COVID-19 & Construction: You've Got to Take Care of Your Employees

YVES FRINAULT | April 12, 2020

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Tom, we’ve known you for many years while you were the CTO of EllisDon, one of Canada’s largest general contractors. Now you’re the President and CEO of CanBIM, a non-profit focused on construction technology in Canada, probably the largest organization like that in Canada. And a founder of, which you describe as being a CTO for hire. Can you tell us a bit more actually about


Civil Contractors Federation National

The Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) is the member based representative body of civil engineering contractors in Australia, providing assistance and expertise in contractor development and industry issues.


ICE STEM Ambassadors help to inspire the next generation

Article | April 23, 2020

Andy Magee is a Senior Civil Engineer at Leeds City Council and ICE Yorkshire & Humber’s STEM Ambassador of the Year. STEM outreach is crucial, says Andy. Firstly to better inform the next generation of the opportunities available to them, but also to the civil engineering industry which is facing a potential skills shortage in the future. Outreach work helps us to grow the potential engineers of tomorrow and equip them with the skills needed for an ever-changing world of work – in being able to find and convey innovative ideas and solutions for example.

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Advancements in Automotive Technology to Watch Out For

Article | March 20, 2020

Automotive technology has come a long way since the car was first invented. From electronics that control your LED brake lights to driver override systems, there isn’t much that can’t be done with a vehicle in 2020. Whether you’re a car collector or just a driver, you should know all about the most recent advancements in automotive technology today and what they can do for your vehicle.

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Sustainable Construction and its Role in Making a Better Modern World

Article | March 12, 2020

Green and sustainable – these have become the main objectives of most construction projects being made today. And why not when they offer a lot of benefits not just to the environment but to the building owner and occupants too. When we hear of sustainability, the first context that comes to mind is that of the environment. But since the EIA U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that almost 50% of CO2 is emitted by buildings, it’s about time sustainability is spoken widely also in the context of architecture.

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Top Eight Benefits of Construction Software

Article | February 17, 2020

Accelerating digitisation is one of the main trends for the construction industry in 2020. This means construction companies need to find software solutions that serve them best. While they may consider investing in generic software that spans multiple industries, this type of software will not address the many unique aspects of the construction industry, for example, the practice of using multiple subcontractors.

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