Counter-Productive Robotics: Artists Use UR10 robot to Accomplish the impossible

| March 11, 2019

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What happens when art and robots meet? That question is why Andrea Anner and her husband and business partner, Thibault Brevet, started their collaborative practice – aptly named AATB – last year. Both graduates from the prestigious ECAL Art School in Switzerland – she with an MA in Art Direction: Type Design and he with an MA in Visual Arts – Anner and Brevet’s foray into industrial automation has developed around the idea of Non-Industrial Robotics.


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Managing BIM in Architecture

Article | April 5, 2020

Managing BIM in one of Norway’s leading architectural offices is no easy task. This week’s interview is with Margarida Barbosa, BIM Manager at A-lab Architects in Oslo, Norway. Margarida has a PhD from the Technical University of Lisbon which focussed on As-Built Building Information Modelling workflows and, since completing her PhD, Margarida has worked mainly in Oslo, but also Dallas Texas with Beck Group – an experience which we talk about in the show.

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Celebrating Women in Construction – Engineering Equality

Article | March 3, 2020

For over a century, International Women’s Day has been celebrated every year on 8th March. The first IWD gathering in 1911 was supported by over a million people and it has grown year on year, applauding the social, economic and political achievements of women and marking a continuing call to action for accelerating gender equality. This year’s theme is Each for Equal, highlighting the message that an equal world is an enabled world. One area of focus within this theme is creating inclusive workplaces where women can thrive. Nowhere is this drive more important than within the construction industry.

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All you need to know about vehicle active sound design

Article | March 31, 2020

The growing electrification trend in the automotive industry is noticeably reshaping vehicle development. This new power train concept has a direct impact on other vehicle performance aspects and introduces new challenges. One of the main concerns that is even changing the legal framework on the international level is the acoustic characteristics of these vehicles. This is the moment when the rising technology called active sound design comes into play. This technology is based on generating artificial sound that is played back through the audio system to improve interior noise.

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The Importance of Safety on Construction Sites

Article | February 13, 2020

Not only does safety on construction sites protect your workers, but it also keeps the public safe. Construction sites are usually located in busy areas where the general public is coming and going. Inadequate safety protocols can allow objects to fall on innocent bystanders, putting people not even connected to the project at high risk.

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