Classes resume at Wichita State building after mercury spill

| March 8, 2017

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Classes resumed at Wallace Hall on the Wichita State University campus after a mercury spill closed it on Monday. KWCH reports ( ) the air was tested Wednesday morning and crews determined it was safe to reopen the hall, which houses part of the university's engineering school.


William & Henry Alexander (Civil Engineering) Ltd

William & Henry Alexander (Civil Engineering) is a family owned, medium sized Civil Engineering contractor and consultancy which was first established in 1972.


IoT and BIM for automatic performance recording

Article | May 14, 2021

As part of a Digipro project, ALLPLAN is working with three partners to research a system for automatic performance measurement using IoT and BIM. DigiPro focuses on the digitalisation of products, processes and business models in companies. As part of the German-Dutch INTERREG program Digipro, a project is currently underway that aims to automate performance recording on the construction site using IoT (Internet of Things) and BIM (Building Information Modelling). A consortium of four companies - BuildersMind, mangineers, Nijhuis Bouw B.V. and ALLPLAN - is working on a solution for automated construction site monitoring that documents construction progress in near real time. Promising results have already been achieved in an alpha test phase on two construction sites of Nijhuis Bouw in Enschede 2020.

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The Hidden Savings of Engineering Value

Article | March 12, 2020

The so-called bottom line is an unavoidable, monolithic reality of the construction industry, and it is something we’ve seen happening with some of our window shade competitors. However, a formulaic race to the bottom can have dramatically negative effects on the true cost of a solar control project. General contractors starting out a project with a pre-formulated spreadsheet is a common mistake.

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Providing complete digital environment to AEC Industry

Article | March 9, 2020

Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms use GIS and BIM solutions mostly for planning purposes. GIS helps identify site related issues; BIM supports building related activities. We see more AEC firms getting interested in post construction lifecycle phases too, helping facility owners renovate existing facilities. Having a good GIS/BIM dataset helps reduce the cost.

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Infrastructure Policy Watch: UKIB goes live, Singapore brings in global sustainability experts

Article | June 29, 2021

The new UK Infrastructure Bank (UKIB) recently opened, with its remit confirmed by the UK government in a new Framework Document. The document sets out the role of the bank as providing: "leadership to the market in the development of infrastructure and new infrastructure technologies, crowding-in private capital and reducing risk through its cornerstone investments and range of financial products. It will bolster the government’s lending to local government for large and complex projects through its expertise and scrutiny, and help to bring private and public sector stakeholders together to regenerate regions and create new opportunities." It will have two strategic objectives, to help tackle climate change and support regional and local economic growth. Given these two objectives may conflict, the Framework Document suggests "where an investment is primarily to support economic growth, the Company will ensure that it does not do significant harm against its climate objective."

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