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| August 20, 2015

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Weihe Engineers

Weihe Engineers is a Land Surveying & Civil Engineering company located at 10505 N College Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. With so much complexity in land development today, there’s a lot standing between you and the opportunity you seek.


7 Ways to control construction project costs

Article | April 27, 2020

Construction engineers are driven to look for ways to improve everything from construction methods, the materials used, to the systems used to develop new building designs with lower cost margins and thin financing costs. Under those circumstances, there is a lot of pressure on contractors and designers to find more effective ways to reduce construction costs. BIM is being used by a growing number of engineers, architects, and contractors to make the design and development of structures faster, better, and more cost-efficient. BIM has been proven to help reduce costs and increase efficiency throughout the project lifecycle ranging from design and construction to facility management.

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Local construction continues with safety protocols in place

Article | April 7, 2020

The city’s leadership hosted a Community Chat with Mayor Eric Niemann tonight through videoconferencing. Besides the mayor, City Manager Chris Workman was also on hand to answer any questions. At a point in the meeting when Niemann and Workman were taking questions, I threw out a couple of questions, including the status of local developments in town. For example, Millpond Crossing construction workers have continued to build houses - and that’s allowed under the governor’s order - but I wondered if any precautions were in place.

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The Top 5 Most Helpful Tools for Architects

Article | May 19, 2021

Creating unique, aesthetically pleasing, and viable architectural designs takes time – but this process can be greatly accelerated with the right tools. Using advanced architectural CAD drafting software, architects can model and visualize any design they can imagine, providing complete freedom.

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Digital Connectivity and AI Transforming Engineering Services and Economic Outcomes

Article | March 6, 2020

Because the business landscape is subject to constant change, many organizations choose to focus their time and energy on core operations and outsource electrical infrastructure support to firms offering specialized engineering and maintenance services. Partnering with the right service provider can be transformative to a business’s bottom line.

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