Data Scientist vs Data Engineer

| February 23, 2017

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The discussion about the data science roles is not new: companies increased focus on acquiring data science talent seemed to go hand in hand with the creation of a whole new set of data science roles and titles. And two years after the first post on this, this is still going on!


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How To Use Chaos Engineering for Observability

Article | March 2, 2020

There’s an old truth in software development that your backup is only as good as your last restore. Something similar can be said for your observability platform: You don’t really know how good it is until your system hits a snag, and you can correlate spikes on your dashboards with real system activity. New Relic Solution Architects work with customers to build out best practices for using our platform.

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Coronavirus and Construction: What Should We Do Right Now?

Article | March 23, 2020

What should construction do right now? That’s one of the big questions facing the industry today. In Arizona, we are continuing to work as much as possible. The big question is, Should we continue to work, and how do we do it? Several groups have weighed in on this and I wanted to share the best links I have that contain this information.

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IoT and BIM for automatic performance recording

Article | May 14, 2021

As part of a Digipro project, ALLPLAN is working with three partners to research a system for automatic performance measurement using IoT and BIM. DigiPro focuses on the digitalisation of products, processes and business models in companies. As part of the German-Dutch INTERREG program Digipro, a project is currently underway that aims to automate performance recording on the construction site using IoT (Internet of Things) and BIM (Building Information Modelling). A consortium of four companies - BuildersMind, mangineers, Nijhuis Bouw B.V. and ALLPLAN - is working on a solution for automated construction site monitoring that documents construction progress in near real time. Promising results have already been achieved in an alpha test phase on two construction sites of Nijhuis Bouw in Enschede 2020.

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CAD Web Viewing and Augmented Reality FREE TO ALL!

Article | April 1, 2020

Siemens DI SW offers the possibility to upload up to 5 GB of CAD data in various formats found on our CAD File Sharing Portal. 3D CAD formats NX, Solid Edge, STEP, ProE, SolidWorks, Inventor, Neutral 3D formats JT, Iges, Step, VRML, Parasolid, STL, 2D formats Solid Edge and DWG, This data can be viewed online directly in the browser where sharing content with other users is also possible. The result is a simple collaboration platform that is free of charge.

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