Diligent Consulting to Support Air Force A-10C Operational Flight Program

| January 12, 2017

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Diligent Consulting has secured a $940,891 contract to help Ki Ho Military Acquisition Consulting implement software sustainment engineering and support information technology services for the avionics weapons system of the A-10C aircraft  fleet at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.


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Build highly productive crews with these 10 construction apps for QuickBooks Online Advanced

Article | February 18, 2020

While shrinking margins and high competition are impacting the construction industry these days, there are opportunities for companies to do things more efficiently, says Christopher Cook, a construction project manager with more than 40 major projects under his belt and author of The Entrepreneurial Project Manager. One of the changes companies can make is to take advantage of the available apps that help construction crews become more productive.

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How To Use Chaos Engineering for Observability

Article | March 2, 2020

There’s an old truth in software development that your backup is only as good as your last restore. Something similar can be said for your observability platform: You don’t really know how good it is until your system hits a snag, and you can correlate spikes on your dashboards with real system activity. New Relic Solution Architects work with customers to build out best practices for using our platform.

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Advancements in Automotive Technology to Watch Out For

Article | March 20, 2020

Automotive technology has come a long way since the car was first invented. From electronics that control your LED brake lights to driver override systems, there isn’t much that can’t be done with a vehicle in 2020. Whether you’re a car collector or just a driver, you should know all about the most recent advancements in automotive technology today and what they can do for your vehicle.

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Small Business Loans For Construction During Coronavirus

Article | April 8, 2020

On Friday, March 27th, President Trump signed the COVID-19 stimulus bill, known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. This law provides significant support, resources, and $350 billion in loans and grants to construction businesses. In this article, we’ll cover what contractors and suppliers need to know about the small business loan program, including who qualifies, and how to apply for an SBA loan.

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