Cyberton returns this weekend

| January 17, 2017

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The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA)–Blue Angels Pensacola Chapter hosts CyberThon 2017 at the National Naval Aviation Museum and National Flight Academy on board Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, Jan. 20–22.


Wanner Engineering, Inc.

Wanner Engineering manufactures high pressure, sealless pumps with proven performance and reliability in some of the toughest industrial equipment and process applications. Main product lines include Hydra-Cell, Vector, and Stan-Cor pumps.


Nurturing female ambassadors in STEM from a young age

Article | March 9, 2020

It’s widely recognised that the global STEM sector has struggled to recruit more women into science, tech, engineering and mathematical careers. In line with this, female student enrolment globally, for STEM-related subjects at degree level is particularly low with only 5% of women choosing natural science, mathematics and statistics. The gender gap is still wide open and schools need to be doing all they can today to enhance the educational experience of young females across the country.

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Article | April 8, 2021

Over the past 120 years, there has been a production of millions of machine parts and products worldwide. However, few of these products are still relevant over the years because of the technological advancement, but lots of old parts used in machines are still in use. When a part breaks down or malfunctions, it is usually replaced using a process known as reverse engineering. There are many things that can be learned from a machine or software, just from reverse engineering. This is because the concept behind the reverse engineering process is to break something down to help understand it, and the engineer can then build a copy or try to improve it. Furthermore, there is a need for a reverse engineering design process as the technology advances to ensure the existing manufacturing systems’ continuity. Reverse engineering is an important process for everybody as we will be forced to replace entire machines without it. In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about reverse engineering, from reverse engineering to reverse engineering processes.

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How Technology and Innovation are Changing the Engineering World

Article | February 20, 2020

The home you live in. The roads you travel on. The car you drive. All of this is shaped by engineers. At Deltek, we are celebrating Engineers Week and the impact engineering has had on the world around us. From the material handing work at a cement plant, through the design of a brand new facility, our changing world is influenced and transformed by the amazing work of engineering firms across the globe one project at a time.

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15 sites in the frame to become home to the UK’s prototype fusion energy plant

Article | May 15, 2021

The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) has revealed the long list of sites under consideration for development of the UK’s prototype fusion energy plant.An open call for sites to host the Spherical Tokomak for Energy Production (Step) facility was opened last year and compliance check of those nominated has led to publication of the long list. According to the UKAEA, moving fusion from research and development to design and delivery is an important part of the UK’s ambition to be a world leader in sustainable, low-carbon energy. Fusion has the potential to provide an abundant source of low-carbon energy by copying the processes that power the sun and stars. UKAEA has said that this new technology will play an important role alongside established renewable technologies such as wind and solar.Step programme director Paul Methven said: “STEP is about building on the amazing science done over decades in fusion and translating that into a real prototype power plant that paves the way for this fantastic new energy source.

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