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How prefab can enable the design and construction industry to bring much needed beds to hospitals, faster

Article | April 12, 2020

Managing the COVID-19 pandemic-and saving lives-depends largely on the availability of medical supplies, including the capacity of hospitals. But the United States lags behind other nations, with only 2.8 beds per thousand people compared to 4.3 in China and 12.8 in South Korea. The sheer pace of the outbreak raises the question of how we can expand our healthcare infrastructure and do so at speed. When China put up a hospital in just ten days, many people asked if the same would also be possible here in the U.S.

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Infrastructure Policy Watch: impact of Covid-19 behaviour change and Australian Budget boost

Article | May 18, 2021

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has published a new assessment of how behaviour change brought by Covid-19 will impact infrastructure networks as part of its prep work ahead of the second National Infrastructure Assessment. The NIC’s findings are that it's too early to assume that Covid-19 behaviour change will lead to completely different patterns of infrastructure use, even if these changes remain in place. The commission recommends using realistic scenarios and planning responses to the range of possibilities these scenarios present to manage uncertainty. They also suggest a more ‘adaptive’ approach to longer-term project commitments and using data to understand how changes are unfolding.

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‘Vision and validate’: a third way in designing the roads of the future?

Article | June 17, 2021

The Strategic Road Network (SRN) is the backbone of the road network in England. The UK’s road network is a fundamental part of our transport system; all journeys start on a road or pavement of some form. The functioning of the SRN is critical for the economy. Entire sectors depend on it, with some of the most dependent including retail, primary materials, manufacturing and construction. Thirty percent of all traffic is carried by the SRN road; inefficiencies, in the form of congestion, negatively affect productivity, the environment and quality of life.

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Why Construction Companies Need Software Optimization

Article | April 15, 2020

The construction industry is a broad one and it includes different types of companies which supply construction materials or perform various types of building industrial, residential, commercial and institutional, etc. In such companies employees usually have to create and manage numerous documents, they also deal with an influx of orders, perform accounting, manage projects of all sizes, control materials flow and delivery. It may seem impossible to perform such amount of work without any automation tools. And yet many companies are still unaware of digital optimization and all benefits it offers.

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