Building the Future: Digital Disruption in the Construction Industry

| March 15, 2018

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According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, construction is among the world’s least digitized industries. On the other hand, architecture and industrial design, and marketing and sales are both highly digitized. Traditionally, this has divided the construction industry into tech and no-tech areas.


AKS Engineering and Forestry

AKS is a consulting engineering firm that provides civil engineering and additional complementary services. With offices focused around the Portland-Vancouver area, AKS provides services in Oregon and Washington and 17 other states.


COVID-19 & Construction: You've Got to Take Care of Your Employees

Article | April 12, 2020

Tom, we’ve known you for many years while you were the CTO of EllisDon, one of Canada’s largest general contractors. Now you’re the President and CEO of CanBIM, a non-profit focused on construction technology in Canada, probably the largest organization like that in Canada. And a founder of, which you describe as being a CTO for hire. Can you tell us a bit more actually about

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Washington Goes West: GTC 2020 Explores AI in Federal Government

Article | February 17, 2020

The future of government will come into focus in Silicon Valley next month when experts from industries and government converge to discuss AI and high performance computing at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference. Following on the success of GTC DC 2019, GTC 2020, taking place March 22-26 in San Jose, Calif., will bring together hundreds of researchers, government executives and national lab directors to discuss how agencies can improve citizen services and advance science with accelerated computing.

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Top Eight Benefits of Construction Software

Article | February 17, 2020

Accelerating digitisation is one of the main trends for the construction industry in 2020. This means construction companies need to find software solutions that serve them best. While they may consider investing in generic software that spans multiple industries, this type of software will not address the many unique aspects of the construction industry, for example, the practice of using multiple subcontractors.

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How To Use Chaos Engineering for Observability

Article | March 2, 2020

There’s an old truth in software development that your backup is only as good as your last restore. Something similar can be said for your observability platform: You don’t really know how good it is until your system hits a snag, and you can correlate spikes on your dashboards with real system activity. New Relic Solution Architects work with customers to build out best practices for using our platform.

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