Computer Vision Engineer infographic

| February 27, 2018

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Computer vision is an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with how computers can be made to gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos. From the perspective of engineering, it seeks to automate tasks that the human visual system can do.



Grupo Progen is the largest consulting engineering company in Brazil and is present in more than 21 countries. The company has approximately 2,500 employees whose mission is to project the future in the most diverse sectors of the market.


Infrastructure Policy Watch: UKIB goes live, Singapore brings in global sustainability experts

Article | June 29, 2021

The new UK Infrastructure Bank (UKIB) recently opened, with its remit confirmed by the UK government in a new Framework Document. The document sets out the role of the bank as providing: "leadership to the market in the development of infrastructure and new infrastructure technologies, crowding-in private capital and reducing risk through its cornerstone investments and range of financial products. It will bolster the government’s lending to local government for large and complex projects through its expertise and scrutiny, and help to bring private and public sector stakeholders together to regenerate regions and create new opportunities." It will have two strategic objectives, to help tackle climate change and support regional and local economic growth. Given these two objectives may conflict, the Framework Document suggests "where an investment is primarily to support economic growth, the Company will ensure that it does not do significant harm against its climate objective."

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Why women in STEM matter

Article | April 3, 2020

Despite intention, words affect people in numerous ways. Linguistic mindfulness is as applicable to the sciences as it is to the humanities. While many critique the scientific community’s diligence as political correctness, the ultimate goal of using precise diction is to reflect our meaning accurately to the entirety of an audience.

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Influencing the debate around climate change and CO2?

Article | March 16, 2020

As the world’s population wakes up to the significant risks and challenges created by climate change I am rightly challenged over what actions ICE has taken to tackle the issue and lead the debate. I promised last time I wrote that I would focus this installment on that very issue. However, I think it is important to highlight why ICE’s position and more broadly the position of civil engineers around the world is so important.

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So, you want to be a detection engineer?

Article | February 25, 2020

Detection engineers design and build security systems that constantly evolve to defend against current threats. Two common defenses include securing networks via configuration changes GPO, basic firewalls, etc. and deploying active prevention security suites advanced firewalls, antivirus, etc. Because security professionals recognize that no system can perfectly keep out attackers, the other option is to detect malicious behaviors – in network traffic and/or on a host – that bypassed the other security controls.

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