners, Conductix-Wampfler is present in nearly all major countries.


Technologies and STEM-trends in education

Article | March 3, 2020

In education, the term STEM is often used – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. This is a modern teaching methodology using programs that prepares students for successful employment and contributes to the acquisition of skills in technology, mathematics, and science. This approach combines the natural science component and innovative technology. So, technologies are used even in the study of creative, artistic disciplines. For example, the study of musicians takes place using computer programs to create musical works.

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The Top 5 Most Helpful Tools for Architects

Article | May 19, 2021

Creating unique, aesthetically pleasing, and viable architectural designs takes time – but this process can be greatly accelerated with the right tools. Using advanced architectural CAD drafting software, architects can model and visualize any design they can imagine, providing complete freedom.

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IoT and BIM for automatic performance recording

Article | May 14, 2021

As part of a Digipro project, ALLPLAN is working with three partners to research a system for automatic performance measurement using IoT and BIM. DigiPro focuses on the digitalisation of products, processes and business models in companies. As part of the German-Dutch INTERREG program Digipro, a project is currently underway that aims to automate performance recording on the construction site using IoT (Internet of Things) and BIM (Building Information Modelling). A consortium of four companies - BuildersMind, mangineers, Nijhuis Bouw B.V. and ALLPLAN - is working on a solution for automated construction site monitoring that documents construction progress in near real time. Promising results have already been achieved in an alpha test phase on two construction sites of Nijhuis Bouw in Enschede 2020.

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Queen's Speech 2021: why it was a good one for infrastructure

Article | May 17, 2021

Andrew Jones MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure, comments on last week's Queen’s Speech announcements.

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