DOE Picks Veracity-SEL-Sempra Team for Critical Infrastructure Network Security Platform Devt

| February 10, 2017

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The Energy Department has selected an industry team composed of Veracity Industrial Networks, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and Sempra Renewables to develop a networking platform designed to keep utility and industrial infrastructure operational in the event of a cyber attack.


Biomedical Engineering Society

BMES members are leaders in biomedical research and development. Members are leading researchers from major universities, government agencies and BME corporations worldwide as well as doctors and industry leaders in pharmaceuticals and prosthetic devices among others.


ICE STEM Ambassadors help to inspire the next generation

Article | April 23, 2020

Andy Magee is a Senior Civil Engineer at Leeds City Council and ICE Yorkshire & Humber’s STEM Ambassador of the Year. STEM outreach is crucial, says Andy. Firstly to better inform the next generation of the opportunities available to them, but also to the civil engineering industry which is facing a potential skills shortage in the future. Outreach work helps us to grow the potential engineers of tomorrow and equip them with the skills needed for an ever-changing world of work – in being able to find and convey innovative ideas and solutions for example.

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Pulumi 2.0 Delivers Cloud Engineering Superpowers to Developers

Article | April 21, 2020

Cloud Infrastructure and Engineering Leader, Pulumi announced version 2.0 of its platform. The new version comes equipped with policy, testing, and architecture as code to infrastructure provisioning. The users are calling these updates as superpowers that the company has added to the platform. The new capabilities of Pulumi 2.0 enable developers to accelerate application delivery and infrastructure to any private, public, or hybrid cloud with increased confidence and built-in governance.

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Why a Digital Twin Is the Best Way to Start a Building Project

Article | April 28, 2020

A digital twin is much more than just a 3D model of a building. It contains detailed information of all equipment and components, including their physical properties and cost. The model can also reflect the exact state of building elements, showing issues like mechanical wear. Digital twins can also be used as simulation tools, to analyze how a building would behave under different conditions.

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Why Choose an Integrated Project Delivery Platform in a World of Niche?

Article | March 5, 2020

Owner organizations across asset-intensive and manufacturing industries are striving to deliver projects whilst looking to digitally transform their businesses. It’s ever easier for business units and departments within these organisations to adopt niche cloud products to support their individual requirements. We know that these products are often easy to set up and quick to establish while answering the specific need of a department.

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