Collaborative robots: It’s all within your reach, literally!

MIKE FAIR | November 20, 2017

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We call it “Intera,” Rethink Robotics’ software platform for controlling our collaborative robots and the environments in which they work. Intera’s name has its roots in the word interactive, which is exactly what Sawyer with Intera is. As a user, you work directly with the robot, using your hands to freely move the robot around in the workspace and show the robot how to do the task.



With locations throughout the USA and access throughout the world, TUV USA, Inc. is one of the most experienced companies in the management of assessing and certifying management systems and regulatory inspection activities in the United States of America.


Why a Digital Twin Is the Best Way to Start a Building Project

Article | April 28, 2020

A digital twin is much more than just a 3D model of a building. It contains detailed information of all equipment and components, including their physical properties and cost. The model can also reflect the exact state of building elements, showing issues like mechanical wear. Digital twins can also be used as simulation tools, to analyze how a building would behave under different conditions.

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4 Big Takeaways from CONEXPO 2020

Article | March 19, 2020

As the global construction industry came together for CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 on March 10-13 in Las Vegas, it became apparent to us at Autodesk that the construction industry feels as excited as ever about what the jobsite of the future may look like. With 130,000 registrations for the once-every-three-year event, the hunger for new innovation and technology was readily apparent across the vast expo halls.

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Sustainable Construction and its Role in Making a Better Modern World

Article | March 12, 2020

Green and sustainable – these have become the main objectives of most construction projects being made today. And why not when they offer a lot of benefits not just to the environment but to the building owner and occupants too. When we hear of sustainability, the first context that comes to mind is that of the environment. But since the EIA U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that almost 50% of CO2 is emitted by buildings, it’s about time sustainability is spoken widely also in the context of architecture.

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Service Tech Mobile Unveiled at AHR

Article | February 11, 2020

The recent AHR Expo 2020 was a showcase of the very latest - and coolest - technologies for service contractors. From cutting-edge air and water purification systems to virtual reality headsets to advanced sensors and alert systems to enhance safety, one thing is clear: service contractors today have a lot more tools at their disposal than they have in years past.

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