Can PCB Design Tools Bring Joy to Engineers?

| August 28, 2017

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Do you spend too much of your time on tedious, non-engineering tasks? Wouldn’t you rather indulge in the creative process that got you into engineering in the first place? The answer to those two questions is an obvious “Yes!” This research report from Aberdeen Group shows how Industry Leaders use PCB design tools to meet business needs while letting engineers get back to their real passion: the joy of creation.



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Feature engineering in machine learning

Article | April 24, 2020

Feature engineering is the process of extracting new variables by transforming raw data to improve the predictability of a machine learning model. But feature engineering is not just this kind of simple translation of categories like names or colors into numbers. The following section includes a collection of different kinds of engineering approaches that go beyond a translation of categories into numbers and address needs such as transforming numbers into categories or filtering data points due to missing or false data.

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Data-driven software engineering: How to avoid common problems

Article | March 18, 2020

In today’s digital world, data is constantly being generated, evaluated, and updated. It also plays an important role in the work of software engineers by providing accurate, actionable feedback that helps engineers understand where and how to make improvements to a product or process. Data also helps IT leaders visualize how work is being done, the quality and quantity of output, and how they can improve the lives of staff. And it's a vital part of any digital transformation.

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Sustainable Construction and its Role in Making a Better Modern World

Article | March 12, 2020

Green and sustainable – these have become the main objectives of most construction projects being made today. And why not when they offer a lot of benefits not just to the environment but to the building owner and occupants too. When we hear of sustainability, the first context that comes to mind is that of the environment. But since the EIA U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that almost 50% of CO2 is emitted by buildings, it’s about time sustainability is spoken widely also in the context of architecture.

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8 Tips for Remote Work in Construction

Article | March 31, 2020

In recent weeks, construction professionals around the world find themselves having to navigate a new type of jobsite. The sound of heavy machinery has been replaced with a distracting stream of laughs, cries, and even barks from new coworkers, and WFH outfits have temporarily replaced tried and trusted PPE. Whether your new workspace is a dedicated home office or the corner of a couch, we are united in trying to overcome the challenges of working from home – together.

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