Business Engineering Turbojet Engine

| February 2, 2015

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Presentatie project 4.1.2 - Turbo Straalmotor
Opleiding: Business Engineering - Hogeschool Inholland Haarlem



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Infrastructure Policy Watch: impact of Covid-19 behaviour change and Australian Budget boost

Article | May 18, 2021

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has published a new assessment of how behaviour change brought by Covid-19 will impact infrastructure networks as part of its prep work ahead of the second National Infrastructure Assessment. The NIC’s findings are that it's too early to assume that Covid-19 behaviour change will lead to completely different patterns of infrastructure use, even if these changes remain in place. The commission recommends using realistic scenarios and planning responses to the range of possibilities these scenarios present to manage uncertainty. They also suggest a more ‘adaptive’ approach to longer-term project commitments and using data to understand how changes are unfolding.

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The Hidden Savings of Engineering Value

Article | March 12, 2020

The so-called bottom line is an unavoidable, monolithic reality of the construction industry, and it is something we’ve seen happening with some of our window shade competitors. However, a formulaic race to the bottom can have dramatically negative effects on the true cost of a solar control project. General contractors starting out a project with a pre-formulated spreadsheet is a common mistake.

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Everything you need to know about BIM Level of Development

Article | March 26, 2020

LOD is a means of defining the extent to which model elements have been developed, from conception in the mind of the designer through to their construction and operation. Level of Development is a conceptual framework that attempts to address the fact that model elements develop at different rates during the design process. LOD describes the relative development of individual model elements in their journey from conception to realisation.

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Feature engineering in machine learning

Article | April 24, 2020

Feature engineering is the process of extracting new variables by transforming raw data to improve the predictability of a machine learning model. But feature engineering is not just this kind of simple translation of categories like names or colors into numbers. The following section includes a collection of different kinds of engineering approaches that go beyond a translation of categories into numbers and address needs such as transforming numbers into categories or filtering data points due to missing or false data.

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